Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord God Almighty, who

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					May 2006

        “Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord God Almighty, who was, and is, and is to come”
                                             (Revelation 4:8b).
Greetings from the Kreamer family
Whenever we turn our calendar to the month of
May, our anticipation of summer plans become
a part of our daily thoughts! We look forward
to sharing all that our Perfect and Holy God has
completed in Kenya. In His holiness, He used
us and you to do His work at the Rafiki Village,
in our local church, BSF, and Rosslyn Academy.
We are humbled, blessed, and thankful that you
are an important part of this work, and we look
forward to sharing all the wonderful news!
This wonderful news includes stories of Rafiki
children who are flourishing in Christ’s love as
they were rescued from hopeless situations,
updates on girls who have graduated from
Rafiki, how God has wrapped our family in His
daily care and much more! God also provided                GRADUATING FROM THE NAVAL ACADEMY PREP. SCHOOL,
an extra measure of encouragement as we                              NEWPORT, RI. MAY 19, 2006
walked each day in transition with having our                   REPORTING TO THE USNA JUNE 26, 2006
first child living in the States while we work            Please pray that God will watch over Wade and
here. Yes, it was more difficult than we ever             enable him to do his best in all things!
thought, but God was always there for us and
we were able to stay in daily communication               As we treasure our time with our children, we
with Wade through e-mail and once in awhile,              can see God growing them and enabling them
blessed with a great connection, by phone! Our            to depend on Him in all they set out to do!
God IS Lord God Almighty and He is so Good!
Our summer will not only be special because we
will be sharing Rafiki with you, but also because
Wade will be completing his year at the Naval
Academy Preparatory School and reporting to
the United States Naval Academy 26 June. We
are very proud of his accomplishments and it
has been exciting to hear him speak how God
supplied all he needed to excel. Our whole
family will be celebrating with Wade and look
forward to our time in Annapolis, Maryland.
However, as we rest Wade in God’s hands, we
are at the same time beginning the steps for our
next one to fly, Constance. Last summer we
were able to visit several schools and will have a
chance to visit one more in July. Thankfully she             CONSTANCE PARTICIPATING IN A SUPPORTING ROLE
                                                               IN HER HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL PRODUCTION,
has two more years with us in Nairobi, and we                            “CHILDREN OF EDEN!”
have learned to treasure every day that we have
together!                                                 Betsy has the privilege of helping to direct and
                                                          choreograph this musical making it possible for
                                                          her to be back stage praying with Constance
                                                          before she steps out! What a joy!
Furlough 2006 Itinerary:                                    5 August     Saturday P.M.
Praying that we will see many of you!!!                                  Kent and Anne Snyder
                                                                         Clarkston, MI
18 June    Sunday A.M.
           Mt. Calvary UMC                                  6 August     Sunday A.M.
           Harrisburg, PA                                                Glen Oaks Alliance Church
                                                                         Troy, MI
25 June    Sunday A.M.
           Mt. Laurel Church of God                         6 August     Sunday P.M.
           Harrisburg, PA                                                First Baptist Church of Romeo
                                                                         Romeo, MI
3-7 July   Tom and Betsy attending
           Enrichment Week, San Antonio, TX                 Serving Together,
30 July    Sunday A.M.
           Our Redeemer Lutheran Church
           Washington, MI
                                                            Tom, Betsy, Wade, Constance and Jake
1 August   Tuesday P.M.
           Dan and Pat Bundus                               New mailing address:
           Rochester, MI                                    P.O. Box 723,
                                                            Village Market 00621
3 August   Thursday P.M.                                    Nairobi, Kenya
           Scott and Beverly Clode
           Sterling Hts., MI                                E-mail: tbkreamer@nbi.ispkenya.com
                                                            P.S. From the Home Office: the Kreamers are at
                                                            42% of the total needed for their third term.

                         NOTE: Please visit www.rafiki-foundation.org to find information
                        on your ROS, what Rafiki is doing, the centers, and the Exchange.