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									Airlines who will accept your ETA Visa include:

Not every airline or cruise line has the facilities to accept your ETA visa at the check in desk for travel to Australia. Here is a list of companies that are able to accept your ETA visa. (If you are unsure, Travel Visa Today recommends you check with the airline or cruise company you intend to travel to Australia with. Adria Airways Aer Lingus Aerolines Air Calenonie Air Canada Air France Air Lanka Air Libert Air Malta Air Mauritius Air Nauru Air New Zealand Air Niugini Air Pacific Air Tahiti Air UK Air Wisconsin Airlines Airways Alaska Airlines

Alitalia All Nippon American Airlines Asiana Atlanta Coast Airlines Australian Airlines Balkan Braathens SAFE British Airways British Mdlands Canadian Air Cathay Pacific China Airlines China Eastern Airlines Cimber Air Continental Airlines Egyptair Emirates Eurowings Eva Airways Finnair Flyveselsk Garuda Gulf Air Iberia IcelandAir Japan Jugoslovenski KLM Korean Air Lan Chile

Lauda Air Lot-Polish Airlines Lufthansa Luxair (LG) Maersk Airlines Malaysian Airlines Mandarin/China Airlines Milne Bay Airlines North West Olympic Airways Philippine Airlines Qantas Royal Brunei Sabena Scandinavian (SAS) Singapore Airlines Skywest Airlines Solomon Airlines South African Airways Swissair Tarom Thai Airways TWA Tyrolean Airways United Airlines United Express Vietnam Airlines Virgin Atlantic Wideroe's

ETA EXCLUDED AIRLINES Here is a list of companies who are not able to read your passport to confirm whether or not you have an ETA visa and therefore you would be unable to travel to Australia. If you intend to travel with one of these Non ETA companies you should apply for a paper-style visa, and not an ETA. Aeroflot Air China Air Vanuatu Ceskoslavenskie China Northern China Southern Delta El Al Israel Merpati Middle East Airlines Pakistan Int Varig Royal Tongan Airlines Sempati Airlines

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