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					   Product                  HV7800
  Summary                   High Side Current Monitor
                                                                             RSENSE                  ILOAD

                                                                        IN                     LOAD
Applications:                                                       3                      1

  LED driver current
  Switch-mode power
  Battery current monitor
  DC Motor controls                                               BIAS
  Telecom system



     SOT-23 (K1)
                                                                 Typical Application Circuit

                            Product Overview:
                            The HV7800 is a high side current sense IC, which senses the voltage across an external
                            current sense resistor located on the power or “high” side of the circuit and translates this
                            voltage to the ground referenced circuit at a gain of 1 and a typical accuracy of ± 1%.
                            High side current sensing allows the ground or return to be undisturbed when sensing
                            input or load currents. It also allows for simpler implementation of current monitor circuits.
                            The HV7800 has a wide operating range of 8V-450VDC, which enables use in DC power
                            systems of 12V/24V/48V, and also AC off line voltage of 85VAC to 265VAC.
                            The HV7800 has a fast response times which allows use of this current monitor in the feedback
                            loop of switching power supply or LED current driver applications.

                             Features:                               Benefits:
                             Wide input range: 8V to 450V DC         Can be used for multiple applications with a single device
                                                                     Provides accurate information for current monitor or control loop
                             Gain accuracy of +/-1%
                                                                     Low power dissipation. Does not need extra parts or heat sink for
                             Maximum quiescent current of 30uA
                                                                     high voltage operation.
                                                                     Bandwidth of 500KHz. Can be used in switch-mode applications
                             Fast rise and fall times
                                                                     with frequencies of <500KHz.

       031306                                                                         Supertex inc.
High Side Current Monitor

Ordering Information / Availability
Part Number                    Package Option           Samples                      Lead Time
HV7800K1-G                     5 Pin SOT-23 (Green)     Now                          4-5 Weeks

-G indicates the part is RoHS compliant (Green).

Product Contact
For any questions regarding the HV7800, please contact your local area Supertex sales office, or contact the
main office in the US at:

        Telephone:              800-222-9883
        Fax:                    408-222-4895
        EMail:                  mktg@supertex.com
        Website:                www.supertex.com

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                                                                          1235 Bordeaux Drive, Sunnyvale, CA 94089