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GENIVAR’s employee magazine
volume 4 / number 3 / FAll 2008

                                   feature / page 3

                                   Bringing Gold to Burkina Faso
                        message from the editor /
volume 4 / number 3

                                                                                           Worth their weight in gold!
                                                                                           I am very pleased to present this latest issue of the magazine, which
                                                                                           focuses on the mana Gold mine team and the challenges they tackled
                                                                                           so brilliantly in burkina Faso. This project was a resounding success!
                                                                                           At the opening of the mine, the members of the GenIvAr team
                                                                                           were presented with a trophy — an eloquent symbol of the client’s
                                                                                           appreciation for their excellent service and dedication over the
                                                                                           course of the project. This issue also provides an overview of our
                                                                                           various teams and their extensive Canadian mining and geological
                                                                                           Since this past summer was so fruitful in terms of acquisitions,
                        a big thank you to our collaborators:                              we’ve added a column presenting our new colleagues from various
                        Alexandru Arhire, Dennis rutten, léandre                           firms and their areas of expertise. The six firms in question are Zenix
                        Gervais, bernard Fournier, Yves bouchard,                          engineering ltd., Solmers Inc., Henderson Paddon & Associates ltd.,
                        marz Kord, Daryl thomas, J. Albert Paquette,                       bullock baur Associates ltd., Peterson Galloway ltd. and Doucet &
                        Kamal Farkhoury, David i. mc millan, Ali                           Associés.
                        ettehadieh, carl Paradis, Joël Primeau
                                                                                           GenIvAr excels in the area of project management, particularly
                        editor: marlène Casciaro                                           internationally. This issue takes a detailed look at the future
                        Writer: Renée Henry                                                oran Convention Centre, a major project in Algeria. In addition,
                        Proofreader: Renée Henry                                           our steadfast colleague in ottawa, Joël Primeau, presents his
                        translation: Soludoc, luke Sandford                                environmental column and the Information Technology team provides
                        layout and Graphics: Éliane Charbonneau                            us with an update of the revIT installation.
                        Printing: Quadriscan
                        cover: alexandru arhire, p.eng., Director                          This issue pays special tribute to our colleagues throughout Canada
                        of mining infrastructure, geniVaR and                              and internationally. We’re sure you’ll enjoying learning more about
                        Benoit la Salle, president and Ceo,                                the members of the GenIvAr family, who, when all is said and done,
                        Semafo, inaugurate the mana mine in                                are worth their weight in gold!
                        Burkina Faso.
                        Constructive People is published                                   marlène Casciaro
                        quarterly for the employees and retired
                        employees of GenivAr.

                        Please e-mail submissions to:
                                                                                                                              The first gold brick from the
                                                                                                                              mana mine in burkina Faso,
                                                                                                                              inaugurated on June 30th, 2008.

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          2 / constructive people
feature /


bringing Gold to burkina Faso
mining experts from GenIvAr in montreal and val d’or united to build the mana Gold mine in burkina
Faso, West Africa. In February 2006 when GenIvAr won the contract to provide engineering, Procurement
and Construction management (ePCm) for the mana Gold mine, they knew they were embarking on a
project filled with personal and professional challenges; their schedule was 49 days on and 21 days off,
during which time they returned home to Quebec.

The 50-person multidisciplinary team responsible for the                      to view the site and assess its potential for the project.
mana mine had the opportunity to work on one of GenIvAr’s                     They also needed to determine the availability of local
most exciting mining projects and, make a lasting impact                      contractors, the importance of which cannot be adequately
on a fast growing nation.                                                     stressed; the use of local expertise and supplies not only
                                                                              keeps project costs down, it is a strong sign of corporate
burkina Faso is one of West Africa’s largest cotton producing                 social responsibility – a philosophy shared by both GenIvAr
nations; but due to the recent decline in the price of cotton                 and Semafo, the client. An agreement was made to maximize
on the world market, production is now difficult thus making                  the local workforce, so when GenIvAr began their work in
the shift towards gold production very appealing. At the end                  the capital city of ouagadougou, they did so using mostly
of February, GenIvAr made their first visit to burkina Faso                   local contractors.

01 / From left: benoit Desormeaux, vice President operations, Semafo — Claude Filteau, regional Director, maintenance, Semafo — Surveyor from Descarreaux
Dubé — Foreman maintenance, Semafo.

                                                                                                                                     genivar’s employee magazine / 3
                        feature /
volume 4 / number 3

                                                                                                           01                                                02

                        They respected the local environment, architecture and               permanent crane necessary for the plant to function. but
                        construction techniques, resulting in aesthetically pleasing         soon after, GenIvAr realized that certain elements of the
                        structures that blend into the local landscape. In addition,         project were going to be challenging and they were prepared
                        the existing forests where protected as much as possible             with solutions.
                        during construction.
                                                                                             “In this case, the problem was with the tailing dam,”
                        Following the first visit to burkina Faso, GenIvAr did the detail    explained Project manager Alexandru Arhire, P.eng.
                        engineering and procurement, including mechanical, civil,
                                                                                              “During production it contained toxic residual chemicals and
                        structural and electrical, eighty percent of which was done in
                                                                                             was set a mere 200 m from a village of 1500 inhabitants,
                        Canada. The main design including the gold treatment plant,
                                                                                             including children,” he continued. “This had to be moved
                        the crushing system, the ore storage, the mine camp and
                                                                                             so we found a safer location.”
                        facilities, offices, laboratory, garage, mechanical and electrical
                        shop, administration and plant offices, warehouse and storage
                        area took six months to complete. The new underground water
                        drainage system, and the raw water and used water pumping
                                                                                             “the mAnA GolD mine WAs
                        systems were completed in seven months.                              commissioneD in A recorD
                        In September, GenIvAr returned to burkina Faso to begin              time oF 45 DAYs – somethinG
                        the project construction including, but not limited to, the          thAt hAs never hAPPeneD in
                        camp and office facilities, the plant, the garage, water dam
                        and tailings dam. Some of the mana designs such as: the
                                                                                             our inDustrY.”
                        raw water dams, water overflow sector, raw and used water            benoit lA sAlle, PresiDent AnD ceo oF semAFo
                        reclaim systems, tailing dam, second ball mill foundation and
                        structure, second ball mill roof, main ball mill roof and pump
                        line bridges were done on the site or, with the site help.           Another main issue was the water dam and water reserve
                                                                                             area that had a proposed location of 30 km away from the
                        by January of 2007, the project was underway. The first              plant. To rectify this, GenIvAr proposed and obtained the
                        concrete pour was the tower crane foundation - the                   client’s agreement to relocate the water supply by developing

          4 / constructive people

                                                                                      03                          05                                            06

wells surrounding the open pit, thereby supplying water to                       Ceo considers GenIvAr’s accomplishment to be just short
both the population and the plant itself.                                        of miraculous.

From the start of the main design - including changes, to                        “The mana Gold mine was commissioned in a record time
procurement took only 17 months, leaving seven months                            of 45 days – something that has never happened in our
of construction and installation.                                                industry,” he recalled. “many of the other mines that were
                                                                                 being built at that time are six to twelve months late and,
In the mining industry, missed deadlines occur frequently.                       take over six months to commission,” he continued. “Going
When Semafo proposed an increase in the mine’s capacity                          fifty percent over budget is also common,” he added.
from 3,500 tons per day production to 4,000, the design
                                                                                 mana began production in mid-February of 2008 and there
of the mining equipment had to be changed and GenIvAr
                                                                                 have been no major problems since. by June, it had yielded
had to react quickly so as not to miss their December 2007                       thirty percent of its planned annual production – even with
deadline. The mining equipment market was very busy which                        the smaller ball mill.
caused some delays in the delivery of the new ball mill.
These delays led Semafo to invest in a second ball mill, at                      on June 30th the mana Gold mine was inaugurated at a
a cost of $3.5 million including foundation, structure and                       ceremony in ouagadougou and benoit la Salle is both
installation.                                                                    pleased and very proud.

GenIvAr proposed the purchase of a used ball mill in                             “The mana mine is now the reference in West Africa as
                                                                                 the best built and best managed,” said benoit. “It’s a
Canada, to be installed as a stop gap in order to continue
                                                                                 showcase for the African Government and the ministry of
production. The idea was enthusiastically accepted; in march
                                                                                 mines,” he added. “We’ve created a new standard for mine
of 2007, a used model was purchased in Canada, its motor                         building in the country and we wanted to acknowledge the
changed, and the entire machine shipped to burkina Faso in                       contributions of those who gave over a hundred percent,”
under six months and, at considerable savings to the client.                     concluded benoit.
Installation of the mill began in August with a project delay
of only six weeks.                                                               In a rare display of client-to-consultant gratitude, Alexandru
                                                                                 Arhire and, Léandre Gervais, P.eng., vice President of
In West Africa where the shortest delay for mine completion                      mining, were presented with Étallon de Yennega (the
is eight months, Benoit La Salle, Semafo’s President and                         Yennega Stallion) statues.

01 / lixiviation Tanks 02 / Crusher Stacker 03 / Carbon in leach tank, top floor 04 / Alexandru Arhire 05 / léandre Gervais 06 / The Yennega Stallion Statue

                                                                                                                                          genivar’s employee magazine / 5
                        feature /
volume 4 / number 3

                        “Yennega was the African Princess who protected modern day       per day. The key aspect of the proposal will be finalizing
                        burkina Faso from rebellion some thousand years ago and          the necessary modifications and, getting approval which
                        became identified as the country’s saviour,” explained benoit.   will take approximately four months. Procurement will take
                        “And I wanted to make that same association with GenIvAr.”       another eight to twelve months, followed by the construction
                                                                                         and installation of new equipment. In the future when the
                        The new ball mill was started on August 8th and the 4,000        pit reaches solid rock, GenIvAr will supply the necessary
                        ton daily production was achieved less than one month later.     design to use both ball mills in parallel. The timeline for the
                        GenIvAr is in the process of designing upgrades to the           proposal is currently being determined. once completed,
                        main ball mill that will enable it to produce over 5,000 tons    the capacity of the mana mine will almost double.

                        mAnY THAnkS To THe TeAm WHoSe HArD Work mADe THIS ProJeCT An enormouS SuCCeSS!

                        Abrouch Ismail                      Chraibi Amine                    Jacob luc                       Perreault olivier
                        Arhire Alexandru                    Cormier Thomas                   Jasik marc                      Perron Sébastien
                        Authier Stephen                     Cotnoir michel                   kurello michel                  Perron Steven
                        beauchemin Steve                    Couture Pierre                   lacharité Sébastien             Petrescu viorel
                        beaudoin-lefrançois Denis           Daigle martin                    lacourse Aurel                  Poirier eric
                        beauvais Hélène                     Dallaire Pierre-luc              lafontaine marc                 richard marco
                        bédard nicolas                      Défossé Sylvain                  lance Philippe                  richard Tommy
                        bégin Guy                           Demers marcel                    lance Stéphane                  rosa mathieu
                        béland Christiane                   Desbiens régis                   larose michel                   royer Solange
                        bélisle mathieu                     Desrosiers Sylvain               lavigne-Audet Jérémie           royer-lacroix véronique
                        béliveau Jean                       Dickey Christian                 lavoie Patrick                  ruel Ariane
                        belley Gabriel                      Doucet Steve                     leblanc Pierre                  Samson André
                        benoit luc                          Drouin martin                    l’Écuyer Guillaume              Samson Pierre
                        bertelegny Sébastian                Dufour Carl                      lelièvre Hugues                 Sénécal luc
                        bessette michel                     Dussault michel                  lepage Jean-Félix               Sidorenko Alexander
                        blackburn Gilles                    el Idrissi mehdi                 leroux Cédric                   Simpson lee-Ann
                        blais billy                         ene Alexe-mihai                  lessard Guylain                 Szilagyi Attila-endre
                        blondin eric                        Flageole Jean                    lessard martin                  Tessier Jean
                        boissonneau Dorcey                  Fontaine Francine                lord Jean-François              Touchette erik
                        bouchard Yves                       Fortin bertrand                  lourtau benjamin                Tremblay valérie
                        boucher véronique                   Fortin Jani                      mallais Gisèle                  Turgeon François
                        boudreau Stéphane                   Gagné Yannick                    matteau mario                   utiger marianne
                        boulianne Sonia                     Gagnon marjorie                  mirzac Constantin               valade Pierre
                        boutin Janique                      Gamache Stéphane                 moreau marcel                   van Der bel Floris
                        boyer Hubert                        Garneau vincent                  morin Jean-Philippe
                        brady Shane                         Gilbert Isabelle                 morin Sébastien
                        brunet Alexandre                    Girard André                     morissette mélanie
                        brunet André                        Girard Carl                      nasr michèle
                        Cadrin Daniel                       Girard martin                    neveu-Duhaime Pascal
                        Carange Jean-Philippe               Girard michel                    Paquette David
                        Centeno Federico                    Gomez Alvaro                     Paquin-lessard Sandrine
                        Chabot David                        Guévremont Stéphane              Paré natalie
                        Chamard Guy                         Hamilton robert                  Perreault louis

          6 / constructive people
GenIvAr: A leader in mining from east to West
The mining industry in Canada is world renown, sharing the stage only with Australia and South Africa.
mining is by nature a cyclical industry controlled by the price of precious metals. From the end of the
1990s to the end of 2005, mining had reached a low point; decreasing demand for precious metals
caused several mines to cease operations. but 2006 brought with it better times as increased demand
from countries such as China and India caused the price of precious metals to climb. As a result, mining
projects have once again become plentiful and GenIvAr plays a key role in this sector.

                  01                     02                    03                      04

                  05                     06                    07                      08                     09                                           10

“In Quebec, GenIvAr boasts the largest contingent of mining                       million ounces of gold were discovered directly below the
expertise in the province, ranking among the top five on a                        southern portion of the town, prompting osisko mining
national scale,” said Léandre Gervais, P.eng., GenIvAr’s                          Corporation to lay plans to harvest what could be one of
vice-President of mining.                                                         the most prolific sources of gold in Canada.
The majority of Quebec’s mining expertise is found in Abitibi                     In order to gain access to the precious metal, all of the
which is the largest exporter of mining expertise in the                          buildings in this part of malartic had to be relocated to a
world. With a full range of services from geology through                         newly built neighbourhood. Phase 1 of this relocation, in
to mine completion and mine closing and site reclamation                          which over 600 m of model streets were built and 23 homes
as well extensive experience in open-pit and underground                          are to be moved, has been in progress since this summer.
mining projects across Canada and in Africa, GenIvAr is
well positioned to meet client demand. In eastern Canada,                         From September 2008 to the end of october, 40 more homes
GenIvAr specializes in hard rock mining while in Western                          will be moved and foundations will be poured, signalling the
Canada their specialty is soft rock.                                              second phase of this relocation.

eASTern CAnADA- Home To A “GolDen”                                                “on the whole, residents are enthusiastic for the mine to
neIGHbourHooD                                                                     function and give an economic boost to malartic,” said
                                                                                  Bernard Fournier, land use Planner and Project manager.
Perhaps one of GenIvAr’s most important hard rock mining
projects in Quebec is the Canadian malartic Gold mine near                        A 60-person team, one of GenIvAr’s largest in the
val d’or in the region of Abitibi-Temiscamingue. There, 8.4                       environmental sector, has worked tirelessly since 2007

01 / Patrick martel 02 / Dominick Turgeon 03 / Tyson C. birkett 04 / Daryl Thomas 05 / marc beauvais 06 / Yves bouchard 07 / Donald blanchet 08 / Dennis
rutten 09 / marz kord 10 / Timmins Team: back row, from left: Ted bendell, Carole mcArthur, Shannon o’neill, rick moloci, marz kord, raimo Peltoniemi, Tony
Douglass, Tauno ranta. middle row, from left: Joey komesarovic, mitch beauchamp, Alicia bartlette, Jane Wallingford, Jim Hancock, barry martin, Habib Pouryafar,
egon Wucher. Front row, from left: rick evans, nicole Godda, Tammy bromley, David Horton. missing from picture: Cindy brosseau, Craig Cantwell, Sandy Chin, Dan
Girard, neng He, Christina millions.

                                                                                                                                           genivar’s employee magazine / 7
              feature /

                                                                        01                                                                        02

              preparing the necessary documents for the Quebec minister        october, 2008. led by project manager Marc Beauvais,
              of environment, performing the environmental impact study,       eng., GenIvAr performed the detailed engineering, as well
              holding public consultations and securing the different          as supervised and managed the various contractors involved
              permits that are required for the project. malartic has been a   in the extraction of the bulk sample.
              mining town since the 1920s and is situated near what were
                                                                               GenIvAr’s team has worked on this project for over a year
              once three of Quebec’s largest gold mines. These mines
                                                                               and a half, and to date, 1,180 m of underground development
              closed in the 1960s and the mining recession of the 90s hit
                                                                               has been completed and 60 percent of the bulk sample has
              the town hard. The Canadian malartic project could prove         been extracted.
              to be something of an elixir for malartic’s development as
              well as its economy.                                             WeSTern TroY
                                                                               GenIvAr has also been retained by Western Troy Capital
              lAPA AnD GolDeX
                                                                               resources, Inc. to perform an environmental impact study, a
              GenIvAr has many key projects for client Agnico-eagle;           feasibility study, and to obtain all permits for the development
              two of them are the lapa mine and the Goldex mine, both          of Western Troy’s macleod lake molybdenum-Copper
              located in Abitibi, Quebec.                                      project located about 275 km north of Chibougamou.
              GenIvAr is providing detailed engineering of a mineral           The feasibility portion of the study is being led by Dr. Tyson
              treatment facility for the lapa mine. This is a follow-up to     C. Birkett, P.eng., Ph.D., while Donald Blanchet P.eng.,
              GenIvAr’s previous involvement in 2004 when they did the         mbA, is the team leader for the environmental impact
              site installation and shaft tower. The lapa mine’s treatment     assessment component. Work began on June 26th 2008
              plant is currently under construction and initial production     with the goal of having all feasibility work completed and
              is expected by the summer of 2009. The project manager           permits in hand to begin mine construction and development
              is Patrick Martel, eng.                                          by early 2010.

              members of GenIvAr’s Abitibi, Amos and val d’or offices          onTArIo - GolD AnD Iron ore
              combined their expertise alongside project managers              In ontario, GenIvAr is working on the Timmins West Gold
              Dominick Turgeon, eng., Christiane Béland, eng., Louis           mine. What began as a pre-feasibility study in 2005 soon
              Perreault, eng., Daniel Cadrin and Yves Bouchard, eng.,          grew to encompass the engineering for the entire project.
              to provide detailed engineering on the Goldex mine; the          led by Project manager and vice President of GenIvAr in
              GenIvAr team is also installing the largest underground          northern ontario, Marz Kord, P. eng., m. Sc., mbA, GenIvAr
              crusher in north America, and assist with start up and           provided the infrastructure design including structural,
              commissioning.                                                   electrical, mechanical, and civil engineering. Also included is
                                                                               the shaft house, hoist room, treatment pond, access roads,
              WInDFAll lAke
                                                                               pump house, potable water, wastewater disposal, preliminary
              For noront resources in Abitibi, GenIvAr completed the           and detailed design and, construction administration. With
              design and permitting of an exploration ramp for a gold          the exception of the shaft house, the headframe buildings,
              bulk sampling program for the Windfall lake project. This is     as well as the underground components were designed by
              the first stage of the project and will be completed by mid-     GenIvAr in val d’or.

8 / constructive people
                                                     03                                     04                                                                                  05

buFFAlo AnkArITe, Fuller, AnD DAvIDSon TISDAle                                      owned by the baffin Island Iron mines Corporation. Since
Also in ontario, in an area that hosts a number of the richest                      2006, GenIvAr has been involved in the engineering design
gold deposits in Timmins known as the Porcupine Syncline,                           of the bulk sampling program with the intention of producing
are three past-producing mines - buffalo Ankarite, Fuller, and                      250,000 tons of high grade iron ore that will be shipped to
Davidson Tisdale, all owned by vedron Gold.                                         various mills in europe. This particular deposit is known as
                                                                                    Direct reducing Iron (DrI), meaning that it registers at 70
Since 2006, GenIvAr in Timmins has been involved in the                             percent while most usually register in the 35-40 percent
closure plans, permitting and design, and site infrastructure                       range. With a DrI, the only processing required is to make
for all three properties. because of their proximity to a                           it smaller after which it is ready to be used as a metal.
residential area, GenIvAr had to perform numerous noise
studies and public consultations in order to satisfy the                            GenIvAr designed the entire site infrastructure including
community without relocations, while still advancing the                            camps, potable water, treatment water, access to the pit, the
project. GenIvAr has also been given the mandate to obtain                          pit itself, electrical power supply and runways, and, assisted
all necessary permits and execute the closure of these mines                        with the logistics. The production stage of mary river is
so that they may be re-opened at a future date.                                     estimated at $4.1 billion and will have a 50-year lifespan.

reDSTone mIne AnD mIll
South-east of Timmins is the redstone mine and mill where                           “As the scoPe oF the WorK
GenIvAr designed the entire site infrastructure, tailing
facilities and treatment facilities for this 1,500 ton/day
                                                                                    increAseD, We PulleD
nickel-ore production mill. The tailing facility is where the                       resources From other
acid generating by-products are removed and placed in a                             GenivAr oFFices to sAtisFY
basin surrounded by water to prevent leakage. Approval for
such facilities typically takes anywhere from 18 months to                          the client.”
three years; however, Project manager Rod Doran, P.eng.,                            mArZ KorD
was able to gain approval in under 6 months – something that
is virtually unheard of in the permitting process. GenIvAr’s
work on the permitting documents was so thorough that all                           Completing this project involved working in conditions that
possible concerns were addressed, which expedited the                               are extremely harsh. nunavut has bitter cold winters and
entire process.                                                                     24-hour darkness from november to January. The absence
                                                                                    of access roads in the winter meant GenIvAr’s crew had
mArY rIver                                                                          to be transported to and from the site by chartered aircraft.
The mary river project, located 600 km north of the Arctic                          marz managed the entire project from an office located
Circle, in nunavut, is an ore mine and associated facilities                        3,000 km away.

01 / From left: Jean-Sébastien David, vice President of Sustainable Development, osisko mining Corporation — Josée marcoux, Project manager, GenIvAr — renée
loiselle, Industrial environment Coordinator, Director of environmental evaluations, minister of Sustainable Development, environment and Parks of Quebec — Jean
boudreault, vice-President environment, Quebec, GenIvAr 02 / residential relocation, malartic Gold mine, osisko exploration, malartic — Quebec 03 / From left: louis
Perreault, Christiane béland, Daniel Cadrin 04 / lapa mine, Agnico-eagle, Abitibi region — Quebec 05 / Goldex mine, Agnico-eagle, Abitibi region — Quebec

                                                                                                                                              genivar’s employee magazine / 9
                        feature /

                        Deadlines were tight and materials could only be shipped to       PoTASH mInInG
volume 4 / number 3

                        the site between August and September when the waterways
                                                                                          over in Saskatchewan, GenIvAr draws its strength in mining
                        were thawed. During any other time of the year they would
                                                                                          from potash, one of the three main ingredients in agricultural
                        have needed an icebreaker ship ahead of them. Any additional
                                                                                          fertilizer. Saskatchewan has the largest known reserves of
                        material required was delivered via Hercules airplanes. These
                                                                                          potash in the world, but the potash mining industry only
                        aircrafts would land on either of the two runways for which
                                                                                          began about 40 years ago. many of the mines built at that
                        GenIvAr provided design and construction administration.
                                                                                          time are still operating but because of increased demand are
                        During this past winter two additional 18-wheeler trucks along
                                                                                          sorely in need of upgrading and expansion. Some of them are
                        with other supplies were brought to the site via airplanes.
                                                                                          as much as doubling their capacities and the Saskatchewan
                        When the project moves into the production stage, currently
                                                                                          potash industry has the potential to spend $12 to 15 billion
                        slated for 2012, icebreakers will be available allowing for a
                                                                                          on capital projects, all very good news for GenIvAr.
                        12-month shipping season. GenIvAr has staff from val d’or,
                        Calgary and Toronto on site.                                      “Three years ago, GenIvAr in Saskatoon began working
                                                                                          with AmeC, the prime engineering firm for the Potash
                        “The surveyors are from the Calgary office, construction
                                                                                          Corporation of Saskatchewan (PCS),” explained Dennis
                        administration is done by GenIvAr in val d’or, design
                                                                                          Rutten, P.eng., vice President of GenIvAr in Saskatchewan.
                        engineering is done in Timmins and the scheduling is done
                                                                                          PCS is expanding their existing Allan and Cory mines for
                        by the downtown Toronto office,” he added.
                                                                                          which GenIvAr is also providing consulting services.
                        “It’s a great example of multidisciplinary teamwork and           GenIvAr’s role on potash mining consists of structural,
                        having access to a wide variety of expertise in one firm,         electrical and material handling on various portions of the
                        which is one of the reasons b. H. martin Consultants joined       mine expansions.
                        GenIvAr,” he continued. “What 40 people can’t do – 3,400
                        can.”                                                             Well eSTAblISHeD WITH A brIGHT FuTure
                                                                                          It is very clear that GenIvAr has become a respected
                        WeSTern CAnADA - A lonG HISTorY In SoFT
                                                                                          authority in mining, across the country and internationally.
                        roCk mInInG
                                                                                          The mining industry is booming, which has made expertise
                        GenIvAr’s history in soft rock mining dates back to the coal      scarce. The biggest challenge ahead for GenIvAr is the
                        mine operations in the 70s and 80s. The coal industry slowed      battle for talent that has become almost as precious a
                        down in the 90s but has recently regained momentum as             commodity as some of the metals they harvest. Despite this,
                        the cost of coal has almost doubled, completely revitalizing      GenIvAr’s versatility and comprehensive range of skills will
                        activity in this sector.                                          ensure many years of future success and, help to maintain
                                                                                          Canada’s position in mining on the world stage.
                        Canada produces up to 25 million tons per year of metallurgical
                        grade coal – the type used for making steel. of this 25
                        million, 7 million are produced at the elk valley mine in
                        Southeast british Columbia where GenIvAr is doing the
                        design and upgrade of the processing plant in association         01 / elk valley mine — british Columbia
                        with u.S. firm robertson Schaefer.
                        Traditionally, engineers design a project and then turn
                        to construction companies to bid. In order to do design-
                        construction projects, a firm would have to do the preliminary
                        designs while another firm finishes off with the detailed
                        design and construction.
                        “In order to be competitive,” explained Daryl Thomas,
                        P.eng., vice President of GenIvAr in british Columbia, “we
                        needed a relationship with a design-construction company,
                        which is why we formed an alliance with robertson Schaeffer.
                        Thanks in part to this association,” he continued, “we were
                        able to handle projects such as the design-construction of
                        Peace river Coal in north eastern bC.”                                                                                             01

          10 / constructive people
constructive project /

oran Convention & exhibition Centre
on the Fast Track
It seems that GenIvAr has a knack for winning exciting projects in beautiful and exotic locations. Their
most recent Project management mandate is the Centre de Convention d’oran (CCo) located on a cliff
overlooking the mediterranean Sea and the Port of oran in Algeria.

The client is Sonatrach, the largest company in Africa          requiring the involvement of GenIvAr’s team in Algeria,
and, a Crown Corporation of the Algerian government.            Spain and Canada.
The project began in February 2008. It is being managed
from two offices; one in madrid for the planning, design        led by project manager J. Albert Paquette, m.Arch,
and budget, and the other in oran for the construction and      oAA, oAQ, mAA, mrAIC in madrid, GenIvAr is currently
finishing. GenIvAr acted as consultants in determining the      supervising the architectural engineering, interior design and
selection criteria and choice of contractor for the project     food service planning while oHl is building the structural
and determined the selection criteria. Teams from Spain,        elements that will be shipped to oran for assembly.
France, egypt, korea and China submitted proposals and          In oran the project manager is Kamal Fakhoury, eng. There,
the project was awarded to oHl, a Spanish construction          the walls and platforms upon which the pre-fabricated pieces
company based in madrid.                                        will be assembled are being built.
The CCo is slated for completion in just 17 months and, it      The facility will consist of a 300-room meridian hotel, a
already has its first booking; design and construction of the   3,000-seat auditorium and, a 20,000 m exhibition hall, as
centre have been “fast tracked” in order to accommodate         well as all related meeting rooms and other facilities, all
the 16th International Conference and exhibition on liquefied   valued at approximately $600 million CAn.
natural Gas, that is scheduled to take place from the 18th
to 21st of April 2010.                                          The coming months promise to be very exciting and
                                                                challenging for all involved as GenIvAr’s teams are working
With the fast track method, design and construction occur       extra hard to ensure that the CCo takes shape in the allotted
simultaneously; as a foundation is being poured, the designs    time frame and, there is no doubt they will make both the
for the next level are still being finalized, thus requiring    client and their company very proud.
an enormous amount of team coordination and precision,

                                                                                                            genivar’s employee magazine / 11
                        bulletins /

                        revIT Installation in rouyn-noranda
volume 4 / number 3

                        The Abitibi region in northwestern Quebec is currently experiencing fast-paced growth, primarily
                        due to the mining boom. GenIvAr is present in this region and provides services in various sectors,
                        including construction.

                        various architects recently began using Autodesk’s revIT          The structural designs for the pumping station were delivered
                        software platform based on the bIm concept, thus prompting        successfully. However, this inaugural project took more time
                        other professionals working on their projects to follow           and energy than usual, due to the project’s complexity and
                        suit. benefiting from favourable economic conditions,             the fact that it was our first revIT experience. Work on a
                        the management of GenIvAr’s rouyn-noranda office                  second project, including revIT meP, is scheduled to begin
                        enthusiastically climbed aboard the bIm bandwagon,                shortly. over the longer term, revIT’s benefits will lead to
                        supported by a dynamic team.                                      significant time savings and increased profitability. This
                                                                                          inaugural revIT installation within the GenIvAr network
                        GenIvAr’s IT department, which had already begun planning         will undoubtedly mark the beginning of a long relationship
                        for this type of initiative, coordinated the revIT installation   between GenIvAr and bIm.
                        at the rouyn-noranda office in association with busCom,
                        the montreal-based Autodesk product reseller.                     ComInG Soon…
                        WHAT IS bIm?                                                      based on the conclusive experiment at the rouyn-noranda
                                                                                          office, we have produced a revIT installation information kit,
                        Historically, engineering drawings for building construction      which will be distributed to all managers of departments that
                        were produced following the logic of the tools used. Floor-       could benefit from this software platform. These managers
                        by-floor layout plans were produced using a series of cross-      will thus have all the information they need to undertake
                        sectional, detailed and perspective views. Since each of          successful revIT installations of their own.
                        these drawings was independent of the others, if any
                        modifications were needed, all of the drawings had to be          A number of revIT user groups, based on the Autodesk
                        changed.                                                          user Group International (AuGI) model, have been
                                                                                          created recently. GenIvAr’s participation in these groups
                        The development of new tools has revolutionized this              demonstrates its determination to become a leader in this
                        procedure. An entire building can now be drawn in 3D;             new technology.
                        the layout plans and the cross-sectional, detailed and
                        perspective views can then be extracted. This is known            The successful revIT installation at the rouyn-noranda
                        as building Information modelling, or bIm for short. As           office is the result of teamwork. It also showcases the
                        modifications are made to the model, all drawings are             valuable role played by GenIvAr’s IT department in the
                        updated automatically.                                            development of our business units.
                        InSTAllATIon ProCeSS
                                                                                          The Rouyn-noranda team, from left: manon Filiatrault, Jean-Pierre racette,
                        To install revIT, we needed a team of trained technicians and     mathieu Fontaine, Éric Côté, rémi Hénault, mario matteau.
                        a project that met certain criteria. The project we selected
                        involved preparing the structural drawings for a pumping
                        station for the Town of Temiscaming.
                        We held an initial two-day training session for future users
                        of revIT Structure and revIT meP (mechanical, electrical
                        and plumbing engineering). Two weeks later, we held another
                        customized training session, based on the specific project
                        With the assistance of the external consultant, the technicians
                        prepared the templates and other items required by revIT
                        users. These configurations will be used for subsequent
                        installations at other GenIvAr offices.

          12 / constructive people
feature / /

The green Space

Integrated building Design
Facilities managers and owners expect buildings that take       target. by keeping the design process on track, the IbD
fewer natural resources to build and use less energy to         Champion allows the architect and the engineer to focus
operate. Simply adding advanced technology to the solutions     on their design solutions.
is not enough. To truly design sustainable buildings, the
design team needs to be well integrated. Integrated building    let’s look at an example where an IbD Champion is
                                                                needed. An owner has stated that natural daylight should
Design (or IbD) is a relatively new method of communication
                                                                be maximized for the open office areas. The mechanical
during the design phase of a project and is quickly replacing
                                                                engineer and the electrical engineer are working at optimizing
the standard design approach.
                                                                the energy performances of the HvAC and lighting systems.
For years, we have been working in vertical communications      The architect wants a specific curtain wall system. The
silos. The owner would share information with the architect,    interior designer has picked dark wood paneling to accent
who would share information to the engineering design           the office areas. All of these design professionals have
team, who would prepare specifications and drawings that        good intentions, but they are far from reaching synergy in
the contractors would read and interpret to bid and build       design. The IbD champion can help settle this argument by
the facility. much of the vital information was lost in the     enabling a synergistic compromise to be reached. Without
transmissions. And the owner was often confused by the          an independent impartial process manager, this single issue
results. The building was not always what the owner wanted      could have derailed the efforts of potentially four different
in the first place.                                             design groups.

This vertical communications approach simply does not           GenIvAr has the professionals to lead the IbD process.
work for the design and construction of high-performance        our Project management specialists can play this new
buildings. Information must flow in all directions between      role. This is a great new opportunity for our firm that we
every stakeholder. This new “structure” (or lack thereof)       should pursue for every new high-performance building we
may ensure that everyone has a say but it also might create     design. Having a Project management professional oversee
a lot of confusion.                                             the design process is recommended for all projects, big or
                                                                small, green or brown; but it is an absolute necessity for
IbD recognizes that architects and engineers don’t have the     any high-performance building design process.
monopoly of good design solutions. Input from experienced
tradespeople is immensely valuable when it’s presented
early enough in the design process to allow modifications.
In this new world of multi-lateral communications, there is
a need for an IbD Champion on the design team. This new
role is not necessarily played by the architect. It should be
played by a Design Project manager/Specialist, someone
who is not directly tied to a design activity but rather can
oversee the design process. The IbD Champion has to
be a result-oriented individual with a good knowledge of                              Joël primeau, P.eng., leeD AP, HPbD
sustainable design issues; a watchdog of the green design                             Director, Sustainable Design

                                                                                                            genivar’s employee magazine / 13
                        bulletins /

                        Welcome to our newest colleagues!
volume 4 / number 3

                        GenIvAr continues to grow. As one of the top engineering consulting firms in Canada, a key portion of
                        our growth strategy is the acquisition of firms who share our passion, dedication, corporate culture and
                        vision. Thus far, 2008 has been a year of abundance; GenIvAr has completed 10 acquisitions. The first
                        four, eXH, Phoenix, rFA and Transenco were mentioned in the previous issue of Constructive People.
                        And now, we are proud to introduce the latest additions to the GenIvAr family.

                                                                                   01                                                                    02

                        ZenIX enGIneerInG lTD. | AuGuST 2008                              In addition, Solmers draws about half of its revenues in
                                                                                          France, giving us an opportunity to expand our offering in
                        Zenix is an ottawa-based firm specializing in building services
                                                                                          this market and abroad.
                        such as envelope design and roofing, fire and life safety,
                        code review, security, interior design, and architecture, as      Solmers was founded in 1986 and has 40 employees at its
                        well as mechanical-electrical and structural design.              office in varennes, Quebec. They have completed hundreds
                                                                                          of containment engineering projects in over 25 countries
                        They have an integrated team approach, a focus on building
                                                                                          worldwide and, serve clients such as the Séché environment
                        science and asset management as well as a strong leeD
                                                                                          Group in France, SQm Salar S.A. in Chile, the ministry of
                        focus. Founded in 1995 by leo mcCuaig, Chris Holtshousen,
                                                                                          land use Planning, environment and Tourism (mATeT) in
                        and Francois lemay, Zenix has 54 employees at its office
                                                                                          Algeria and PPG Canada Inc. in Quebec. They have designed
                        in ottawa. Zenix serves major clients including: Shoppers
                                                                                          landfill cells for domestic, industrial or hazardous waste,
                        Drug mart, bank of Canada, Federal Government, City of
                                                                                          surface impoundment, potable water basins and lagoons, to
                        ottawa, nAv CAnADA, morguard, and the rCmP.
                                                                                          name but a few. They have also been involved in construction
                        Key contact: Chris Holtshousen, P.eng.                            project management, the implementation of quality
                                                                                          assurance programs including geoelectric prospecting
                        SolmerS InC. | AuGuST 2008                                        and leak detection on geomembranes, to site evaluation
                        Solmers is a Quebec-based firm specialized in providing           and characterization projects, a variety of environmental
                        environmental engineering services, including in waste            compliance audits and environmental studies, as well as
                        confinement technology to the municipal and industrial            plans for the implementation of environmental management
                        sectors. The Solmers team brings extensive experience             systems in companies. With this acquisition, GenIvAr has
                        in the design, installation and control of geosynthetic           more than 15 million m2 of installed projects.
                        materials.                                                        Key contact: michel marcotte, eng., m.A.Sc.

          14 / constructive people
                                                            03                                                                                  04

HenDerSon PADDon & ASSoCIATeS lTD.                               01 / members of the zenix Staff
AuGuST 2008                                                      First Row: rollin Zapata, michel morin, lori Allen, David Walker, Wendy
                                                                 Wilton. Second Row: Adrien Fung, Samir Desai, lora Decker, Dominic
Founded in 1972, Henderson Paddon has an extensive list          Gaudreau, Claire Fréchette, Hernan rivera, Federico Alvarez, nina Davidson,
of public and private-sector clients, including numerous         Qing Yang, Pam lucas. Third Row: robert larabie, Craig melvin, Carmen
                                                                 mcGuire, Chuck Fox, Shelly mcGarry, Garry Stewart, Chris montgomery,
ontario municipalities, various provincial ministries, First     Paul latreille, William kuffner, François lemay, michel Paulin, rod Gillard,
nation Communities and private clients including Waste           Daniel viens, mike Fitzgerald, lisa overduin, leo mcCuaig
management of Canada, leading land developers and                02 / members of the Solmers Staff
commercial construction clients. They have 70 full-time          First Row: laurette Dupont, etienne Poulin, michel marcotte, martine Dubé,
employees, located in owen Sound, Hanover, Grimsby and           louise Chaput, myriam Gravel, Denise Gauvin, Chahrazed mebarki, Julie
Clarksburg.                                                      Fortier, Paul boissonnault, Youssef bentaiebi. Second Row: Irina negoita,
                                                                 valentin Angelov, mylaine Cloutier, Daniel Tousignant, eric mailloux, Angelo
                                                                 mestriner, Guillaume Harpin, eric Thibaudeau
This ontario-based civil engineering and environmental
consulting firm is dedicated to providing environmentally        03 / members of the Henderson paddon Staff
sustainable engineering solutions. They also have up to          Standing: Jeff Armstrong, rod Peters, Frank Ford, bruce muise, brad
                                                                 benson, brian Frook, Peter brodzikowski, Joyce Gauci, Tyler Jahnke,
60 additional people working on contract administration          Anthony Gibbons, erika meech, Craig Dawson, Tom Gillespie, loreen miller,
assignments for the ontario ministry of Transportation.          Debbie Wellwood, brian Scott, Tonya Higgs, nancy moss, matt Prentice,
                                                                 Chris Wilson, bob Gunn, brent Freiburger, Jim Deakins. Seated: elwood
Key contact: Jeff Graham, P.eng.                                 koo, michelle robinson, marcia Wilcox, Claire Allen, Julie Watton

                                                                 04 / members of the Bullock Baur Staff
bulloCk bAur ASSoCIATeS lTD. | AuGuST 2008
                                                                 Top of Stairs: Pat Shannon, Connie Harvie, Jeanne Hilman, Dwayne
bullock baur is british Columbia-based firm specializing in      brideaux, Harry verstraaten, Gary Gauthier, Stephane Gagnon. Back
                                                                 Row: Dana orr, Tony baur, Dave neveu, bob Fulton, Stephen Childs, Jeff
civil and municipal engineering services. They are known         Somerville. Front Row: Carol Davies, roberta Prevost, John Sturdy, liz
for their excellent services and solid client base throughout    lau, matt Hope, Aglade vizcarra

                                                                                                                          genivar’s employee magazine / 15
              bulletins / welcome to our newest colleagues!

                                                                            01                                                                                  02

              vancouver Island. Founded in 1974, bullock baur currently             01 / members of the peterson galloway Staff
              has 23 employees at its office in victoria. With a primary            From left: robert beaton, Sandra bosma, Iain Cameron, randall emery,
              focus on serving municipalities, First nations, private               James Galloway Trevor klassen, karen kneier, Gary liang, roderick mar,
              developers as well as federal and provincial clients in british       Christopher Peterson, Donald Sandys-Wunsch, Walter Slobodan, Tom
                                                                                    van Soldt
              Columbia, bullock baur serves major clients including:
              City of victoria, District of Saanich, City of Colwood,               02 / members of the Doucet & associates Staff
              Capital regional District, Defence Construction Canada,               First Row: Éric Cloutier, mathieu beaudin-mercier, mario Dos Santos, Éric
              Snuneymuxw nation, olympic view Developments, bC                      Perron, Youness Ait Toudghi, Patrick Potvin. Second Row: Simon Péloquin,
                                                                                    olivier roy, kim Émard, Seetha Srijenu, rachel Demers-Perreault, Hélène
              Hydro, First nations’ emergency Services, Penelakut Tribe
                                                                                    Paradis, monica Henchey, Zeinah obieh, Sandro rosa Delvecchio. Third
              and TimberWest.                                                       Row: Daniel bray, mohiuddin basith, Jonathan bertin, Alexandra rabel,
                                                                                    Yvan nobert, Guillaume roy, nicole renaud, Alexandre Doré-Fiset,
              Key contact: Tony baur, P.eng., mCIP                                  Jacques michaud. Fourth Row: Étienne Dumais, Isabelle Grenier, David
                                                                                    Péloquin, Pierre Goyer, louis larocque, martin villemure, Jean-Pierre
              PeTerSon GAlloWAY lTD. | June 2008                                    madé, Jean-François morin, Giorgio De Paoli, Sébastien Houle

              Peterson Galloway provides comprehensive structural
              engineering design and consulting services and has
              developed cutting-edge solutions in the areas of green             DouCeT & ASSoCIATeS | mAY 2008
              buildings and seismic design. The firm was founded in 1999,        This firm specializes in telecommunications and utilities
              uniting the resources of three long-standing victoria-based        infrastructure. They were founded in 1974 and have offices in
              structural consulting practices. The firm has 16 employees         montreal and in Quebec City. The firm has 50 employees and
              and provides comprehensive structural engineering services         has developed expertise in the field of telecommunications
              from concept to commissioning. They have also developed            including outside networks, integrated distribution networks,
              extensive experience in heritage buildings. Galloway’s clients     switching and transmission, as well as public utilities
              include the university of victoria, royal roads university,        infrastructure, including telephony cable networks, cable
              various School Districts, the Provincial Government, Public        television, and electric power distribution, as well as IP
              Works and Government Services Canada, the Department of            telephony.
              national Defence, as well as many clients in the commercial,
              residential, healthcare and recreation sectors.                    Doucet & Associates established itself as the first
                                                                                 telecommunications engineering-consulting firm over 30
              Key contact: Chris Peterson, P.eng                                 years ago and has a solid client base, including Hydro-
                                                                                 Québec, vidéotron, TeluS, bell Canada, bell Aliant, Télébec,
                                                                                 and the Government of Québec’s General Directorate of
                                                                                 Telecommunications networks.
                                                                                 Key contact: mario Gosselin, .eng.

16 / constructive people

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