40.30 - Classroom Observation - revised 1-14-10 by beh18617


									                                                                                                                        Form No. 40.30
                                                                                                                          (Revised 1/14/10)

                                           ROCKINGHAM COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS
                                                   Classroom Observation

Student:                                                                  Observer:

Observation Site:                                      Date: _____/_____/_____               Time of Observation: _______ to _______

The purpose of this evaluation is to provide information regarding the student’s performance and behaviors in the classroom setting.
Please attach additional information, if necessary.

1. Describe the lesson/activities of the class during this observation session and the observed student level of participation and
   engagement. Include any special supports or conditions during this observation (e.g., student seated away from group, required use
   of a classroom assistant, etc.):

   lecture       discussion       independent seatwork            small group work       other

2. Identify any instructional strategies and/or behavioral supports used during the instruction:

   wait time        repetition      visual supports       graphic organizers          rephrasing     manipulatives      re-direction

   positive reinforcement        teacher proximity        other

3. Describe the student’s reaction to any instructional strategy(ies) and/or behavioral supports provided:

4. Describe the student’s behavior during the observation session and how the behavior compares to that of other students in the class
   at the same time:

5. Describe the student’s academic performance during the observation session and how the performance compares to that of other
   students in the class at the same time (on-task, distracted, work production, etc.):

6. Summary of additional comments or concerns:

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