6th Grade Math Fair by cuv18981


                         6 Grade Math Fair
                          March 12, 2010
Your assignment is to create an interactive, hands-on activity, game, or
demonstration, which illustrates a math concept. The project should be no
larger than 3 feet (L) by 4 feet (W) and be able to be set on a display table.
Allowances will be made on an individual basis, with prior approval, for projects
that are outside these constraints. A math principle MUST be included in
your project.

Examples of topics that you may address include, but are not limited to, data
and statistics, fractions, probability, ratio and proportion, geometry and logic.
Your activity must be able to be performed repeatedly, and in a relatively short
period of time, so that many students will be able to participate. Activities may
involve more than one participant at a time. If your project is a game,
participants should be able to “win”.

Prizes should be provided by you, and if appropriate, may be given to those who
successfully complete your activity.

Your presentation must be fun, neat, colorful and durable. The math principle
you are demonstrating must be clearly posted on your display and be large
enough to read easily.
You must include a 5 paragraph persuasive composition written to a game
manufacturing company to try to convince them to market your creation
(Remember your T.A.S.K. technique and your writing should be submitted in
final draft format. It should be typed, double spaced, or written neatly in pen on
8 ½ X 11 sheets of paper).

All project ideas must be approved by your teacher. You may work
independently or with any one partner in your Math class. Activities must not
be duplicated from one person or group to another, although you may present
similar math topics, presented in different ways. All project topics and groups
must be approved by FEBRUARY 19th at the very latest.

Student Signature: _______________________________
Parent Signature: _________________________________

Important Dates to Remember

   • February 17- Math Project Assigned
   • February 19- Math Topic and Group Members must be
      decided upon and approved by your teacher
   • March 4- ILA Persuasive Essay Assigned
   • March 12- PROJECT DUE (may be delivered to the
      auditorium beginning at 7:45 a.m.)

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