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									Relief spirit: the national spirit and the spirit of the monument of the national spirit earthquake

 spirit of national spirit relief
 month ago, the earthquake shaking China: Shanbengdelie, rivers and spasm, and material crash.
More than a month, the Chinese earthquake relief shocked the world: all the people fighting,
united, self-improvement.
 Wenchuan testified: magnificent relief practice, tempering the indomitable Chinese people five
thousand years the blunt steel frame, cast the spirit of the Chinese world-shaking earthquake relief,
forging a great national spirit and the spirit of the immortal monument!
 State Council recently held the provinces and municipalities and central departments responsible
comrades meeting stressed the need to vigorously carry forward the great spirit of earthquake
relief. Carry forward the spirit of earthquake relief, thoroughly implement the party's 17 for the
Spirit, respond to the difficulties on the road ahead and challenges, and building a socialist core
value system, promote scientific development, promote social harmony and building a moderately
prosperous society in winning new victories of great importance.
 Spirits of relief - people first, the highest life, one mind, united, danger, perseverance, scientific
and rational, open and transparent relief spirit of the great Chinese civilization and progress of
Chinese identity
 history of civilization can be said that a protest with the history of natural disasters. Since the
founding of New China, we encountered several large natural disasters. From 1966 to 1976
Xingtai earthquake relief Tangshan earthquake relief, from fighting forest fires in 1987
Daxinganling Sanjiang 1998 flood disaster, 2003 against "SARS" to the beginning of this year
against ice and snow, natural disasters time and again the severe test true feelings in a field of
concentration poured embodies the spirit of the Chinese People's precious wealth, we laid the
willpower to overcome the cornerstone of the devastating earthquake.
 Wenchuan earthquake around the start of this magnificent relief practice, extremely hot spit spray
human love, the birth of a rare burst of national truth, reflecting the strength of China has attracted
worldwide attention, interpretation of the New Chinese earthquake relief Spirits.
 people-oriented, the highest life. "All things in the world, who was the first precious." When
suddenly upon us, the State Council and decisive decision-making, emergency orders, is only one
theme: "first one is saving lives," "Saving lives is the top priority", "ray of hope to hundreds of
times!" Soon, the country of weighing equipment, gathered in affected areas; country's elite, save
Simin. As of June 13, rescue force to rescue and transfer of 1,403,671 people total, all levels of
government invested 53.761 billion yuan relief funds, donated funds and materials from home and
abroad to receive 45.578 billion yuan, transporting relief tent 1,051,500, transporting the
transitional housing placement 245 100 units. People first, is the spirit of e arthquake relief the
"core." Relief of all the forces, in order to act under the concept of people-oriented. From
life-saving treatment to the wounded, people resettlement, reconstruction, a series of effective
measures for the party and the government has always demonstrated a people-oriented,
life-oriented core, which brings our party has put forward the scientific development concept and
a series of major strategic thinking of the practice of distinctive features .
 surmounts. Unity is strength. This is the Chinese people's strong faith to overcome various
disasters. Distress before the close coordination of various departments, the provinces of
counterpart support, community mobilization initiative, the love and donor activities in an orderly
manner ... ... the country people, including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots and
overseas Chinese together to show unprecedented unity, reproduced the same boat Watch the
touching scene. 1 "We are all Wenchuan people" is a vivid portrayal of the Chinese nation
cohesion. Shanbengdelie shake the moving party and the people do not unite as one; bridge circuit
damage, can not stop people across the country the same boat ... ... "a difficult one, P Plus
support." Give the power of the country to support earthquake relief, the incomparable superiority
of the socialist system flashes a bright light.
 dauntless, indomitable. Long-term form of selfless, indomitable, overwhelming the enemy
without being enemies yield revolutionary heroism, in the earthquake relief was again focused on
promotion. When a disaster occurs, the party cadres home for the homes, organize the masses to
self and mutual help; the people of the safety of teachers to students, willing to give his life;
medical worker braved the risk of aftershocks, life-saving; disaster areas to fight back lost loved
ones and Home of grief, an active part in earthquake relief. People's Liberation Army, police
officers, is risking his own life, the former charge, not afraid of fatigue, continuous fighting, as the
commandos and the main force of the earthquake relief. Show the heroic Chinese people fighting
or danger, the spirit of sacrifice, the total in the most crucial moment, shines the most needed
 scientific and rational, open and transparent. Use of modern means of co-ordination, chaos and
dignity, showing good spirit of the rule of law and science. In response, the start of a disaster
response mechanism, the national power delivery according to plan, all action by "Earthquake
Disaster Mitigation Act" and "Wenchuan Earthquake Restoration and Reconstruction Ordinance",
etc.. Relief means full use of the technology and modern equipment, to win to save time and
improve efficiency play an important role in disaster relief. The first time in the history of New
China to take part in international rescue operations in earthquake relief line to start, groups of
international humanitarian relief supplies, groups of international contributions to continuously
reach the disaster area of love. Meanwhile, the party and the government honest, open and
transparent information to establish mutual trust between the citizens, understanding and respect.
Earthquake real-time updates of "national broadcast", with the rapid spread of radio and network,
soothe public anxiety, gather strength from the firm and calm, to show the world an open
self-confident China.
 in this struggle, the Chinese nation has withstood a severe test. The great spirit of earthquake
relief, is the great Chinese civilization and progress logo, is a broad socialist system with Chinese
characteristics and advantages of the textbooks, but also the party and the country's most precious
spiritual wealth.
 profound spiritual essence of relief - in the national spirit and the spirit of the times to achieve the
integration of the new period of collectivism, socialism and patriotism of the high degree of unity,
manifest the spirit of the socialist core value of the intrinsic charm
 seismic gather together various connotations of relief spirit, its essence lies in st riking deep
national spirit and the spirit of the times. Combination of two of the scientific spirit, reveals the
inner spirit of the socialist core value of charm.
 quake relief spirit - highlights the extension of the national spirit and sublimation. The national
spirit is the common life of a nation in the long-term practice of the formation and developed, for
the majority of character recognition and acceptance of ideas, values and ethics, is the
psychological characteristics of a people, cultural traditions, such as a comprehensive reflection of
thoughts and feelings . In the 5000 years of development, the Chinese nation to the formation of
the national spirit with patriotism as the core, deeply rooted cultural traditions of the motherland
has become of the Chinese nation to prosperity and a strong spiritual force, accumulated for the
soul of the Chinese nation . Jinggangshan spirit, the spirit march, the Yan'an spirit, Hongyan spirit
is the spirit of the revolutionary war highlighted the Chinese nation; Lei Feng spirit, "bombs and
one satellite" spirit of the flood-fighting spirit, the spirit of manned space flight is the period of the
Chinese spirit of peace-building The new performance. The relief, which greatly strengthen and
enhance the spirit of our national character. The face of sudden catastrophe, the spirit of the
Chinese nation has the self-improvement shows are the most adequate and most exciting
interpretation. With this spirit, the more difficult to prosper to become a reality.

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