In-Patient Chest Radiograph (CXR) on PTXHTX Trauma Patients by nwr27961


									Fig. 2

                Chest Radiograph (CXR) on PTX/HTX Trauma Patients Who Meet Hospital Discharge Criteria
                                               Upon Hospital Discharge

         Lung Totally Re-expanded w/ no or minimal hemothorax                    Lung NOT Re-expanded or cannot see diaphragms

Discharge with follow-up                                                  Asymptomatic                        Symptomatic
appointment in 1 week

Asymptomatic                                                       Discharge home with follow-up          Reassess prior to
                                                                   appointment in 1 week with out-        discharge
                             Symptomatic                           patient CXR (PA/Lt)

Physical exam (-)
negative, no CXR                CXR                                                                           If discharged,
                                                                                                              Return to clinic
                                                                                                              with CXR
   RTC PRN                                                                            Follow-up CXR

                        Negative    Positive

                                                                                 Negative             Positive
                        RTC PRN      Treatment: return to clinic
                                    for follow-up, repeat CXR                    RTC PRN              Return to clinic
                                                                                                      in 1 week

                                                                                                      Developed: 9/99
                                                                                                      Revised: 5/00
                                                                                                      Reviewed: 02/01, 05/02

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