(CHE4) Sensors and Digital Measurement Systems by qqv75767


									Short Course 2007/2008                                              Chemical Engineering

             (CHE4) Sensors and Digital Measurement Systems

                                20 – 24 April 2008

Course Objectives:

Sensors are the front-end of any measurement chain systems. The quality and the
consistency of the measurements are then directly dependent on the quality personal
involved in the selection and installation of instrumentation in process measurement
systems should have a good understanding on sensors & transducers operation and
their characteristics.

The objective of the course is to provide the attendees with good understanding on
the principle of operation and the important characteristics of sensors and
transducers commonly used in industry. Also in the course recent developments in
the field of smart sensor and biosensor will be discussed.

For a better understanding of the material given in lectures, hands-on experiments
on sensors and transducers will be performed by attendees using training
equipments available in the Department Instrumentation Laboratories. The course is
designed so that the attendees should be able to select, install the suitable sensing
elements and design the appropriate signal conditioning circuit for their specific
measurement applications.

Course Outline:

   1- Measurement in Process Monitoring and Control.
   2- Deflection and null measurement methods, Errors types and error analysis.
   3- Sensors and Transducers definitions and classification.
   4- Static characteristics, Dynamic characteristics of sensors, and Impedance and
      Loading Effect.
   5- Resistive sensors, Resistance Strain Gages; Capacitive sensors; principles,
      Inductive sensors, linear Variable Differential Transformers (LVDT), Synchro
      as motion transducers, Variable reluctance pickup.
   6- Piezoelectric    sensors,    Miscellaneous      transducers,    magnetostrictive
      transducers, elastic transducers, fiber optic transducers, Hall Effect
   7- Introduction to Smart sensors: architecture, Principle of Operation, HART and
      profibus    protocol    communication     and    its  application with   smart
   8- Analog signal conditioning, Digital signal conditioning.
   9- Structure and function of Data acquisition (DAQ) boards, Specification and
      selection of DAQ boards, Development of digital measurement system.
      Programming of digital measurement system.
   10-       Laboratory experiments on resistive sensor, LVDTs, Strain gages,
      capacitive sensors, Programming of digital measurement system using
      commonly used software packages.

Course Instructors:

Dr. Nouredine Mansour: is Associate Professor in the Department of Chemical
Engineering, University of Bahrain. He holds a Ph.D. Degree in Automatic Control
and System Engineering from the University of Sheffield (UK). He instructed courses
in instrumentation for process measurement, signal processing, power electronic,
data transmission and telemetry, computer process control and process control
technology over 15 years. Dr. Mansour participated in number of short courses on
cement plants automation, process control technology, electrical machine selection
and Lab view applications.

Dr. M. Ghassoul has graduated from the Electrical and Electronic Department,
University of Bradford (UK). He obtained his M.Sc. and Ph.D. from the Control
Engineering Department in the same University. He taught many courses in
Electronics, Automation, Instrumentation, Signal Processing, Visualization Systems,
Industrial Networking at both undergraduate and post graduate levels. He designed
and set up several Labs including Siemens Step 5, Siemens Step 7, Siemens HMI
Wince, Industrial Networking using Profibus and Multi Point Interface, Industrial
Ethernet (ISO), TCP/IP. Dr. Chassoul has conducted many short courses and
workshops in PLC Automation, Micro-Controllers, Microprocessors, Industrial
Visualization,  Sequencing,    Electronic   Systems     Design, Maintenance     and
Troubleshooting to SABEC Companies, Zamel, PEPSI, General Organization for
Technical Education and Vocational Training just to name a few, on top of giving
many consultancies to the industry in the above fields.

Who Should Attend:

Engineering and Technicians responsible for designing and installing of measurement
systems. This course is also suitable for technicians and engineers from various
disciplines like electrical. Electronics, mechanical and chemical engineering who
would like to enhance their skills in instrumentation for process measurement.

Course Fees: BD450/- per participant.


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