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									AXIOM Quick Reference Guide
Welcome to AXIOM—your online personal assistant
AXIOM is an innovative online procurement tool from American Express Business Travel that allows you to make your travel
reservations, ship a package, set up a Web or phone conference and more, all from the same site. It’s fast and easy to use,
allowing you to spend less time making reservations and more time doing the things you need to do. Some of the user-friendly
features include:
   Easy access to personal information: Your profile information
    along with the details of all of the services you’ve booked using
    AXIOM are clearly accessible from the Home page, offering you at-a-
    glance access to the status of the services you have booked.
   Seamless calendar integration: Details of all bookings made and
    services requested are automatically integrated to your calendar to
    save time and give you easy access to the information you need.
   Notification of schedule changes: AXIOM’s notification feature can
    send up to the minute status on the flights you have booked,
    packages you have shipped and other services you have reserved.
Getting Connected and Logging In
1. Connect to the Internet and enter the URL provided by your company.
2. Save this address as a “Favorite” or “Bookmark” in your browser. Click Create an Account and then enter your name, e-
   mail address and security code, then specify a Username and Password to use for future access.
3. You will then receive an e-mail from American Express Business Travel with instructions on how to complete the
   registration process.
Important! Be sure to set up your secret question that allows you to reset your password in case you forget
                                                1.   Click the Settings tab at the top of the page to update your personal
                                                     information. Make sure the information stored in AXIOM is up to date to
                                                     avoid potential issues or delays in processing your reservations
                                                2.   From here you can update your Addresses, Charge Card information
                                                     and other necessary information needed to begin using AXIOM.
                                                3.   Be sure to click Save at the bottom of each screen to save your

System Settings
1. Click the Display Options link to specify date and time settings and also to determine for how long past requests should
   be visible to you (3, 6 or 12 months).
2. Setting up your Notifications allows you to receive updates via email or text message on the status of your flights,
   packages shipped and other services booked using AXIOM. You can specify the frequency and timing of notifications. You
   can also specify the times when you don’t want to receive notifications.
3. Click the Delegate Access link if you book travel or arrange services on behalf of others-or want to grant access to others
   to book services on your behalf. From there you can choose either Assign someone to book services for me or Allow
   me to book services for someone else.

Service Preferences
1. The Services Preferences section allows you to specify Travel, Shipping and Conferencing preferences that will be pre-
   populated when you request those services. You can specify vendor preferences for air, car and hotel, seat preferences,
   departure airport, default sender address when shipping a package, default packaging type and more.
AXIOM is the easy way to make your business travel reservations
Using AXIOM to make your business travel reservations is easy
and provides you convenience, comfort and control:
    Offers convenience of making reservations 24x7, in the office
     or on the road using a single log in and password
    Supplies you comfort with access to airline seat maps, hotel
     amenity information, destination information, restaurant
     ratings and more
    Allows you more control by offering you access to your
     company’s negotiated rates for a full range of business
Making your Travel Reservation
1.   From the Services page click the Travel link and then click Plan a Trip
2.   Enter your destination information along with your dates and desired flight times.
Helpful tip! Check Find flights from nearby airports to view options from multiple airports
                                                      3.   Choose whether to include a Hotel or Rental Car in your trip
                                                      4.   Choose More Search Options under Hotel to specify up to three
                                                           amenities you are looking for in a hotel—only hotels with those
                                                           specific amenities will be displayed
                                                      5.   Click Search to view available flight options
                                                      6.   Flights can be sorted by price, flight time or by departure time. Click
                                                           Seats to view available seats before making your selection.
                                                      7.   Click Select to book your flights. Selecting flight options outside of
                                                           your company’s policy may require you to justify your selection.
                                                      8.   Available hotels can be sorted by price, company preference or by
                                                           distance from a reference point.
9.   Clicking Show Amenities offers details on specific amenities
     available. Click Show Rates to view available rates and room
10. Click Select to add the hotel to your itinerary. Click Continue
    after reviewing hotel details and cancellation policies.
11. Available car types and estimated costs are displayed for each
12. Click Select to add the car to your itinerary. Click Continue after
    reviewing car details and rules.
13. You will then be prompted to Review Your Trip. Click Continue
    to go forward with the booking process; Start Over to begin
    again; Change Trip to modify your booking before submitting it;
    or Hold Trip to reserve space and come back later to complete
    the purchase.

Important Note: When choosing Hold Trip, be sure to take note of the associated fare rules and cancellation policies
to avoid unwanted charges.
14. Verify Traveler Information and Billing information. Modify Notifications as necessary. Click Purchase to complete
Use AXIOM to reserve your car service
AXIOM makes it fast and easy to reserve car service. With
AXIOM you can:
   Book ground transportation with the rest of your trip
   Have your calendar automatically updated with the
    reservation details
   Access your company’s negotiated rates and
    preferred vendors
NOTE: Car Service reservations cannot be made using
AXIOM is your requested pick-up time is within 24 hours.
Booking Car Service
1. After making your travel reservation you may be
   presented with the option to Reserve More Services on
   the Trip Summary page. Click Car Service to begin your
2. You can also reserve Car Service by clicking Travel from
   the main page and then choosing Book Car Service.
3. Specify Pick-Up and Drop-Off locations. Your Home and
   Office locations are pulled from your profile for added
   convenience. You can also select from a list of pre-
   defined company locations. Click Continue to proceed.
4. Enter your Ride Details, including desired dates and
   times of service. If traveling to/from an airport you will be
   asked to input your flight information as well. Click
   Continue to view available car service options.
5. Available providers will then be displayed, with detailed
   information on the rate, vehicle capacity and type and
   other information. Click Select to continue.
                                                                   6.   Review Reservation Summary and confirm the Details of
                                                                        the ride you are reserving. Be sure to review any Rules and
                                                                        Restrictions that may apply.
                                                                   7.   Review and edit your Notification settings as necessary.
                                                                   8.   You can also Notify Other Passengers by entering their
                                                                        email addresses in the space provided. The details of this
                                                                        reservation will be automatically added to their calendars.
                                                                   9.   Click Reserve Now to complete your booking.
Making your restaurant reservations using AXIOM is a breeze
AXIOM allows you to automatically search for and reserve a restaurant, invite guests from both inside and outside the
company while having the reservation details automatically populated in both your calendar and your guest’s calendars.
With Axiom you can:
    Quickly evaluate your dining options by location, cuisine type, price and Zagat ratings
    Instantly book a table at one of thousands of restaurants
    Send invitations directly to your guests
    Have your calendar automatically updated with all the reservation
Making a Restaurant Reservation
1.   A selection of restaurants near your hotel may be displayed to you on
     the Trip Summary page after making your travel reservations:
                                2.   You can also make a restaurant
                                     reservation by selecting Dining from
                                     the Home page and then clicking Find
                                     and Book a Restaurant.
                                3.   Specify how you want to search: by
                                     city, near an address, by
                                     neighborhood, cuisine type and/or by
4.   You may also choose to check availability for your desired date and
     time for those restaurants that are available to be reserved online
5.   Click Search to view available options.
6.   Available restaurants will be displayed on the Search Results page
7.   Choose Refine Results to modify the results. You can choose to
     display only those restaurants that are in policy or only those that can
     be reserved online or you can further refine your search criteria
8.   IMPORTANT! Only restaurants marked Reserve Online can be
     reserved online. All other restaurants require you to call them to make
     the actual reservation. Those reservations will not be integrated
     automatically into your calendar.
9.   Click Quick Look to see detailed information, including hours, Zagat
     ratings, charge cards accepted, etc.
                                                  10. Click Reserve Online
                                                      to view what times
                                                      may be available for
                                                      your party. After
                                                      selecting your desired
                                                      time, click Make a Reservation.
                                                  11. You will then be able to add the email addresses for the people you wish
                                                      to invite, and you can also include a special note with the invitation and
                                                      any special instructions to the restaurant.
                                                  12. Clicking Reserve Now will complete the booking. An email invitation will
                                                      be sent directly to your guests with detailed restaurant information.
Save time and beat airport hassles by using AXIOM’s Airport Parking
Parking at an off-airport location is an easy way to
reduce the headaches involved in finding parking at                                         Airports Covered by AXIOM’s
crowded airport parking lots.                                                               Airport Parking Service
AXIOM’s Airport Parking feature offers:
    An easy way to save time and money
    Gated and well-lit parking lots that provide safety
     and security
    Quick and convenient shuttles that take you right
     from your car to the terminal
    Access to parking options at more than 45 airport
     locations in the US through the Park-N-Fly
Reserving your Airport Parking
1.   After making your travel reservation you may be
     presented with the option to Reserve More
     Services on the Trip Summary page. Click Airport Parking to begin
     your search.
                                                     2.    You can also book
                                                           Airport Parking by
                                                           clicking Travel
                                                           from the main
                                                           page and then
                                                           choosing Reserve
                                                           Airport Parking.
                                                     3.    Specify your
                                                           departure airport
                                                           and input your
                                                           Drop-Off and
     Pick-Up dates and times. Click Search to continue
4.   Available options can be displayed in a List View or Map View that
     shows proximity to the airport.
5.   Click Select to view available rates for your desired location. After reviewing the total cost and purchasing rules click Next
     to continue.
6.   You will be required to provide charge card information before clicking the Purchase button.
                                                                    IMPORTANT! Your charge card will be charged when you
                                                                    click the Purchase button so be sure to all associated fees
                                                                    and restrictions carefully. No refunds will be issued if you
                                                                    return earlier than the time specified.
                                                                    7.   After clicking Purchase you will need to print out the
                                                                         parking voucher on the next screen and present it when
                                                                         parking your car. You MUST bring the voucher with you
                                                                         when you arrive at the airport parking facility.

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