4 May 2004
   1. Please see the attachment titled “Aspects for Business Plan”. This was
      circulated to you during the early weeks of the course by Mr. Daniel Tarka
      and Mr. Danny Sondakh.
   2. Deadline for submission of the Executive Summary is 4 pm on 5 May 2004.
      Please submit as normal with the header sheet. All submissions must contain
      the Header Sheet.
   3. Word count: 2000 minimum and 3000 maximum
   4. PEER GROUP ASSESSMENT: Please complete an assessment form and
      hand it in to the Panel on 4 May 2004. These forms are available from outside
      the Undergraduate School Office. This will influence the final allocation of
      marks for individuals and will take into account the Business Plan
      Presentation and the Executive Summary i.e. 30%
   5. You will be expected to present for 10 minutes max. Q & A will follow for
      about 10 minutes max. All members of the team should be ready to answer
      any question posed by the panel.
   6. Time slots will be available for your presentation from 16 March 2004. It is on
      a first come first served basis.
   7. All members of the team should be present at the presentation. Absence will
      be deemed to indicate non-attendance at the assessment and will result in a fail
      for that member.
   8. Business Plan Presentation, 4 May 2004: The Panel will comprise

          a. Dr. John Dodd, Director, Sittingbourne Innovation Centre
          b. Dr. Kanes Rajah, Director, Centre for Entrepreneurship
          c. Mr. Daniel Tarka, Researcher, Centre for Entrepreneurship
          d. Mr. Danny Sondakh, Research Fellow Centre for Entrepreneurship
          e. Mr. Paul Mercer, Area Corporate Director, Barclays Bank PLC,
             Docklands & South London Medium Business
          f. Mr. Brian Swindells, CEO, Utility Link PLC

    For your information, the Panel will mark according to the following criteria:
     i. Effectiveness of presentation – Process (10%)
     ii. Content – Executive Summary (Evidence of one, actual or virtual)
                    - The “Opportunity”. Uniqueness. How did you arrive at it.
                     - Viability (e.g. Is the products viable? Strong management
                       team?) (20%)
                    - Financials (20%)
    The 100% will represent the 10 marks allocated for the presentation.

Dr. K K Rajah                                             Centre for Entrepreneurship
Course Leader
9 March 2004

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