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					     The American College of Osteopathic Sclerotherapeutic Pain Management’s

                                            Spring 2008 Training Seminar

                                                        April 3rd to 6th

                                                    Scottsdale Arizona

      Anatomy and Prolotherapy Techniques:

a.     Cervical & Thoracic Spines.             d.   Ankle, Foot and Digits.     g.   Vein Sclerotherapy.

b.     Lumbar Spine and the Ribs.              e.   Knee.                       h.   Prolotherapy basics for the novice.

c.     Wrist, Hand & Digits.                   f.   Shoulder.

     The integration of Prolotherapy and holistic medicine for the best patient outcomes.

                         Understanding the neurophysiology of pain and pain referral patterns for Prolotherapy treatment.

       The use of Ultrasound to diagnose missed MRI readings and as a workhorse of daily practice.

                 The management side of Prolotherapy: Billing, coding, pricing, consents and insurance carriers.

 The diagnosis and treatment of Pelvic Pain that is distinguished from the lumbar spine, the sacroiliac joint, the hip joint and
   other areas.
                     The American College of Osteopathic Sclerotherapeutic Pain Management’s

                                          Spring 2008 Training Seminar.

Dear Attendee,

   The Scottsdale Prolotherapy conference will have an intense program at a brisk pace that will provide balance
   for both the novice and the experienced Prolotherapist.

   This program format will include a series of four lectures in the morning followed by a well designed
   roundtable discussion at the end of the scheduled lectures that will be led by the program chair and the actual
   discussion will be fueled and guided by the audience itself. Moreover, the second part of the day will have
   hands-on, practical three hour workshops that will both re-enforce the earlier lectures and provide ample time
   for your own concerns and clarifications.

   To further enhance your conference experience we will have pro-dissected cadavers and a small “booth”
   manned by a current or former board member to help with basic questions on how to start a Prolotherapy
   practice from scratch and address individual questions that you may need answered.

   When you have finished this intensified three day course you will feel confident to either start your own
   Prolotherapy practice or expand into new areas and interest that will directly benefit your patients.

   Thank you in advance for choosing ACOSPM for your continuing medical education needs.

   Marc Adam Lazzara, D.O., ACOSPM, Program Chairman (2008)

       For program details, hotel accommodations and registration details

                          Contact Linda Pavina, Executive Director

                  @ 800-471-6114 or email