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									Pham Van law graduates Resume Resume graduates

 law graduates resume

 Name: Shum
 Sex: Male
 Nation: Hans
 political landscape: members
 Date of birth: June 1986
 Account: Shaoxing
 Marital Status: Single
 Degree: Bachelor
 graduate institutions : Jiang, Zhejiang University School
 Graduation Date: June 2009
 The Professional: Law
 foreign language: English (proficient)
 computer level: skilled
 Work Experience: one year
 Contact: 15999999999

 Job Target

 Job Type: Full
 Ownership: Open
 expectations of the industry: professional services, consulting, accounting, legal, services,
societies, non-profit organizations, government, utilities, and other
 expected positions: legal assistant, legal personnel, public / inspection methods work the system
 Location: Hangzhou, Shaoxing City,
 Expected Salary: Open / Negotiable

 educational experience
 002 in September -2,005 Shaoxing City High School in June
 005 years September -2009 In June of Zhejiang University School of Law Jiang,

 work experience
 007 years in July -2,007 theory in August Zhejiang Assistant finishing law firm files
 007 In September -2 008 years, in January the new Doctoral Education tutor elementary school
in Hangzhou Center General
 008 in July -2008 West Lake Court in August, Assistant organize files on Si court materials, files,
send a legal instrument% D % A

 job performance won the 2005 Jiang, Zhejiang University School of Youth League Committee of
Union outstanding student leaders
 paper, "the shadow of the sun - Understanding employment discrimination", winner of the sixth
"The River Cup" competition first prize works of Extracurricular Science and Technology

 self-evaluation of the work of serious, practical, responsible, sincere man, optimistic, responsible,
patient, hardworking, loving travel, movement. After college the past few years and believe that
they have become increasingly mature and new understanding of themselves, but "the paper come
Zhongjue shallow", so as to increase their social experience, enrich their social experie nce, to
participate in social practice based on the active part-time work, believe they should now be
capable of performing their jobs candidates. .. This article from [worry document] collection and sorting, for the original author. / Center>

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