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 Celebrating their 50th anniversary this year,
        White Horse Contractors exhibit the
         survival traits that make a company
successful in today’s ever-competitive market
   place. An enviable reputation is reinforced
with a portfolio that is filled with high profile
       clients and high specification projects.
                       About Us
                       Established in 1957, White Horse Contractors has continued
                       to adopt a philosophy of “exceeding our clients’
                       expectations” to underpin the whole company’s operations.
                       Since the very beginning, White Horse Contractors has
                       demonstrated capability to deliver across a broad spectrum

                       of market sectors now encompassing natural and artificial
                       sportsturf, to water engineering, minor civil engineering and
                       pipeline utility projects.
                       Over the course of their long and successful career the

expectations           company has expanded across the country, opening offices in
                       Abingdon in Oxfordshire and Thirsk in North Yorkshire.
                       Additionally, from an initial workforce of just 10 the company
                       now employs over 70, all of whom are signed up to and actively
                       enforce and contribute to the company’s Environmental Policy.
                       The Environmental Policy forms an integral part of operations
                       and is reviewed and updated as necessary.
                       Furthermore, the company has attained and maintained
                       ISO 9001 QA accreditation and prides itself on the number
                       of high calibre and CSCS/CPCS qualified staff members
                       and employees.

     WHITE   HORSE   CONTRACTORS                  LT D
                                                                       Artificial Sports Turf:
Our Services                                                           Adding to the company’s wealth of experience in sportsturf
In order to meet the varied needs of the client base the company       construction, White Horse Contractors also leads the field in
has diversified into a variety of different market sectors:            the construction of top quality Artificial Turf Pitches (ATP).
                                                                       The company offers solutions for a wide range of sporting
Natural Sports Turf:                                                   applications such as football, rugby, hockey, netball,
White Horse Contractors pioneered the development of                   basketball and tennis.
specialist sports field trenchers for use on existing turf surfaces,   Surface systems offered include:
with full laser grade control and an additional facility for
                                                                         • Sand Filled,
elevating excavated soil directly into transport. The company
also designed self-propelled low ground pressure backfilling             • Sand Dressed,
hoppers, which set them apart from the competition.                      • Water Based,
An active policy of investing heavily in the latest specialist           • 3rd Generation (3G) rubber crumb,
industry plant and an ongoing operator training policy                   • Macadam: Sport England Type 1 & 2,
facilitates the company to provide a service that is second to           • Polymeric: Sport England Type 3 & 4.
none. Working on a wide range of sportsturf facility
construction projects, the company uses its skills and wealth          White Horse Contractors undertake construction to the
of in-house resource to deliver sports facilities pitches in           latest performance standards including Sport England,
prime condition.                                                       FA Community Standard, FIFA 1*/2* and EHF/FIH.
A range of services are offered including:                             The company offers a turn-key service from initial planning and
  • Sportsturf construction,                                           design, through construction to completion, including all
  • Gravel Carpets,                                                    associated elements such as fencing, floodlighting, access
  • Primary and Secondary Drainage                                     roads, car parks, soft landscaping and maintenance workshops.
  • Polo and croquet lawns,                                            From conception to completion, White Horse Contractors is
  • Irrigation systems,                                                committed to providing a product of quality and ensuring
  • Sportsturf maintenance & renovation.                               client satisfaction.

                             WHITE             HORSE             CONTRACTORS                       LT D
Artificial Landscape Turf:
Whether for a low maintenance garden or a formal entrance
to commercial premises, White Horse Contractors, are able
to put their skills to work to design and create the perfect
solution for your needs. Included in their vast array of
services is the ability to deliver Artificial Landscape Turf
solutions. Not only in constructing the areas to receive the
artificial turf but also to work on all of the related features
that go with it.
In the case of sports pitches this can be as varied as the
fencing and floodlighting, through to the access roads and
car parking. In relation to a domestic garden it can be as
simple as finding the right colour green for your garden,
enhancing the natural look and feel of the finished product.

Civil Engineering:
Turning their knowledge of drainage to an alternative use, the
company is capable of working on a range of civil engineering
projects from play areas to sewage treatment schemes.
In addition to designing, supplying and installing the primary
drainage systems they are also more than capable of
fulfilling the ancillary needs, such as bridges, boardwalks and
dipping platforms.

Water Engineering:
Having worked for an extensive range of clients including
the RSPB, Environment Agency, sporting facilities, private
clients and local authorities, the company has
demonstrated on numerous occasions their skill in creating
anything from a stunning water feature through to multi-
acreage lakes and wetlands.

Environmental Works:
Drawing upon a knowledge base of specialists including
consultant ecologists and species-specific experts, the
company is able to work on a project in such a way as to
actually enhance the environment and bio-diversity around it.
Demonstrating their continued ability to work on projects
  • Lakes,
  • Ponds,
  • Reservoirs,
  • Country Parks,
  • Nature Reserves,
  • Wetland habitats,
  • Reed Beds and floating Islands,
  • Cycleways/Bridleways and footpaths.
The company has demonstrated their effectiveness on multiple
occasions for a variety of both private and corporate clients.

                            WHITE            HORSE            CONTRACTORS   LT D
                  Agricultural and Pipelines:
                  With an in depth knowledge of the individual needs of the
                  agricultural community and employing highly skilled and
                  responsible operatives, the company has built a reputation as
                  one of the premier agricultural pipeline firms in the industry.
                  Working with Major Contractors such as Laing O’Rourke,
                  Murphy, McNicholas, Transco and Thames Water, the company
                  proves that they are operating at the very top of the industry.
                  Part of the reason that such firms regularly employ White
                  Horse Contractors’ services is due to the range of services
                  that are available to them:
                    • Drainage,
                    • Lagoons,
                    • Ditching,
                    • Reservoirs,
                    • Ponds,
                    • Farm Roads,
                    • Farm Buildings,
                    • Water Supply and irrigation,
                    • Moleing and subsoiling.

                  Project Portfolio
                  It is imperative, in this highly competitive world, that we are
                  able to demonstrate beyond question our abilities to deliver
                  services in a way that exceeds our client’s expectations.
                  White Horse Contractors list of achievements more than
                  speaks for itself in terms of their ability and reliability.
                  Having worked on projects as diverse as:

                  Ascot Racecourse:
                  As part of the recent £210 million redevelopment works at
                  the racecourse, the company was appointed principle
                  contractor for the reconstruction and realignment of the
                  track. A mammoth task by any standards, at the start of the
                  project, company owned laser grading D6M LGP bulldozers
                  moved in to trim the sub-formation. This was followed by
                  the installation of almost 17 miles of pipe drainage to the
                  sub-base, using specialist Mastenbroek sportsfield trenchers
                  and Househam backfilling hoppers.
                  Over 90,000 tonnes of materials, sand and aggregates would
                  be prepared and laid in the construction of the track to the
                  highest tolerances. Again the D6M bulldozers, fitted with
                  lasers and computerised 3D modelling equipment would be
                  used. Once the sub-base was formed and the drainage and
                  irrigation systems installed, over 75,000m2 of turf was laid on
                  the flat track, using turf grown especially for Ascot.

                  Chelsea Football Club:
                  The training facilities for this high flying premiership club
                  are world class. White Horse Contractors have contributed

WHITE   HORSE   CONTRACTORS                     LT D
in no small part to the quality of the facilities through      Contractors secured further work at the training ground. The
their construction of natural grass pitches as part of         works involve construction of a further five natural turf
phased developments.                                           sports pitches, one match pitch, two training pitches and a
                                                               goal keeper training area, and a full size 3rd Generation
Phase 1: In total some six full size football pitches were
                                                               Artificial Turf Pitch (ATP).
constructed. More than 20,000 tonnes of topsoil was
removed from site and even greater volumes of aggregate,       Princess Diana Memorial, Hyde Park:
sand and rootzone imported, this was organised and
controlled entirely by White Horse Contractors management      Following the popular success of the feature, remedial works
and workforce.                                                 were required to cope with the volumes of foot traffic. A
                                                               revolutionary footpath system, designed by Gustafson Porter,
Following the topsoil removal, the areas were laser graded     was constructed, a resin bound, porous surface was laid over
using a D6M LGP Bulldozer; after which, came the               a fully permeable formation and inter-connected to the
installation of both a comprehensive drainage and irrigation   drainage system. This non-slip surface will allow public
system. Over 12,000 metres of drainage pipe was installed      access to the principle areas of the memorial fountain at all
controlling not only what precipitation may occur but also a   times, regardless of prevailing conditions.
high and seasonally variable water table.
                                                               The construction profile has been designed to assist the turf
A 100mm depth gravel carpet was laid using 6mm gravel          culture, thereby combining the qualities of a structurally
over a geotextile protected formation, the pitches were then   sound surface for pedestrians, as well as the ability to grow
constructed in layers using the following; firstly lower       quality grass. The site is now equipped to withstand the
rootzone sand to 150mm depth then upper rootzone mix of        rigours of both the best and worst of English weather.
125mm depth finally 25mm of fibre sand was incorporated
into the surface upon which 65,000m2 of special washed turf
                                                               Overall through a use of the latest technology, experienced
was laid.
                                                               skills base and incredible corporate versatility White Horse
Phase 2: In recognition of the quality of work completed on    Contractors are at the top of the industry and look certain to
Phase 1 and after a competitive tender process, White Horse    remain there for the next 50 years at least.

                            WHITE           HORSE           CONTRACTORS                    LT D
BORDER SPORTS ARE a specialist supplier of top dressings,
rootzones, sands - including dried for synthetic pitch infill, gravels
& stone as well as fertiliser and other complimentary products.
Over the last 15 years we’ve strongly positioned ourselves as one of the
key suppliers in the industry to both constructors and end users alike.
By combining quality products and competitive prices with high levels of
service it has enabled us to be involved in the supply of materials to
over 15 new golf courses as well as several football stadiums and
academies, many of which we continue to supply.
Due to our close working relationship with some of the countries largest
producers we have access to a wide variety of different grades of
products in strategic locations around the country, enabling us to build
up a strong relationship with companies such as White Horse Contractors
Ltd. With this portfolio of products we can see the development through
from start to finish and beyond.
Our business is built on much more than just the supply of materials; it’s
about building long-standing relationships and trust with our customers,
to help them succeed.
For further details on how we could help you
contact us on 01228 561982.
                                              WHITE HORSE CONTRACTORS LTD
                                        Lodge Hill, Abingdon, Oxon OX14 2JD
                                                    Tel : 01865 736272
                                                    Fax : 01865 326176
                                      Email :
                                      Website :

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