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Type of Assistance Start up or existing business: Loan guarantees for non & for profits/504’s/micro loans: certificat ion for Federal procurement contracts Train ing and development Minority owned, wo men owned small businesses: disadvantaged businesses Start up or existing business: Refer to co mmercial banking: workshops/seminars for start-up and existing business Small business Micro-enterprise loan program, training partner with Delaware Tech for small business: offer train ing for procurement cert ification Co mpanies must relocate or reside in Delaware: Loans-demo & commercial : investment funding of equity funding, long-term debts with royalty payback, or convertible debentures Existing DE or relocating businesses or referrals: Loans, consultations, SBIR bridge grants Any commercial, industrial, or ag DE business/working capitalfixed assets Referred to co mmercial banking Small to med iu m size business Industrial Revenue Bond (IRB),manufacturing-first-time farmers (501-c-3's)

Referral Partner Small Business Admin istration First State Co mmunity Action Agency

Contact Informati on 302.573.6294 302.856.7761 302.831.1555 302.576.2120 www.d m 302.777.1616 302.739.4271 302. 739.4271 302-739.4271

Small Business Development Corp. (SBDC) City of Wilm. Economic Dev.

Delaware Innovative Fund

DEDO Delaware Access/DEDO/Financial Institutions DEDO


Small business loans; Most Delaware based businesses: Lending for companies turned down by banks: Workshops/seminars Business Growth Fund; Direct loans -$2,000 to $50,000 Small Business start-up and existing Counseling, workshops/seminars Start-ups and existing: Workshops/seminars/financial management/business planning Micro enterprise loan program up to $1,500 in the form of a cash match.

First State Co mmunity Loan Fund 302.652.6774 302.573.6552 www.y 302. 658.7161


For assistance with loans and/or grant/ trainings: Type of Assistance Existing Business Loans: SBA 504: High risk loans Small business loans to NCCo businesses only, except SBA 504 program open to all businesses Co mmercial realty projects for targeted co mmunit ies Most businesses including non-profits: Ineligib le for other programs/relending programs, direct loans Small ho me o r office businesses Start up expenses, working capital, expansion, acquisition Small business in rural co mmun ities/designated underserved Loans/purchase land; building construction, working capital, mach inery Co mmunity Loan Exp ress Loan Program & SOHO Loan Program Loan So lutions for Small & Start-up Businesses Micro Loan Program Loans $500-$5,000 (3-5 yrs) Federal grants For assistance with consulting: Type of Assistance Resource for small business: consulting Start up/existing business Consulting Start up/existing business counseling/referrals/learn ing opportunities Consulting/referral

Referral Partner WEDCO

Contact Informati on 302.571.9088 302.655.1420 302.697.4324 302-573.6294 800.730.0017

Delaware Co mmun ity Investment Corp. USDA/Rural Develop ments (RBS) SBA Rural Lending Corp.

CTW & Consulting Associates Wilmington Urban League m 302-266-6150 Micro Enterprise Division 302.576.2120

Referral Partner SCORE DSU Entrepreneurial Center State and County Chambers of Co mmerce

Contact Informati on NCCo : 302.573.6552 302.857.6943 State: 302.655.7221


Business counseling, referrals, recruit ment Consulting/referral Business counseling, referrals, recruit ment Consulting/referral Business counseling, referrals, recruit ment Consulting/referral Business training, consulting, resource provider Consulting/referral All job posting, layoff consulting, legal advice service, recruit ment resource Consulting/referral For & not for profit wo men/ minority owned Consulting/referral

NCCo Economic Development Kent County Economic Develop ment Sussex Econo mic Development DEM EP Depart ment of Labor

302.737.4343 302.678.3028 302.855.7770 302.283.3133 302.761.8084 302.739.7830

Women & M inority Owned Enterprises

For assistance with government contracting: Type of Assistance Business seeking state and federal contracts: Consulting

Referral Partner SBDC Govern ment Marketing As sistance

Contact Informati on 302.831.1555

For assistance with networking: Type of Assistance All businesses Networking/health insurance/educational events Technology based businesses: Networking All ho me based businesses: Networking: see business programs, then "home-based business forum” All businesses Networking/educational events/trade shows All businesses: Networking All wo men-owned businesses: Networking

Referral Partner Delaware State Chamber of Co mmerce

Dig ital Delaware Ho me-based Business Forum

Contact Informati on 302.655.7221 800.292.9507 www.d m 302.529.8890 m 302.737.4343, m 302.678.3028

New Castle County Chamber of Co mmerce Central Delaware Economic Develop ment Council Wilmington Women in Business


For assistance with Not-for-Profit: Type of Assistance Non-profit organizat ions Train ing, technical assistance and management support All s mall businesses Technical assistance for start ups For assistance with tax questions: Type of Assistance All businesses Tax related questions and business licensing

Referral Partner Nonprofit Co mmunity Resource Center Espanos Unidos (Hispanics United)

Contact Informati on 302.573.4475 302.349.4513

Referral Partner Div ision of Revenue

Contact Informati on NCCo : 302.577.8200 Del. Only: 800.292.7826