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									Satisfaction Survey RESULTS
2008 Summer Conference Program
Longwood University       | Office of Conferences and Scheduling

     YADAPP (2 representatives)
     School Health and Education Partnership
     Baptist Training Union
     Virginia Girls State
     Summer Literacy Institute
     LU Soccer
     All Star Basketball
     Virginia Advanced Study Strategies
     LU Softball
     Christian Family Conference
     LDS Youth Conference

                                          Rating scale
                                 N/A = Not Applicable to my event
                                             1 = Poor
                                         2 = Acceptable
                                           3 = Average
                                            4 = Good
                                          5 = Excellent

                        Meeting and Residential Facilities
                   First impression of meeting spaces                    4.2
                   First impression of residential spaces                3.8
                   Cleanliness (of meeting and residential spaces)       4.0
                   Restroom facilities (academic & residential spaces)   3.9
                   Linen Service (residential spaces only)               3.5
                   Residence Hall Check-In Procedures                    4.1
                   Residence Hall Check-Out Procedures                   4.2
                   Staff courtesy and availability                       4.6

Additional comments:
BTU: Very good
SHEP: Would be willing to pay more for better accommodations, very displeased with dorm
situation (Frazer) - rooms were smelly, dirty, and mattresses were uncomfortable.
LU Soccer: Very displeased with the dorm choice-wanted to use ARC. Outdoor check-in
and check-out was not efficient, felt like a free-for-all.
All Star Bball: Need a better place for check-in, outdoor was confusing

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VAASS: We were a little surprised to find no lights in the landings apartments, though we did
not have very many complaints about this. The meeting spaces were fantastic; your staff
went above and beyond to make things even better.
LU Softball: Frazier is not in as good a shape as most of the campus.
LDS Youth: Both years, we have been very pleased and would have returned but we are
going to New York this year. No complaints!!!

                                   Campus Grounds
                     Overall impression of campus                   4.8
                     Cleanliness of campus                          4.8
                     Safety on campus                               4.8
                     Campus lighting                                4.4
                     Accessibility of campus                        4.3

Additional comments:
BTU: transportation not as good as last year
LU Soccer: Campus is beautiful and convenient, positive for the camp.
All Star Bball: As always the grounds were immaculate
VAASS: The campus is beautiful, and it was easy to find things. I heard no complaints about
the campus at all!
LU Softball: We do a great job of having the campus look attractive. We need more facilities
that are available that do not cause extra charges.
LDS Youth: Just a personal note- I thought the Brunch was different than last year –
selection was limited as compared to last year. Plus, last year, there were many more
desserts to choose from on a nightly basis, but overall, it was great.

                                    Dining Services
                     Food quality                                   3.9
                     Food selection                                 3.7
                     Food presentation                              3.8
                     Freshness of the food                          4.0
                     Dining Services staff responsiveness           4.3
                     and friendliness
                     Cleanliness of the food facility               4.2
                     If applicable, catering services and food      4.2

Additional comments:
BTU: selection not as good as last year
VA Girls State: much improved over previous year
YADAPP (1): always nice to be able to say nice things about the people, except the food
was awful
LU Soccer: The menu was bland, but the campers liked it. Large groups need to have

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separate lunch times to avoid lines.
All Star Bball: The food was great, but a little crowded at times
VAASS: The only thing I would have changed was the fact that there was little variance from
one day to the next on the break foods. We did get complaints that there was nothing for
people on special diets – this was probably our fault, though, for not asking for fruit or
something without sugar.
LU Softball: Had a limited menu but as always the staff does their best to accommodate our
LDS Youth: We will recommend it to other group in our community.

                                 Professional Services
                   Quality of service during planning stages            4.9
                   Quality of service while on campus                   4.8
                   Staff flexibility/availability                       4.5
                   Staff professionalism                                4.9
                   Staff responsiveness                                 4.8

Additional comments:
BTU: Drew and Darlene as well as the summer staff are excellent and very professional.
LU Soccer: Your staff is a CLASS ACT. Very professional, etc. Thank you lots.
All Star Bball: If possible, I would love to set up a morning “touch base” each day to cover
any small concerns. The staff was very responsive throughout the conference.
VAASS: We could not have asked for a more accommodating, responsive group of people
to work with. We had a few issues while on campus, and when we did, they were quickly
taken care of with professionalism and courtesy.
LU Softball: These are score for Conferences and Scheduling.
LDS Youth: We will recommend it to other groups in our community.

Are you interested in returning to Longwood next year?

VA Girls State: Looking forward to our 35th year at Longwood!!!
SHEP: Already booked for 2009
YADAPP (1): Absolutely! The conference staff is wonderful!
BTU: I have enjoyed Longwood; however, the Executive Board makes the location decision.
LU Soccer: Already have my dates, thanks again!
All Star Bball: I believe that we already talked about 8/26 Wednesday to 8/30 Sunday.
VAASS: We should already be on the calendar for Virginia Forum 2009 – July 20-24. Please
contact me ASAP about scheduling another possible event this summer.
LDS Youth: We will be there in 2010 but will be in Palmyra in 2009. We will be
recommending your campus to other groups we associate with. Thank you for everything.

                      OVERALL impression of your experience          4.7
                      at Longwood University

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