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									              CAUL Council of Australian University Librarians
Executive Meeting 1/96 held at The University of Melbourne on Monday 29th January
1996 at 6:00pm. Sue Donovan of Mimosa Publications, a CAL Board member, joined the
meeting between 6.00 and 7.00.

333. Attendance. John Shipp, Helen Hayes, Ray Choate, Colin Steele, Eve Woodberry. In
     attendance: Diane Costello.
334. Apologies
335. Minutes of the Executive meeting 5/95 held 30th November 1995. The minutes were
     accepted without further amendment.
336. Business arising not otherwise listed on the agenda.
337. CAUL meeting 1/96. The meeting will be held in Adelaide, 7-8 March in the University
     of Adelaide Council Chambers, with dinner on 7th in the University Club. Dr Eric
     Sowey (University of New South Wales) and Sr Carolyn McSwiney (Notre Dame
     University) will attend the meeting.
     Michael Keller (Stanford) has been confirmed to speak at the seminar on the Thursday
     morning. The seminar will begin at 9:00am with M. Keller to speak first, followed by
     Christine Page-Hanify (University of New South Wales Director of Information Services),
     and possibly four CAUL members from institutions where the library and IT Services had
     converged. A panel discussion will follow. John Shipp will contact speakers. (Action:
     The seminar will conclude in time for interested members to proceed to the State Library
     for the launch of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Protocols for Libraries,
     Archives and Information Services at 1:00pm. Ray Choate will invite former CAUL
     members Noel Stockdale and Ira Raymond to the lunch on Friday. (Action: RC)
338. CAUL meeting 2/96. The meeting will be held at ANU but may not be in conjunction
     with the National Scholarly Communications Forum.
339. National Scholarly Communications Forum. Sir Brian Follett is not available in
     October 1996. Other possible speakers mentioned were Michael Anderson, Chris
     Rusbridge, Mel Collier, Lyn Brindley. John Shipp will discuss with Prof Stanley (Higher
     Education Council) following the federal election on 2 March 1996. (Action: JS) John
     Shipp will confirm with Steve O’Connor that CAUL will not be responsible for airfares.
     (Action: JS) It was agreed that the forum would be best held in 1997.
340. CAUL membership. The membership rules of CAUL were discussed. It was agreed that
     no changes be made. The Sunshine Coast University College does not meet the criterion
     of being a member of the Australian Vice-Chancellors’ Committee (AVCC), however the
     college librarian could be added to CAUL circulation lists. Notre Dame University may
     soon join the AVCC. The university librarian, Sr Carolyn McSwiney will attend the next
     CAUL meeting.

341. Copyright
       a)     Electronic Reserve. Papers from the AVCC Committee on Copyright and
              Intellectual Property have been sent to CAUL, with the exception of the legal advice.
              Eve Woodberry reported that circulation of the legal advice was not permitted by the
              CAUL was asked to encourage all universities to sign the CAL (Copyright Agency
              Ltd) remuneration notice even if not planning to use it yet. A report of a meeting held
              10 January between representatives of the AVCC, the National Library of Australia,
              Australian Council of Libraries and Information Services and CAUL was circulated
              to CAUL.
              Discussions between the Executive and Ms Sue Donovan (Director, Mimosa
              Publications and a member of the board of Copyright Agency Ltd) led to an
              agreement to request that the CAL board meet in Canberra to give members an
              opportunity to look at the operations of an electronic reserve collection, (Action:
              CS,DC) and to discuss library requirements directly with CAUL members. John
              Shipp will advise the SCIR Chairman and the AVCC, and Evelyn Woodberry will
              advise Prof Mortley, of the planned discussions. (Action: JS,EW)
              Lionel Robson (UNSW) had started to develop costings of some scenarios for
              charging for electronic reserve. He later advised that the task had been put on hold.
       b) AVCC Committee on Copyright and Intellectual Property. Evelyn Woodberry
          advised that the committee had been reduced to five members; Prof R Mortley, Ass
          Prof P Griffith, Ms E Woodberry, Ass Prof J McKeough, and Mr M Griffith.
       c)     Diane Costello contacted Helen Daniels of the Attorney-General's Dept. regarding
              the forum for institutional users of copyrighted materials. It was confirmed that
              CAUL was on the circulation list for information about the forum.
342. Performance Indicators. For the next CAUL meeting Alex Byrne will be asked to
     provide advice on:
       a)     a working group to consider costing methodologies.
       b) the development of a market penetration indicator,
       c)     IFLA methodology for assessing collection use,
       d) a paper on assessing adequacy of retrieval software and/or data,
       e)     negotiating with CRIG to publish the manual they have developed.
343. Statistics
       a)     Helen Hayes circulated a quote for a further consultancy by Ian Dobson, to prepare a
              specification for a statistical package. The quote was accepted. The specification
              was received and one copy forwarded to Margaret Cameron for comment. Diane
              Costello will take questions and feedback directly to Mr Dobson.
       b) A survey of electronic services by Helen Hayes (25 October) will be used to prepare
          a trial for future data collection. Diane Costello has collated responses. She and
          Colin Steele will make recommendations on trial questions. (Action: DC,CS)

CAUL Executive meeting 1/96 - Minutes

       c)     A letter from CAVAL indicates the need for collection decisions by February 1996.
              It was agreed that budget questions be clarified, and conform with Department of
              Employment, Education and Training (DEET) collection definitions. Institution staff
              profiles will also be clarified to correspond with DEET definitions. (Action:
344. National Priority (Reserve) Fund (NPRF) Library Projects.
       a)     Standing Committee on Information Resources. John Shipp advised that the
              membership of SCIR had been reduced to six. Earle Gow and Lois Jennings were no
              longer members. John Shipp, as CAUL President, will continue on the committee.
              Vicki Williamson has been added to the committee. John Shipp also advised that the
              terms of reference had been amended.
       b) Database Access Working Group.
              i)    The draft Annual Report to SCIR was circulated to the Executive.
              ii) Membership of the committee for 1996. John Shipp had called for expressions
                  of interest from CAUL members, and for nominations for a “working librarian.”
                  Janine Schmidt and Steve O’Connor have been added to the committee, and
                  Vivienne Bernath (Monash University) was selected as the working librarian.
              iii) A meeting of the committee will be held 30 January 1996.
              iv) Foxtel/Optus. Nine universities have expressed interest, however it appears that
                  the lack of appropriate infrastructure on university campuses will delay
                  implementation of widespread cable services for some time. Diane Costello will
                  advise CAUL. (Action: DC)
       c)     Improved Information Infrastructure. It was noted that the list of successful
              applicants for the most recent call for submissions had not yet been published.
       d) Electronic publishing. John Shipp advised that $100,000 had been transferred from
          the Database Access Group 1995 budget and $150,000 from the Improved
          Information Infrastructure Program to that of the Electronic Publishing Group to
          allow additional projects to be funded immediately. The fund transfer was on the
          understanding that they would be repaid in 1996. A seminar will be held later this
          year where projects funded under this program would be showcased. The most
          successful projects may be awarded supplementary funding.
       e)     CASMAC. Call for submissions for consultancy was advertised 19 December 1995.
              The Working Group will meet on 9 February to select a consultant to list and define
              data elements which can be transferred between library systems and administrative
       f)     Mirror sites. Ray Choate reported that the University of Adelaide now has a server,
              and is hoping to have the Los Alamos Physics Preprints mirror site established before
              the CAUL meeting. Colin Steele advised that the ANU Centre for Networked
              Information and Publishing (CNIP) was the national SunSite. He reported that
              Griffith University had mirrored a film database. It was agreed that gaps in mirror
              sites should be identified on a national basis. (Action: Executive)
       g)     Virtual Australian Reference Collection. Ray Choate will prepare a paper in case
              funding becomes available. (Action: RC)

CAUL Executive meeting 1/96 - Minutes

345. Working Group on Research Library Infrastructure.
       a)     The list of successful applicants for 1996 RIEFP grants has been circulated to CAUL.
              Colin Steele has reviewed grant applications and will circulate to CAUL proposed
              guidelines for awarding grants for information infrastructure. (Action: CS)
       b) A revised version of the discussion paper “Resource sharing between Australian
          research libraries will be circulated to CAUL, then SCIR, and then to DEET.
          (Action: JS)
346. Evaluations and Investigations Program. IDA Project. The second report of the
     Project Team was distributed 20 December 1995. Colin Steele reported that little
     evaluative work had appeared so far on the Project web site
     ( Many of the sites listed had already appeared on other
     local web sites such as ANU and CAUL. A considerable amount of work was still to be
     done before the end of the project on 31 March.
347. Law Library standards.
       a)     It was agreed that Gaynor Austen and Steve O’Connor be asked to monitor law
              library matters on behalf of CAUL, and to report back to CAUL. (Action: JS)
       b) Proposed meeting between CALD and Law Librarians. John Shipp has contacted
          Prof. Robin Woellner, Law Dean of UWS Macarthur, proposing that CAUL have
          representatives at this meeting but no response has been received.
348. AARNet. Alex Byrne has advised that he is no longer a member of the AARNET Board.
     Diane Costello will ask the AVCC for the list of current members. (Action: DC)
349. Preservation. The Executive has established a Preservation Advisory Group as agreed at
     the last CAUL meeting. The Group will manage a consultancy to develop a model
     program which specifies the key elements of a preservation program for Australian
     university libraries. Karl Schmude will convene, and Neil Radford and Janine Schmidt
     have agreed to be on the PAG. The Executive Officer has contacted ARL re the use of
     their Preservation Planning Program and has passed the information to Karl Schmude.
350. DNC.
       a)     Asia. National Roundtable on Libraries & Asia has met, and details are available on
              the DNC web site.
       b) Music. The Music Reference Group has met, and details are available on the DNC
          web site.
       c)     Agriculture. Ray Choate will find out who is active in this area, and will contact
              Cliff Law to discuss the involvement of the DNC Office. (Action: RC)
       d) Electronic law collection. Edward Lim has advised that the Monash working group
          has not yet finalised its report. Diane Costello will inquire about progress. (Action:
       e)     Electronic DNC. The National Library is keen to participate in an electronic DNC,
              particularly in relation to Australian material. Colin Steele advised that the ANU
              web site points to major subject sources already. Diane Costello will survey CAUL
              about participation in, and the organisation of, an electronic DNC. (Action: DC)

CAUL Executive meeting 1/96 - Minutes

       f)     National Library of Australia. Colin Steele reported that he had been advised that the
              NLA survey of duplication of materials was not yet available for republication or
              circulation. He will write to the NLA to point out that such information had been
              previously made public by the NLA. (Action: CS)
351. Strategic Plan.
       a)     The review by the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia and the Australian
              Academy of the Humanities. Colin Steele has a copy of the original advertisement
              about the review. It was agreed that CAUL contribute to the reviews. (Action:
       b) Major CAUL project bids for 1996/97. Helen Hayes emphasised the importance of
          sharing expertise. She recommended that CAUL identifies what kind of expertise is
          lacking in the Australian university library community, and each year, bring a
          relevant expert to Australia. It was agreed that this be listed on the agenda for the
          CAUL meeting, with a proposal that any CAUL member could nominate such
          experts, and prepare a paper supporting their nomination. (Action: DC)
       c)     The Executive Offer has assumed maintenance of the Strategic Plan document. A
              draft revision was discussed. It was agreed that:
              i)    The old mission statement be deleted.
              ii) 1.10 action be altered to Schmidt
              iii) 1.12 action be altered to Shipp/Woodberry/Steele
              iv) 1.11 action be McPherson
             v)     Add HEC and CASL to 2.3
       It was agreed that actions pending be included on future meeting agenda. The following
       all had action completion dates in 1995. The ongoing items have not been included here.
       d) Investigate and make recommendations on the feasibility of a national university
          library access scheme subject to appropriate remuneration. CHOATE Ray Choate
          will review CAUL’s requirements in this area. (Action: RC)
       e)     That CAUL addresses the need to archive scholarly information in electronic form.
       f)     Assess the viability of an Australian document delivery system such as Southern
              Cross CHOATE It was agreed to delete the reference to the Southern Cross
              document delivery proposal.
       g)     Cooperate with, NLA, CASL and ACLIS to develop format-based plans for filling
              significant gaps in national bibliographic access. O’CONNOR Diane Costello will
              ask Steve O’Connor to prepare a discussion paper for CAUL. (Action: DC)
       h) Review and improve the CAUL statistical compilation. McKINLAY It was agreed
          that this item be deleted.
       i)     Implement the revised Australian Universities Serials and Monograph Indices.
              CHOATE Ray Choate reported that this was done, and is now ongoing. Dr Eric
              Sowey will attend the next CAUL meeting. CICOM/CICOP will be included on the
              agenda. (Action: DC)

CAUL Executive meeting 1/96 - Minutes

       j)     Identify the level and nature of the use of university libraries by non-institutional
              users. LINKLATER Diane Costello will discuss the compilation of QULOC,
              UNISON and CAVAL data with Bill Linklater, with a view to publication. (Action:
              DC) It may be necessary to allocate some money to this exercise.
       k) Explore opportunities for use of AIMA to offer certain programs. AUSTEN It was
          agreed that Gaynor Austen continue, although she is no longer on the AIMA board.
       l)     Develop governing guidelines. Foster relations with similar overseas organisations
              on these matters. AUSTEN It was agreed that this item be deleted.
       m) List areas in which best practice can be shared. AUSTEN
       n) Develop a list of possible strategies. AUSTEN/HAYES (succession planning
          programs) It was agreed that this item be deleted.
      Diane Costello will contact all the above to inquire about progress, and will monitor the
      progress of all action items on a quarterly basis. (Action: DC)
352. National Library of Australia.
       a)     Council papers. Diane Costello will inquire whether the promised papers are to be
              made available to CAUL. (Action: DC)
       b) CAUL involvement with World 1. John Shipp has written to Warren Horton who is
          preparing a paper on World 1 governance. A draft will be sent to CAUL.
353. CAUL Incorporation.
       a)     John Shipp will discuss options with AVCC Executive Director, particularly the
              possibility of establishing a separate corporate body to handle contracts. (Action:
       b) Librarians from ANU, Wollongong and Adelaide are covered by university
          insurance. Awaiting response from Bond. Awaiting information from Melbourne.
          (Action: HH,EW)
354. CAUL office and administration.
       a)     Executive Officer - Staff development. John Shipp recommended that CAUL pay for
              attendance at appropriate conferences, as staff development. It was agreed that this
              be written into CAUL records. It was agreed that attendance at VALA be supported.
       b) A report from the Executive Officer was circulated to the Executive.
355. CAUL communication.
       a)     CAUL Annual Report. A draft of the annual report was circulated to the Executive
              for suggestions, additions, amendment and comment. (Action: Executive)
       b) Web page. Colin Steele recommended providing an index to the CAUL Home Page
          (Action: DC)
356. CAUL finances.
       a)     An expenditure outline and draft budget were circulated to the Executive. The
              Preservation Program ($6,000) and costs for statistics consultancy and collection
              ($9,500 plus adjustments) have been added.

CAUL Executive meeting 1/96 - Minutes

       b) CAUL credit card. At the next CAUL meeting, it will be recommended that CAUL
                 “ratifies the use of a CAUL credit card by the Executive Officer” and that it
                 “authorises the signatories on the CAUL bank account to borrow funds or obtain
                 credit to the amount in the bank account for purposes authorised by CAUL or the
                 CAUL Executive.”
357. AIMA Proposal for Leadership Training Program for Senior Executives. John Shipp
     discussed with AIMA the need to prepare people who wish to become university
     librarians. In response, they have prepared an outline of a program to address this. The
     Executive agreed that CAUL (with perhaps the National Library of Australia) should run
     such a program, with external leaders. It was suggested that $10,000 per year could be
     allocated. It was agreed that the proposed AIMA cost was very high. It was noted that
     Brian Palfrey (Brian Palfrey & Associates Pty Ltd) had done some very good work in this
     area in the past. It was agreed that it would be important for an appropriate Vice-
     Chancellor to introduce the program. John Shipp will prepare a proposal. (Action: JS)
      Helen Hayes noted that CAUL does not engage in mentoring as ARL does. She suggested
      more secondments, with perhaps international secondments.
Next meeting. The Executive will meet for dinner at the Adelaide Club on Wednesday 6
March 1996. Michael Keller and Brenda McConchie have been invited.

The meeting concluded at 9:40pm.

CAUL Executive meeting 1/96 - Minutes

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