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April, 2004

University Libraries Committee: May 17, 2004
                                                        University Library Plan 2004–2007

                                 Mission and Vision . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1

                           Environment and Trends . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2

                                     Strategic Goals . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5

                            Objectives 2004–2007 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6

                                   Selected Statistics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9

APPENDIX : Initiatives and Projects for 2004–2005 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11
                                                                    University Library Plan 2004–2007

                                                MISSION AND VISION

   University Mission                     Library Mission
At McMaster our purpose is the
discovery, communication and              We develop, preserve, and provide access to a broad
preservation of knowledge. In our
teaching, research and scholarship,
                                          spectrum of information resources to contribute to the
we are committed to creativity,           teaching, learning and research activities of the
innovation and excellence. We             University. Our collections and services reflect our
value integrity, quality, inclusiveness
and teamwork in everything we do.
                                          commitment to creativity, innovation and excellence,
We inspire critical thinking,             and to the centrality of the student in a research-
personal growth, and a passion for        intensive university. We are open to change, and
lifelong learning. We serve the
social, cultural, and economic
                                          actively respond to the needs of our user constituencies.
needs of our community and our            We recognize and value the contributions of each staff
society.                                  member in achieving the Library’s mission.

                                          Library Vision
    University Vision
                                          To achieve recognition as a leading academic research
To achieve international distinction
for creativity, innovation and            library which actively contributes to accomplishing the
excellence.                               University’s mission, and makes distinctive contributions
                                          to the universe of global research resources.

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                                                                  University Library Plan 2004–2007

                    ENVIRONMENT AND TRENDS
                                             The pervasive issue facing academic research
 A key component of McMaster’s               libraries throughout the world is balancing the
 approach to planning is the recognition     development and support of the virtual library with
 that the demands, expectations and
 opportunities for the University continue
                                             the maintenance of the physical library—both the
 to evolve. Successful planning is a         buildings and the physical collections that they
 dynamic activity; the status quo is never   contain. A constellation of issues, concerns and
 an option. The challenges facing
 McMaster, and other universities across
                                             trends revolve around this core challenge:
 the country, are significant and include        • providing services that respond to the
 the following:                                      expectations of several constituencies of
 • Broadening expectations of the role
   universities should play in Canada
 • Increasing enrollments in the short           • staffing for both current service demands
   and long term                                     and those emerging or anticipated;
 • Preparing for a significant shortage
   of and increasing         international
                                                 • increased collaboration both within and
   competition for professors                        outside the university;
 • Expanding but expensive research              • the preservation and durability of
 • Lingering legacy of significant
                                                     knowledge content;
   financial restraints                          • the maintenance and development of the
 • Increasing and more aggressive                    physical and electronic infrastructure; and,
   competition in the post-secondary
   education sector.
                                                 • planning, funding and accountability issues
                 Refining Directions, p.1            at institutional, provincial and national

&        Information Resources

The pricing of scholarly resources has begun to show signs of stability and
moderation. This is attributable in part to the general economic climate, but also to
the pressures being exerted by library consortia on excessive cost escalation in the
publishing market. After many years of struggling to keep pace with domestic
currency weakness, the strengthening of the Canadian dollar has enabled Canadian
academic libraries to recapture lost purchasing power. We expect the Canadian
dollar to continue its relative strength in the near term, and as we purchase
approximately 85% of our information resources from U.S. publishers, this will be of
significant budgetary assistance.

McMaster’s participation in several library consortia is yielding significant savings on
the cost of electronic resources, while enabling the Library to provide a far more
extensive and richer journal and book collection than we could offer five years ago.
While joint negotiations have resulted in many economic and other advantages, some
autonomy in acquisitions decisions and control over resource expenditures has been
relinquished. Electronic, full-text journals and reference resources continue to be

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                                                         University Library Plan 2004–2007

marketed as “suites”, covering a wide range of disciplines, and as approximately 50%
of the library’s information resources budget is now allocated to electronic resources,
traditional budget allocations have been significantly changed. At the same time,
teaching departments are creating more interdisciplinary curricula requiring a broader
scope of information resources, both print and electronic.

&      Information Technology

Increasingly the trend will be to deliver information to the user in a personalized way
so that it is better suited to her or his individual needs. This implies use of
technologies that support this type of flexibility, freeing both the learner and the
researcher from geographic and content dependencies. The following trends and
developments are now apparent, and they will have an impact on the delivery of
information content to the library user and the library staff:
    • the articulation of a campus information technology strategy;
    • the availability of wireless access, which will eliminate the dependence on
       wired workstations located in specific places within the library system;
    • a learning space that integrates productivity software with information content
       and expert support in an attractive environment will encourage collaboration,
       innovation and learning;
    • the building of a provincial technical infrastructure by the OCUL consortium.
       This will allow the integrated searching of multi-format, trans-institutional
       resources and the customized delivery of full text results to the desktop.

&      Library Services

Despite the increased availability and use of electronic resources and virtual services,
physical entrance counts are now higher than they were five years ago, and crowded
study rooms and lobbies are becoming an ongoing reality. Given current
demographic patterns and university participation rates, the number of students using
the Library is expected to increase. At the same time, the Library’s rich print
collections are rapidly outgrowing our shelving capacity.

The University’s increasing emphasis on active, interdisciplinary learning and critical
thinking have changed the way our students work in the Library. The need for
individual study space must be balanced with the growing demand for collaborative
learning environments, where students learn from each other both within and outside
of the classroom. The Library must continually strive to find the right balance between
shelving, computer, study and service space. We must also create welcoming user-
centred spaces that respond to our users’ changing information needs and learning
styles. This process may involve changing the physical arrangement of our service
points and also the methods by which we deliver these services to our users.

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                                                           University Library Plan 2004–2007

&      The Campus Environment

The campus environment in which the Library will operate over the next three years
will continue to be one marked by pervasive change, as an increasing number of
faculty and students expect greater and more effective support from the University and
from the Library for their learning and research activities.

Several campus-wide projects and initiatives will begin, or continue during the
planning period. The Library will collaborate in some, and may be affected by others.
Work is underway to develop and implement a new job evaluation system for the
MUSA group of staff. Since more than 85% of the Library’s staff is in this group, this
project will need the investment of time, and will involve all staff. Similarly, the
“Working at McMaster” initiative has several components, such as management
training, employee orientation, and performance management programmes.

The implementation of the University’s Energy Management Plan will continue. The
effect of this plan will be the ultimate improvement of indoor air and lighting quality
for the benefit of all who work in the libraries. However, some disruption may occur
in the course of making these improvements, and good communication will be
required to minimize the impact on both staff and users.

Health and Safety is a priority for the University. Training opportunities for all staff in
the health and safety area will increase, and the Library’s key initiative to implement
systematic ergonomic assessments of all work stations and public service points will
have financial resource implications.

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                                                         University Library Plan 2004–2007

                                       STRATEGIC GOALS

The Library’s purpose is to acquire, preserve and provide access to a broad spectrum
of information resources to contribute to the teaching, learning and research activities
of the University. In support of this mission, the Library has defined three broad,
strategic goals:

& Information Resources
       To provide information resources that meet the changing needs of the
       teaching and research programmes at McMaster.

& Access and Services
       To provide integrated, effective tools to access scholarly resources and
       innovative services that encourage collaboration, individual lifelong learning,
       and knowledge discovery.

& People and Places
       To attract and retain a skilled and flexible staff to meet the challenges of the
       present and the future; and to provide a safe, healthy and attractive
       environment in which both our users and staff can work to their fullest

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                                                            University Library Plan 2004–2007

                          OBJECTIVES 2004–2007

    Information Resources

GOAL:   To provide information resources that meet the changing needs of the
        teaching and research programmes at McMaster.


    !      Increase the number and range of electronic information resources,
           with an emphasis on under-represented fields.

    !      Increase the number of monographs acquired each year.

              MAJO R INITIATIVE:
              Increase the number of monographs purcha sed by 2 ,00 0 in each of the next
              three years, with an em phasis on in terdisciplinary areas a nd disciplines in
              which McM aster ha s established new graduate programm es in the last five

    !      Increase the international availability and accessibility of McMaster’s
           research information in electronic form.

              MAJO R INITIATIVE:
              Build an Institutional Repository to archive McMaster’s scholarly output that
              links to similar repositories world-wide.

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                                                            University Library Plan 2004–2007

    Access and Services

GOAL:   To provide integrated, effective tools to access scholarly resources and
        innovative services that encourage collaboration, individual lifelong
        learning, and knowledge discovery.


    !      Develop and maintain the information technology infrastructure to
           enhance access to scholarly resources.

               MAJO R INITIATIVE:
               Implement a wireless canopy within th e libra ries to ena ble m obile

    !      Improve the integration of access to information, technology,
           assistance, instruction, and various types of study space.

               MAJO R INITIATIVE:
               Crea te a “Knowledge Commons” (working name) in Mills Memorial Library
               to integrate access to information, technology, assistance, instruction, and
               study space of different kinds.

    !      Promote the greater integration of library information resources into
           the curriculum and course management systems.

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                                                         University Library Plan 2004–2007

    People and Places

GOAL:   To attract and retain a skilled and flexible staff to meet the challenges of
        the present and the future; and to provide a safe, healthy and attractive
        environment in which both our users and staff can work to their fullest


    !      Improve facilities to better meet the needs of increasing numbers of
           students and the range of learning styles they use.

               MAJO R INITIATIVE:
               Conduct a comprehensive public space utilization study, and create a
               strategic plan for space use, 2005-2015.

    !      Establish and maintain programmes and procedures to promote the
           health and safety of library staff and users.

               MAJO R INITIATIVE:
               Implement a cyclical program me for the erg onomic review o f staff work
               stations and service p oints

    !      Create a challenging, rewarding and positive work environment that
           will attract and retain a diverse and talented work force.

               MAJO R INITIATIVE:
               Sele ctively increase the number of staff in the Library in the areas of
               Technology and P lanning to enable the achievement of objectives.

    !      Advocate the importance of the Library to the achievement of the
           University’s mission.

    !      Attract increased support of the University Library through gifts and

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                                                                   University Library Plan 2004–2007

                                    SELECTED STATISTICS
    he statistics below, at a five-year interval, illustrate the changes and trends in the
T   expenditures, collections, staffing, services and facilities of the University Library.


            EXPENDITURES                                        FY 1997-98          FY 2002-03

            Books                                           $         704,650   $         984,809

            Current Serials                                 $       3,087,516   $        3,185,618

            Electronic Resources                            $         264,703   $        1,348,142

            Other Information Resources                     $         172,726   $         300,746

                              SUB-TOTAL: INFO . RESOURCES   $       4,229,595   $       5,819,315

            Salaries and Wages                              $       5,169,058   $        5,919,122

            Other Operating Expenses                        $         448,458   $         724,664

                                            GRAND TOTAL     $       9,847,111   $      12,463,101

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                                                                         University Library Plan 2004–2007

Organizational Statistics

           COLLECTIONS                                                        1998              2003

           Holdings (print volume equivalents)                              1,636,329         1,778,370

           Current journal titles – print                                    10,687             6,712

           Current journal titles – electronic                                 33               9,632

           Archives (linear feet)                                            10,566            11,354

           Maps                                                             107,347            110,762

           FACILITIES                                                         1998              2003

           Hours of opening (academic year)                                    100               100

           Study seats                                                        1,742             1,762

           Number of computer workstations for public use                      103               164

           MacCONNECT ports (open network connections)                          0                 36

           USE AND SERVICES                                                   1998              2003

           Entrance Count                                                   1,634,886         1,644,949

           Bibliographic records in the MORRIS catalogue*                   1,171,000         1,239,738

           Reference questions answered                                      53,329            47,353

           No. of pages/pdf files requested from Library web site              N/A            8,700,206

                                                                               400               434
           Library Instruction: number of sessions (participants)
                                                                             (4,368)           (10,832)

           Book stack and reserve collection loans                          593,700            510,983

           Inter-library loans provided to other libraries                   10,771             8,675

           Inter-library loans received from other libraries                  3,917             6,943

           STAFFING                                                           1998              2003

           Professional and Support (full-time equivalent)                     119               114

           Student Assistants (full-time equivalent)                           12                 13

                                    Total Staff (full-time equivalent)         131               127

           Current Staff with 25+ years of service                             21                 27

           Average age of current continuing Staff                             45                 47

         * includes Health Sciences Library

     More detailed statistical information is available in the statistics database of the Canadian Association
     of Research Libraries at:, or of the Association
     of Research Libraries (U.S.) at:

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                     University Library Plan 2004–2007


Initiatives and Projects, 2004–2005

         Page -11-
                                                                                                                                                     University Library Plan 2004–2007

                                                       INITIATIVES AND PROJECTS, 2004–2005
                                                       Note: Nu mb ering is for referenc e, and do es no t imply relative priority

                   INITIATIVE OR PROJECT                           LEAD                                         START        E ND    ACHIEVEMENT/BENCH MARK INDICATORS

     Evaluate/review organizational changes (Spring 2004)
1                                                                   CAS            Supervisors and Staff        May-04      Dec-04   Improved work flows, productivity and climate
     in Collections Division

     Create an Information Resources Policy for geographic,                     VJ, UL Content Committee,
2                                                                   APo                                         Sep-04      Dec-04   Publication
     numeric and statistical Data                                                 Library Representatives

     Purchase 2,000 monographs more than in 2003/04                                   APo, Acq. staff
3                                                                    LG                                         May-04      Apr-05   Statistical reports
     (total: 17,000)                                                              Library Representatives

4    Re-organize Arch. & Res. Colls. storage                        CSp                A + RC staff             May-04      Apr-05   Space available for new materials

     Improve bibliographic access to collections through                                                                             All new materials in MORRIS; report on projects
5                                                                    DT               Bib. Servs. staff         May-04      Apr-05
     targeted projects                                                                                                               completed

                                                                                                                                     Software installed and tested (May-03) Content for
6    Create and develop a digital Institutional Repository           PO                  WR, LITC               Jan-03      Dec-05
                                                                                                                                     inclusion negotiated

7    Implement a wireless canopy in library public areas             PO                   VL, CIS               Jan-04      Jun-04   Wireless access in public areas of the libraries

     Review the scope, functionality and maintenance                            VL, APo, WR, Services staff,
8                                                                    PO                                         Mar-04      Dec-04   Proposal (develop/purchase) submitted to LITC
     procedures for the E-resources database                                         Collections staff

9    Implement a Library Authentication Server (“myAccess”)          PO                LITC, various            Sep-03      Sep-04   Operational

10   † Upgrade Horizon to v. 7.3                                     PO                WR, various              May-04      Aug-04   Production version upgraded

     † Upgrade HIP to v. 3 and resolve high priority                                                                                 Production version upgraded and identified
11                                                                   PO            WR, DH, PAC group            Mar-04      Aug-04
     problems                                                                                                                        problems resolved

     Develop or acquire Electronic Resources Management                                                                              In production to manage e-subscription and
12                                                                   PO                LITC, various            Apr-04     Jun-05
     software                                                                                                                        licence data

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                                                                                                                                                      University Library Plan 2004–2007

                     INITIATIVE OR PROJECT                          LEAD                                           START     E ND      ACHIEVEMENT/BENCH MARK INDICATORS

13     Develop or acquire a Horizon report interface for staff       WR                    DH, APo                 Feb-04   Oct-04     Generic reports available

14     Replace LX2, Citrix 1 servers , domain controllers            WR                       RP                   Jun-04   Dec-04     Equipment replaced

       Develop and promote a proposal for a “Knowledge                                                                                 “Concept and Feasibility Study” presented to
15                                                                  GRH          VL, PO, Ref. Staff, IT staff      Dec-03   Dec-04
       Commons”                                                                                                                        senior University management

       † Implement RACER (new patron-driven interlending            ILDS
16                                                                              VL, Interlending staff, IT staff   Feb-04   Sep-04     Staff and public interfaces in production
       system)                                                    Librarian

       † Implement linking from citation to article through the                LITC, UL Content Committee,
17                                                                   PO                                            May-04   Jun-05     Functionality available
       Scholars’ Portal, and locally                                                    library staff

18     Conduct a library public space utilization study              VL          KB, EH, IP, CM, MRL, CSp          Feb-04    Jul-04    Report submitted to senior library management

19     Increase the number of donors through bequests                AP                  GRH, CAS                  May-04   Apr-05     Quantifiable increase in bequest giving

                                                                               GRH, AP, Univ. Advancement
20     Organize Library Donor event in Eastern Ontario              CAS                                            May-04   Dec-04     Event held with positive feedback

21     Upgrade stockroom inventory system                            MRL                   APo, TK                 Jan-04    Jul-04    Tested and operational

22     Upgrade security at MML shipping entrance                     MRL                  APo, MH                  Oct-03   May-04     Installation complete and operational

23     Develop public furniture repair/replacement plan              MRL                    VL, KB                 Apr-04   Aug-04     Plan available for budget planning, 2005

24     University document management project                      [other]                MRL, CAS                 Feb-04     TBA      Library is a participant in the project

       Develop an Ergonomic Support Plan for all library staff                   MRL, Supervisors, EWLSS,
25                                                                   MR                                            Mar-04   Oct-04     Plan endorsed by JOHSC and implemented
       workstations and service points                                                   JOHSC

       Develop/deliver a customer service/communications
26                                                                   MR                All library staff           Apr-04   Sep-04     Designed and delivered
       workshop for all library staff

27     Create job descriptions for all MUSA group positions          MR               Supervisors, JJEC            May-04   Jun-05     Created and implemented

     (†) the initiative or project is pa rt of (or linked to) a p rovincia l or national project a mong researc h libraries, or there is significan t dependancy on a third party. This may
     requ ire the unanticipated alloc ation o f local staffing or finan cial reso urces, or local progress ma y be d ependent on activities b eyond the control of the Library

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