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THE ANSON COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS convened for a recessed computer phone system


									       THE ANSON COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS convened for a recessed
meeting Wednesday, March 11, 1998 at 6:00 p.m. in the Little Theater located in the Hampton B.
Allen Library.

       Commissioners present:         Anna H. Baucom, Chair
                                      Ross Streater, Vice Chair
                                      Lee G. Allison
                                      Herman K. Little
                                      Bobby Moore

       Staff members present: Steve D. Carpenter, County Manager
                                     Bonnie M. Huntley, Clerk to the Board
                                     James Bennett, Human Resource

         Chairman Baucom called the recessed meeting to Order. She noted that unless otherwise
stated, the Board will hear the remaining items in order.

       Appearances: Chairman Baucom noted each appearance will be given three minutes in
which to address the Board. She requested that they ask their question and give their
recommendation to the Board up front.

        Denise Lee: Ms. Lee noted she had been requested by a member of the Board of
Commissioners to speak on intensive hog operations in our county. She referred to the task force
appointed in 1994 to study this situation and asked the Board to act upon the recommendations that
were presented by this task force. She also asked the Board to look at Ordinances and moratoriums
on intensive hog operations. She would like to see this Board come together in a vote to take an
active part in making recommendations to the General Assembly and wants House Bill 515
strengthened. She would also like to see the Health department pass an Ordinance on intensive hog
operations. She had pictures of Murphy Farms in Ansonville that she shared with the Board.

       Michelle Nowlin: Ms. Nowlin was not able to attend.

         Jim Little: Mr. Little introduced Mr. Amos Hall, Regional Director with Excel, who gave a
presentation to the Board on Excel services. He compared Excel long distance rates with Alltel and
         Dorothy Tyson: Mrs. Tyson addressed the parking lot issue. She had an assigned space in
the lot adjacent to the Courthouse but the side of her car next to the open space beside her was
damaged from car doors. After having her car repaired, she began parking elsewhere and as a result
of this, lost her assigned space. She understands the lot is to be re-assigned and monitored. She
requested the Board to reinstate her parking space in this lot for her use.

        Jesse Campbell: Mr. Campbell reported that he, along with Steve James of the school
system, recently attended a recruiting session at A&T University. He stated the reason we are not
getting qualified teachers in our system is because we do not offer sign up bonuses. He would like
to see the Board give the school system $30,000 to $40,000, over and above the normal budget, to
be used as an incentive to attract teachers to our community. Chairman Baucom asked if this would
be used to attract teachers in special needs areas such as math and science. Mr. Campbell answered
yes. She also asked Mr. Campbell if he had approached the School Board with this request to which
he also answered yes.

        Bobby Briley: He referred to the hydrogeologic report of 1997 for the proposed landfill and
the lack of response from Allied Waste to the State on the report. He also mentioned that he had
received a tentative legal opinion from an Attorney in the Attorney General’s office that Allied
would have to receive a new franchise agreement from the County. He is also concerned that rail
improvements in the landfill area will move the entrance to the landfill back to Boylin Road.

        Richard Pinkston: He presented his thoughts on the possible purchase of the West Knitting
building by the College. He asked the Board if they would be contributing financially to the
purchase with Chairman Baucom answering no.

       Chairman Baucom thanked those who spoke for coming, stating Board members have made
notes of their issues and concerns.

       Chairman Baucom called for a five minute break.

        After the break, Administrative Matters was the next topic of discussion.
        Proposed Changes to the Personnel Ordinance: James Bennett, Human Resource,
presented the proposed changes and additions connected with Worker’s Compensation Leave, Call
Back Pay, Post Accident Drug Test, Training Pay, and Payroll Change Notice/Personnel Action
Form. Chairman Baucom noted this material was included in the packet and asked if any Board
member had any questions. James also presented the names of three employees currently working
forty hours a week and recommended the Board reduce these to thirty seven and one half, same as
all other county employees. He explained that of the three employees, the one at the water
department is the only one that a reduction in hours worked was not agreeable with their supervisor.
Commissioner Moore questioned the reduction in hours for the three employees and training pay.
The reduction in hours is a needed wage and hour compliance. The issue of the amount of
compensatory time held by the Clerk was discussed. Chairman Baucom felt compensatory time was
an issue for the Board to resolve and provide direction. Some Commissioners favored paying the
Clerk for time earned to date and provide direction for future time earned. Commissioner Little
feels the Clerk should receive overtime pay rather than compensatory time during budget sessions
since there are so many meetings and it would be impossible to take off the hours earned.
Compensatory time is to be an item for discussion at the March 21st retreat. The travel pay issue is
one that has not been properly addressed by Anson County. James explained the issue for the
Board. After discussion, motion by Commissioner Little, seconded by Vice Chair Streater, to
approve the changes and additions to the Personnel Ordinance as presented. Motion carried

        Acceptance of Bids for Repeater System at Sheriff’s Department: Issue was deferred
awaiting the arrival of the Sheriff.

        Set Meeting Date for Board of Equalization and Review: Three Board members are
needed to sit with the Assessor as the Board of E&R. Board set the date for April 27, 1998 from
9:00 a.m. until 12:00 Noon and again at 3:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. in Room 31, Commissioners Room
located in the Anson County Courthouse. Chairman Baucom asked that Mr. McCormick, when
mailing notices of the meeting, advise those attending of the location of the elevator.
Members volunteering for the morning session were: Commissioners Moore, Streater and Allison.
Volunteering for the evening session were Commissioners Little and Baucom. Chairman Baucom
asked the Clerk to talk with Commissioner Thacker and Commissioner McLendon for the time they
could meet.

         Old Business:
         Steve Leary - Construction Cost for Belk Building Renovations: County Manager
Carpenter presented each Board member with a layout of the proposed office space and explained
the options. He noted that the Board of Elections, Inspections and one Probation Officer would
like to remain in the building on a permanent basis. A last minute thought was that the offices will
need a phone system as well as computer connections to the courthouse. It is possible that vacant
offices under the jail could be utilized by the court system. County Manager Carpenter stated that
an additional six to seven thousand dollars may be needed in order to proceed with making
permanent office space available in the Belk building. After discussion, motion by Commissioner
Little, seconded by Commissioner Allison, to approve Option1 and approve the transfer of up to
$8,000 from contingency for the renovations. Vice Chair Streater asked if the motion could be
amended to make sure James Bennett has an office in the deal. Commissioner Little agreed to
amend his motion to include that a private office be provided for James Bennett at the Belk building
with Commissioner Allison agreeing to second the amendment. Motion and amendment motion
carried unanimously.

       Chairman Baucom called for a five minute break.

         After the break, Sheriff Sellers addressed the issue of Acceptance of Bids for Repeater
System at Sheriff’s Department. Jim reported two bids had been received as follows:
                 Pyramid Communications:                          $ 10,932.00 excluding tax
                 Southern Highlands Communications                $ 11,826.71 including tax
                 Unknown Bid                                      $ 12,430.55
Sheriff Sellers stated they are currently using Pyramid Communication and are pleased with their
service and would like to continue doing business with them. He was asked if these repeaters would
end the problem with dead spots in the county. Jim replied that they specifically pointed this
problem out and Pyramid picked the spot to place the repeaters to end this problem. Jim said they
have been assured this would take care of the problem and feels since this is a part of the
specifications, they should be obligated to find another spot if this is not the cure. Commissioner
Little thought perhaps placing the repeater on either Bonsal or Hedrick’s tank or even Ingram
Mountain would have been better than the Lilesville water tank. Commissioner Allison asked if
placing the repeater on the Peachland water tank would help the Burnsville community with Sheriff
answering he certainly hopes so. Sheriff Sellers said he would have an understanding with Pyramid
that the repeaters will have to be in a location that works. Motion by Commissioner Little,
seconded by Vice Chair Streater, to approve the bid of Pyramid. Motion carried unanimously.

       Commissioner Little asked about the status of the Jail Food Contract. Sheriff Sellers noted
he had compiled the specifications and they are now in the hands of the County Manager. County
Manager Carpenter talked with a representative of IOG and it seems that since the food will be
prepared off-site, we do not have to bid this contract, but recommended that we do. They will need
to work out some type penalty should the Contract holder not supply enough meals. Commissioner
Moore inquired as to the cost of meals now, with Sheriff Sellers thinking the cost is about $2.00 for
breakfast and $2.50 for other meals.

       Chairman Baucom asked Sheriff Sellers about his budget and if he was running out of
money in any line items. Sheriff replied no.

         Report on Ambulance Merger: County Manager Carpenter noted he, along with
Commissioner Allison and John Nassef, had been appointed to this committee. They have had two
meetings with representatives of CHN and another is planned for March 18th. This meeting will be
held at 7:00 p.m. at the Anson Rescue building to meet with Rescue Squads and first responders.
CHN has requested certain information which we have supplied. We are proposing that the merger
take place prior to the July 1 budget change. CHN is requesting, if we want to continue this process,
that we sign a letter of exclusive negotiations so that we don’t go through all this and then sign with
someone else. County Manager Carpenter did note that several other vendors have expressed an
interest in talking with us but that it makes sense that if CHN is operating the hospital they operate
this function. After discussion, Board agreed to discuss this again after the March 18th meeting.
Commissioner Allison stated he is impressed with CHN’s attitude and they appear willing to work
with us. Chairman Baucom expressed her appreciation to Commissioner Allison for attending these

         Request for Courthouse Space: County Manager Carpenter reported he had received two
request for space, one from the District Attorney and the other from the Clerk of Court’s office.
Each Commissioner had been given a copy of an Order filed by Resident Superior Court Judge
Michael Beale, with findings to be reported to him within sixty days. Board realized that a response
to Judge Beale is that we currently have no space available. Chairman Baucom wanted the response
to mention the renovations being done at the Belk building and as we can, we will make space
available to DA’s for the full cost of maintenance. Board agreed the next order of business should
be to find more suitable space for the Manager and Clerk. County Manager Carpenter reported he
had been advised by the County Attorney that proper etiquette on the response letter would be to
schedule an audience with the Judge and explain in person. Vice Chair Streater asked what happened
to the idea of building a county administration complex and clearing out the courthouse. It was
also considered that the county could build a complex in conjunction with the school system and
share a meeting room. Vice Chair Streater noted he would invite Clayton Bennett to the retreat
scheduled for Wednesday, March 25, 1998.

       Report on Little League Park in Polkton - Jeff Waisner: Item was deferred to the April
meeting as Jeff Waisner was ill and unable to attend.

       Report on Condition of Roof at CP&L Building - Inspections: County Manager
Carpenter reported that Roof-Tec had inspected this building and found it to be in pretty good
shape. Cost to repair the roof and drain system is about $7,000 and about $12,500 to repair the
HVAC system and there are grant funds available for the repairs. Chairman Baucom suggested that
should CJP receive the grant and money for the repairs, we negotiate with them to use the drive-
through window to place a satellite office for collections for the convenience of our tax payers.
Commissioner Little suggested that possibly BB&T could provide this service for us.
       Richard Burr-ACTS: Richard had recently been notified that he could receive additional
funding from the State to purchase a new phone system and some computer software. The phone
system will consist of four incoming lines with eight extensions. Bids received as follows:
               Selectronics: Norstar Compact Integrated System                $ 1,604.00
               Alltel:       Norstar Compact Integrated System                $ 2,419.00
               Inacom Communications: Partner ACS System                      $ 2,669.00
The computer software will upgrade the Secretary’s computer from Windows 3.1 to Windows 95
but in order to do this, this computer will need a 16 meg memory simm. Office 97 will be installed
on the Director’s computer. The computer software bids are as follows:
               Computer Concepts;                                             $ 532.00
               Office Max                                                     $ 822.96
               Micro Ware Technologies                                        $ 758.97
Richard recommended the Board accept the bid of Selectronics for the phone and Computer
Concepts for the software. Selectronics is a local vendor and readily available to assist should any
problems occur. Computer Concepts provides both computers and software currently used and the
department is pleased with their service. The county will only have to match 10% of this cost for a
total of $214.00 for both upgrades. Motion by Commissioner Moore, seconded by Commissioner
Allison, to approve $214 from contingency for this purchase. Motion carried unanimously.

       ACTS Advisory Board: Motion by Commissioner Little, seconded by Commissioner
Moore, to approve the appointment of Jerry Ridenhour and Dan Stowe. Motion carried

        Town of Wadesboro-Planning & Zoning: Motion by Allison, seconded by
Commissioner Little, to approve the reappointment of Margaret Meachum, Henry Morton, Robert
Hillard and Pat Forbes to the Planning Board with terms to expire 3-1-2001; and the reappointment
of Jarvis Woodburn and Herman Byrd to the Zoning Board of Adjustment with terms to expires 3-
1-2001. Motion carried unanimously.

       Council on Aging: Notice received from the Council on Aging that the following persons
terms expired December 31, 1997:
               District 1:               Ruth Edwards
               District 2:               Thomasina Liles
               District 3:               Marjorie Cole
               District 4:               two vacancies needing appointments
               District 5:               Marie Burns
               District 6:               Cletis Trexler
               District 7:               Pearl Blount
After discussion, the Board decided they needed more information before making these

         Add-on to Courthouse Roof Contract: The contractor feels we need to install new
gutters and down spouts and recommends doing this while they are repairing the roof. The bid for
this is $5,950 which includes about 200 feet of copper down spouts and other drain material. Work
on the roof is to start around the 20th of April. After discussion, motion by Commissioner Little,
seconded by Commissioner Moore, to approve. Motion carried unanimously.

        Request from Historical Society for Funds: They are requesting additional financial help
with renovation of the Boggan-Hammond House, the Alexander Little Wing and the Craig Building.
They have received a $17,000 estimate to repair the buildings and more is needed as the buildings
need to be treated for termites. After discussion, Board agreed by consensus to deny the request.

        Commissioner’s Concerns:
        Chairman Baucom reported on her meeting in Raleigh with Nat Greene of the Department
of Commerce. She was interested in what could be done to increase Economic Development and
attract more people to our area. It was recommended that we use the team approach for Economic
Development. There is also available to counties grant tax rebates for new and expanding industries
and we need to look at what conditions must be met to qualify. It was also recommended that we
have an industrial park with a shell building. We also need to update our Web page.

        Commissioner Thacker was to report on the Chamber of Commerce Land Use Planning
Retreat but was absent.

      Motion by Commissioner Little, seconded by Commissioner Moore, to recess until 9:00 a.m.
on March 21, 1998 at Grace Center for the Commissioner’s Retreat. Motion carried unanimously.

                                                      Respectfully submitted:

                                                      Bonnie M. Huntley
                                                      Clerk to the Board

Meeting time: 3 hr.

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