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Dear TVG Subscriber:

TVG is offering you the opportunity to increase your deposit limits when making deposits using credit or
debit cards. At present, you are limited to monthly deposits of $2,000 using credit cards and $2,000 using
debit cards. Deposits made by Check, Money Order or Cash at designated outlets have no limits. You
may also choose TVG BetCash, our most convenient deposit option.

By completing the Credit / Debit Card Authorization Form, you may be able to increase your credit or
debit card deposit limits as indicated below. Without the approved form on file, you will continue to be
limited to monthly deposits of $2,000 using credit cards and $2,000 using debit cards.

    Increased Limits For Credit Cards:
    $2,000 per day maximum
    $6,000 per week maximum
    $10,000 per month maximum

    Increased Limits For Debit/Check Cards:
    You can make unlimited deposits provided that your debit/check card contains a VISA or MasterCard

Please fill out the Credit/Debit Card Authorization Form and return it in the envelope provided. If you
would like to authorize more than two cards, please make a copy of the form and complete it using your
additional card information.

Once the form is received and approved by TVG, you will be able to use the approved card(s) to make
deposits in excess of $2,000 per month into your TVG account. If an authorized card is lost or stolen, you
will be required to re-submit an authorization form with your credit/debit card information.

In keeping with our AWARE program (Always Wager Responsibly), your first credit and debit card
deposit of the day will be available for wagering immediately. Additional credit or debit card deposits
made the same day will be available for wagering the next day.

If you have questions about this form or your TVG account, please contact our Customer Relations
Department at or call 1-888-PLAY-TVG (1-888-752-9884).
By completing this form, I hereby authorize TVG to process transactions using the credit card and/or debit card
information provided below upon my request. Please write legibly!

TVG Account No.______________________________________________________________________
Address ______________________________________________________________________________
City:_______________________________State:__________ Zip/Postal Code:_____________________
Home Phone:________________________Alternate Phone:____________________________________
E-mail address:_______________________Date of Birth:______________________________________

 Card #1
 Credit Card / Debit Card (please circle one)
 Issuing Bank if Debit Card_____________________________________________________________
 Card Number:_______________________________________________________________________
 Expiration Date:_________ / __________
 Name as Shown on Card:______________________________________________________________
 Billing Address:______________________________________________________________________
 City:______________________________State: __________ Zip/Postal Code:____________________
 Signature: (required)__________________________________________________________________

  Card #2
  Credit Card / Debit Card (please circle one)
  Issuing Bank if Debit Card____________________________________________________________
  Card Number:______________________________________________________________________
  Expiration Date:_________ / __________
  Name as Shown on Card:_____________________________________________________________
  Billing Address:_____________________________________________________________________
  City:_____________________________State: _________ Zip/Postal Code:_____________________
  Signature: (required)_________________________________________________________________

Upon approval, this authority is to remain in full force and effect until TVG has received written notification from me of its
termination in such time and manner as to afford TVG a reasonable opportunity to act on it.

The electronic media record of my transactions and facsimile of this authorization form held by TVG shall be used as the final
determination to resolve any disputes that I may have regarding transactions authorized herein.

I have read and accept TVG’s Account Wagering Procedures, Terms and Conditions.

Signature: (required)__________________________________________________DATE___________________________

Please return this form using the enclosed envelope to TVG, 19545 NW Von Neumann Drive #210, Beaverton, OR
97006-6935 or fax it toll-free to 1-866-296-0107.

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