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									DRUM RECYCLER                                                                                                                                                                           Drum recycling for
I   n   c   o    r   p    o   r   a    t   e   d
                                                                                                                                                   Amoco Chemical Company

                                                                                              Current          Drum                Notes: Double-click on the note to see more
                                  Drum Information                                            Method          Recycler                          information.
                                  Annual service frequency                                              12              12 How many times per year?
                                  Drums per service visit, average                                     250             250 Number of drums to be handled per occasion.
                                  Drums processed per hour, average                                      9              22 How many drums/hour can your crew really rinse & crush?
                                  Use of your company's employees                                                         If you use your employees to do the work.
                                  Number of workers                                                      2              0 How many people are really involved?
                                  Total hourly cost, each                                           $30.00          $0.00 Total man-hour cost -- be sure to include all overhead.
                                  Cost of using equipment, per hour                                 $25.00                Include cost of additives, equipment, maintenance...etc.
                                  Cost of Risk to company's manual workers, per hr                   $5.00                What dollar value can you place on the risk of exposure?
                                  Use of contractors                                                                      If you use contractors to do the work
                                  Number of workers                                                                     0 If you are charged by the hour enter number of workers.
                                  Total hourly cost, each                                                           $0.00 Put average worker's hourly rate if charged by the hour.
                                         and/or...if charged by the drum                                                  For Drum Recycler in your case...
                                  Set-up fee (if applicable)                                                        $0.00 If fewer than 100 drums (subject to actual quote)
                                  Cost to rinse & crush, each                                                       $7.00 Refer to fee schedule for guidance (double click for more info)
                                  Cost to only rinse, each                                                          $0.00 Refer to fee schedule for guidance (double click for more info)
                                  Cost to only crush, each                                                          $0.00 Refer to fee schedule for guidance (double click for more info)
                                  Related rinsate disposal/treatment cost
                                  Rinsate per drum, gallons                                             20              3 Manual rinsing takes alot of water. Drum Recycler recirculates.
                                  Cost of rinsate, per gal                                           $0.45          $0.45 What is your cost for rinsate treatment/disposal?
                                  Drum disposal cost / recycling income
                                  Average weight per drum, pounds                                  n/a                 35 Typically 35 lb/drum.
                                  Cost of disposal per drum / income per pound                        $2.00        ($0.02) If you are currently being paid for your steel put (-)
                                  Company employee cost                                           $2,638.89        $0.00
                                  Contractor cost                                                     $0.00    $1,750.00
                                  Rinsate dispose/treat                                           $2,250.00      $337.50
                                  Drum disposal/recycle                                             $500.00     ($175.00) Income from recycling is subtracted from the cost
                                                         Total cost per job                   $5,388.89       $1,912.50
                                                    Average cost per drum                        $21.56           $7.65

                              Estimated Annual Savings ######                                                 64.51% using Drum Recycler
                                  NOTES AND ASSUMPTIONS:
                                  Drum Recycler fees subject to quote. Figures under "Notes", above, are for basic residues This is not a quotation to perform work.

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                                               D RUM R ECYCLER
                                               I n c o r p o r a t e d

         Average cost per drum                                               Total annual cost




 $5.00                                                         $30,000.00

 $0.00                                                         $20,000.00
              Current Method

                               Drum Recycler


                                                                            Current Method   Drum Recycler

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