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					Mohawk Valley Community College                                     Nursing
Quick Reference Guide

CINAHL Plus with Full Text (online through EBSCOHost)
     Contains the full texts for more than 560 journals dating back to 1937.
CINAHL Select (online through EBSCOHost)
    Contains full-text (PDF) coverage of over 170 journals from 1973 to the present, updated weekly.
Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature (CINAHL) (available in print)
    Covers magazine and journal articles from 1977 to the present.
Health and Wellness Resource Center (available online via Gale)
    Covers magazines, journals, and newsletters 1980 to the present, newspapers 1999 to the present,
    and pamphlets (current year plus two years backfile). Includes an alternative health module.
Health Reference Center Academic (available online via Gale)
    Covers magazine and journal articles from 1980 to the present.
MedLine (available via EBSCOHost)
    Covers journal articles from 1965 to the present.
New England Journal of Medicine (online)
     Searchable full-text from 1993 to the present.
Pre-CINAHL (online through EBSCOHost)
     Provides awareness of the newest journal articles (before they are indexed in CINAHL), with
     some full text.

              Magazines and Journals—available in print or on microfilm

American Journal of Nursing (1953 to the present)
    The official journal of the American Nurses’ Association.
JAMA: the Journal of the American Medical Association (1988 to the present)
    A research journal that also includes book reviews.
The Lancet (1978-2002)
    A major British medical journal covering news, research, and reviews.
The New England Journal of Medicine (1980 to the present)
    A weekly, illustrated research journal.
Nursing (1972 to the present)
    A professional how-to journal for nursing management and patient care.
Nursing Outlook (1953 to the present)
    Publication of the American Academy of Nursing; offers analyses of health policy issues.

                                 Reference books

American Medical Association Complete Medical Encyclopedia. (Ref RC 81 .A2 A497 2003)
    An A to Z guide to over 5,000 medical terms, symptoms, disesases, drugs, and treatments.
Black’s Medical Dictionary. (Ref R 121 .B598 2004)
    40th edition.
                               Reference books—continued

Code of Medical Ethics: Current Opinions With Annotations. (Ref R 724 .A618 2004)
     Produced by the American Medical Association.
Dictionary of Nursing Theory and Research (Rome Ref RT 81.5 .P96 2006)
Encyclopedia of Nursing Research. (Ref RT 81.5 .E53 1998)
     Presents key terms and topics in nursing research.
Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine. (Ref RC 41 .G35 1999)
    Covers all aspects of medicine (5 volumes).
Gale Encyclopedia of Nursing and Allied Health. (Ref RT 21 .G353 2002)
    Includes diseases, treatments, tests, and procedures (5 volumes).
Historical Encyclopedia of Nursing. (Ref RT 31 .S66 1999)
    Covers topics in the history of nursing from ancient and medieval times to the present.
The Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy. (Ref RM 127 .M4 2006) (also in Rome)
    18th edition.
Mosby’s Drug Guide for Nurses. (Ref RM 301.12 .S56 2005)
    Sixth edition.
NANDA Nursing Diagnoses: Definitions and Classifications. (Ref RT 48.6 .N176 2003)
    Current handbook for the classification and taxonomy of diagnoses.
Nursing 2007 Drug Handbook. (Ref RM 301.12 .N87 2006)
    Includes CD-ROM.
Physicians’ Desk Reference (PDR). (Ref RS 75 .P5 2006)
    Provides latest information on all aspects of prescription drugs.
Stedman’s Medical Dictionary for the Health Professions and Nursing. (Ref R 121 .S8 2005)
    Fifth edition; provides basic descriptions of medical terms.

                                      Web sites

American Association for the History of Nursing [ ]
    Includes biographies of prominent nurses, exhibits of historic nursing equipment, a calendar of
    nursing history, and more.
ANA Nursing World [ ]
    Official web site of the American Nurses Association; includes Online Journal of Issues in
HealthWeb: Nursing [ ]
    Searchable links to information on cardiac, multicultural, rehabilitation, psychiatric, evidence-
    based, geriatric, and critical care nursing, as well as nurse midwifery, nursing classification
    systems, drug information, pediatrics, and more.
Martindale’s The “Virtual” Nursing Center [ ]
    Includes links to multilingual medical dictionaries, reports, interactive sites, national boards and
    review questions, travel warnings, immunization information, and more.
National League for Nursing [ ]
    Contains surveys, online courses, news, research reports, and more.
New York State Nurses Association [ ]
    News and information for nurses, including Code of Ethics for Nurses.
See also: MVCC Library: Sites by Subject: [ ]
                                 Call numbers

RA 1155        Forensic nursing                     RG 105         Gynecological nursing
RC 266         Cancer nursing                       RG 951         Maternity nursing
RC 440         Psychiatric nursing                  RJ 245-247     Pediatric nursing
RC 954-954.6   Geriatric nursing                    RK 60.5        Dental nursing
RD 99-99.35    Surgical nursing                     RM              Pharmacology
RE 88          Ophthalmic nursing                   RT             Nursing

                          Suggested subject headings
    Use these terms to do a subject or keyword search in the Library Catalog.

Drugs                                            Nursing—Examinations, questions, etc.
Geriatric nursing                                Nursing—History
Maternity nursing                                Nursing home care
Nurses                                           Nursing—Law and legislation
Nursing                                          Nursing—Philosophy
Nursing assessment                               Nursing—Practice
Nursing care plans                               Nursing—Research
Nursing diagnosis                                Transcultural nursing
Nursing ethics