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					                                                  Arctic Animals:
                                                           Teacher's Guide

                                                                 IN A NUTSHELL
     Written by: Sydney Donahoe &        This is a set of two teacher's guides, one for grades
              Judith Swift               K-3 and one for grades 4-8, which provides materials
                                         and instructions for a complete unit about the arctic
             Sea World
                                         and the animals who live there. The guides begin with
        500 Sea World Drive              a list of eight learning objectives and a vocabulary
     San Diego, CA 92109-7995            list, and conclude with a bibliography and pre/post
       phone: (800) 23-SHAMU             assessment tools. Each booklet includes thirteen or
       TDD: (800) TD-SHAMU               fourteen activities about the
         fax: (619) 226-3634             arctic habitat, its location, its          Grade Level
                                         fauna, and some of the issues                K-3, 4-8
                                         facing the arctic region. Activities         Length
                                         include an objective, brief back-         24 pages each
      Cost: Free/ Download from
                website                  ground information, a list of           Date    Published
                                         materials needed, and a description           1995
                                         of the activity. Types of activities
                                         include discussions, investigations, experiments
           SUBJECTS                      regarding snow and cold, and a simulation game.
                                         Some activities occur in slightly altered form in
              Fine Arts                  both books. The booklets include student data sheets
                                         and masters, cards and handouts, and are illustrated
            Language Arts
            Social Studies

               BOTTOM                "Presents a balance of information, although some

                                          wording may be construed as slanted."
               L I N E

10                      The Environmental Education Collection — A Review of Resources for Educators Volume 2
                  Key                                Strengths                              Other
             Characteristics                          Noted                             Considerations

             Fairness and                   Information is current. Looks           Information sources identi-
             Accuracy                       at different cultures and               fied only in a general way.
                                            social contexts.                        Role of scientific advisors

                                                                                    not stated. Some of the
                                                                                    language used indicates a

             Depth                                                                  Activities do not address
                                                                                    some of the goals of the
                                                                                    curriculum. Does not pro-

                                                                                    vide theme to tie the differ-
                                                                                    ent activities together.

             Emphasis   on                  Develops basic science and              Very little attention to
             Skills Building                laboratory skills. Provides             problem-solving or defining
                                            opportunities to use critical           issues, or to the relationship
                                            and creative thinking skills.           between the activities and
                                                                                    solutions to environmental

             Action                         Suggestions for action are              Little emphasis on evaluat-
             Orientation                    given in the introduction and           ing choices.
                                            background information.

             Instructional                  Uses a variety of learning/             Does little to encourage
             Soundness                      teaching methods. Draws                 learner to question or to
                                            on different disciplines and            conduct their own inquiry.
                                            subjects. Goals and objectives          Activities are largely class-
                                            are clearly stated.                     room based. Connections to

                                                                                    learners' lives are not
                                                                                    strongly made.

             Usability                      Materials needed are gener-             Background information not
                                            ally available to teachers.             always sufficient. Material is
                                            Material is clearly written,            disjointed at times.
                                            instructions are easy to

     "This material would be easy to pick up and use and to integrate into a curriculum."
         "Not a lot of substance to this guide. It covers a wide range of topics but on
                                      a superficial level."

The Environmental Education Collection — A Review of Resources for Educators Volume 2                           11