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									   Los Angeles County Elder Abuse Forensic Center
        We continue to be most proud of our numerous positive case outcomes
for clients brought to the Forensic Center. In many cases we have halted the
perpetrator from further abuse and at the same time, have taken steps to ensure
the safety and well being of the victim. Various professionals such as law
enforcement detectives and social workers are extremely grateful for timely
assistance from the Forensic Center. Several social workers have come to the
Forensic Center multiple times for assistance.

       The Forensic Center facilitates communication between agencies and
coordination of agency involvement. Los Angeles County is very large and often
agencies that may be involved with the same victim do not have the opportunity
to work together on that victim's case. Through the Forensic Center,
professionals from different agencies are able to meet face-to-face and
coordinate their investigation techniques. For example, the Forensic Center
recently received a case of sexual abuse of a dependent adult. The social
worker, regional center counselor, and detective working with the victim had
never met or conversed before coming to the Forensic Center. They were very
pleased to meet together and fill in the gaps of information for this victim. As a
result of this meeting, all three individuals went together to interview and assist
the victim after the meeting. The Forensic Center sees this coordinated effort as
a huge success. This coordination is thorough and the victim is likely to be less
traumatized because she will not have to repeatedly recount the interview.

       The Forensic Center provides a forum for professionals in the field of elder
abuse to develop connections. These connections are extremely valuable for the
type of work that these professionals do on a daily basis. As an example, a
representative from the Los Angeles Police Department discussed a high-risk
case that he was working on involving an elderly client who was being financially
abused by her personal lawyer. He was able to make a quick referral to the
Office of the Public Guardian because of connections he had through the
Forensic Center. This allowed the client's remaining resources to be safeguarded
from further abuse. The LAPD officer stated that this would not have happened
without links he had made with the Forensic Center.

                                         Theresa Kay Schindler, M.S.G.
                                         Special Project Manager
                                         Los Angeles County Elder Abuse Forensic Center
                                         1733 Griffin Ave., Building 90
                                         Los Angeles, CA 90031
                                         Phone: (323) 226-1470
                                         Fax: (323) 226-1476

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