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                                     Ailanga Lutheran Junior Seminary
                                 Three-Year School Development Plan
    This is the third year since Ailanga was started on February 2003 with only one stream of 44 students, five teachers, and three
non-teaching staff under the leadership of the late Mr. G. M. Pallangyo. The school was then shifted to Ngongongare on January 24,
2004 with a total of 108 students (65 Form I students in two streams and 43 Form III students). It was expected that student enroll-
ment would increase to 203 for 2005 by having 80 students for Form I raise the number of Form II to 80 and the same 43 for Form
III. This implied that student transfers from other schools would be inevitable. The aim of increasing enrollment is to utilize the cur-
rent number of teachers effectively and increasing the income for the school too.
    One would then ask “Why the three-year development plan when the school seems to show good progress?” It is essential to
have such a plan, because it means setting annual goals and objectives which will form a basis of evaluation on the actual progress
made in different areas instead of just a generalized look at the progress. Goals also serve as stimulants or targets for everybody in
the school community and inspires them to work hard to achieve them, hence more development of the school and realization of the
seminary’s vision and mission. The seminary’s vision of being a fountain of faithful, Christian students who are eligible to attend
colleges and universities and who are ready to serve the church and society in general will start to be realized during this three-year

Ailanga Lutheran Junior Seminary offers both Science and Art classes which are being implemented this year for the first time by
our first Form III students. Also, for the first time Computer Science will be taught to all students. Only Form I will sit for the Form
Two National Examination next year, because the rest of the students were not taught from the beginning. The following are the
specific academic goals:
• Students in all forms to have high academic passes in every subject.
• It is all well known that a good day is seen from the rising of the sun. It is our goal that all students and
     their respective teachers should aim at very high passes for internal tests and exams, as well as National
    Examinations. All D passes are very much discouraged from the very beginning a student enters Ailanga.
    All departments have set their standards and the expectations of the passes of A, B, and C in each subject.
    The first Form II students from 2005 performed very well, because the seminary was ranked sixth out of
     67 schools in the Arusha Region.
• Slow learners who get below 50% on their tests and exams are offered evening classes from Monday to Saturday during the
     second term.
• All classes sitting for National Examinations will continue with evening classes everyday just after returning from Easter holi-
     day to the end of every year.
• Form II and Form IV will participate in all Regional Mock Exams.
• For further improvement in English fluency, English will continue to be spoken all the time the students are at Ailanga. Also,
     the debating club will be strengthened.
• The seminary will engage/try to engage qualified teachers for all subjects all of the time.
• The seminary aims at providing an adequate number of books, equipment, and chemicals to enhance proper teaching.
• Teachers are motivated in accordance to their performance, because they are awarded in cash for the different passes in their
     subjects attained by students.
• Computer classes will be taught with the aim of equipping students so that they can fit in the current globalization process.
• Have in place a mini library with few books of different types purchased with funds contributed by parents, and a small labora-
     tory to be used for Chemistry, Biology and Physics. The later will have only small amounts of chemicals and few equipment to
     allow teachers to conduct experiments.

Ailanga Lutheran Junior Seminary offers a Bible Knowledge class for developing, committed, and faithful students. It capitalizes
on the daily morning and evening devotions, weekly Religion classes, and the Sunday services. For the next three years, the above
will be strengthened by:
• Inviting external speakers for Religion classes on some Fridays.
• Students who are leading devotions will be assisted whenever possible to prepare their short devotional talks.
• Invite speakers on some Sunday afternoons for special talks.
• Encourage many students to attend Easter conferences.
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It is believed that with such arrangements, the students will get the spiritual nurturing that is required to develop them into good,
committed Christians.

The seminary is in its initial stages of being developed so a lot of creativeness is needed to develop the environment in terms of cre-
ating a school with beautiful surroundings. The following will be implemented:
• Planting of trees and flowers along the roads and paths with the school once the school layout map is ready.
• Have in place a proper fence so that animals will no longer enter the school premises. This will be done in phases bearing in
     mind the length of the borders involved.
• Planting flowers around the buildings.

Beautiful surroundings always add to the happiness of the students and improve studying stamina.

Besides the two–story building, one Staff House, and the Teachers’ House, there are foundations for a Girls’ Dormitory and class-
rooms with laboratories. The construction of the dormitory started before the end of October 2005 so that it will be ready for next
year’s use. All the money for the dormitory is being raised by the Christians of this Diocese. Other plans include the construction of
the following buildings, fences, and playgrounds in the sequence shown below and in accordance with available funds:
Buildings for 2005:
              Girls’ Dormitory for the eight rooms needed ( ground floor only)
              Fence on one side and leveling of football field
              Teachers’ House
Buildings for 2006:
               Classrooms – 3
               Girls’ Dormitory (first and second floors)
               Fence (second side)
               Leveling netball & volleyball field
Buildings for 2007:
               Classrooms -2
               Dining, kitchen, and storage unit
               Geography Room

It should be noted that the current system of constructing two-story buildings will be continued. This type of building could easily
accommodate both laboratories and classrooms, and it may not take all the years mentioned above. It is the school management’s
expectation that funds will be solicited from friends, different organizations from within and outside of Tanzania as well as Chris-
tians of the Meru Diocese!

Currently the seminary has been enjoying a partnership and working together with four Lutheran churches in Seattle, Washington
since 2004. This partnership is be strengthened by the friendship between the school and these Christians as well as exchange visits
and gifts. This year the school received Bibles and funds amounting to $14,000 for the purchase of computers and furniture for the
Computer Room from Seattle. Also, six students have been enable to pursue their studies, because they have been sponsored for the
whole amount of school fees or partially sponsored by these friends who paid $1,800 for this. The school management and Board
have expressed their great gratitude to them for this assistance.

The seminary will continue to network with NGOs like World Vision Tanzania, nearby schools, and other neighbors who have
shown an interest in the seminary for its benefit.

All students will participate in sports and games when they are at school. There will be interclass competitions for football, netball,
volleyball, and other indoor games. Also, the students will visit and invite students from other nearby secondary schools either for
friendly matches or interschool competition. The latter will be held once a year.

All of the above goals will be only achieved with God’s help only, because we trust in Him.

                                                                      Lydia Mbise, Headmistress, Ailanga Lutheran Junior Seminary

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