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       By Doomone
       Dated: Dec 22, 2009

       We've created a videoblog to help SketchUp beginners create 3D designs easily with Google SketchUp just
       by referring to the video tutorials listed on our site. Have fun learning SketchUp!

       Dear readers,

       If you're interested to learn how to design & draw computerised 3d objects easily, then you must try
       Google SketchUp!

        Ever heard of Google SketchUp? It is a 3D modeling software designed for architects, civil engineers,
       filmmakers, game developers, and related professions. It also includes some special features to facilitate the
       placement of models in Google Earth. It was designed for easier use compared to other 3D CAD programs.
       One of the best feature of SketchUp is the 3D Warehouse that allows SketchUp users to search for models
       made by others and contribute or share models.

        Google SketchUp is an amazing & powerful free 3D modelling software, which allows you to easily
       design & create cool 3D models. Even if you are a complete novice, Google SketchUp video tutorials here
       allows you get started quickly because the video tutorials cover all basics of Google SketchUp. These
       includes updated intermediate and advanced techniques to make your 3D models look professional.

        Also included are tutorial videos on how to easily create realistic 3D models. Get started by watching the
       introductory video or just click on the video links to view all the Google SketchUp tutorial videos available.

        We've created a videoblog to help SketchUp beginners learn SketchUp fast & easy by referring to the
       SketchUp video tutorials. New videos are always being added to our site, so don't forget to bookmark and
       revisit our site to watch the new contents.

        Get free Google SketchUp lessons at

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