Athens Checklist for Library Staff by dsi19647


									Athens Admin Team South Devon Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust May 09

                   Athens Checklist for Library Staff
        Method                             Sample Message/Information                       Printed      Library    Library   Induction
                                                                                          information   Intranet   Internet     (and
                                                                                            /leaflet                          induction
   What to                                                                                                                      pack)
   tell users

   How to register        You must self-register and if you do it on an NHSnet
                          machine or use an NHS e-mail address registration is usually
                              Log onto a computer linked to NHSnet and go to:
                              Follow the instructions to register; this takes about 5
                              minutes. You will obtain your username.
                              An activation code will be emailed to you.
                              You will choose your own password.

                          If you do not use either an NHS computer or NHS email
                          address to register, it may take up to 15 working days to
                          receive your username and password.

   Information on         Go to the MyAthens site at:
     resources -          At the prompt enter your username and password, then click
      MyAthens            on the “resources” tab. From there, first check the list of
                          nationally funded NHS resources displayed. Then second,
                          click on “Local resources” to see additional resources bought
                          locally / regionally.

                          Once you have a username and password you can access
                          your NHS Athens resources either at home or at work.
    List of     For example
 resources –    BMJ Journals - All journals published by BMJ in current full
  (regularly    text including the BMJ, Gut, Heart, Thorax and lots more

How to reset    Go to:
                You will need to enter your Athens username and the email
                address you used to register the account.
                If your account is email-enabled, you can use this email
                address instead of your username (i.e. enter your email
                address twice).
How to change   To change your registered organisation/email details log into
 organisation   your NHS Athens account at:
  and email     Then click on "My account" at the top right hand corner.
    details     Here you can change your registered details.

 How to reset   Email: with your full name, full work
username and    address, work telephone number and the email address
  password      which you used to register for the account. In the email
                subject line put ‘Forgotten username and password’.
                It may take up to 5 working days to receive your username.
                You should then reset your password as outlined above.

   Athens       Email
user/Library    Ask the user to give a relevant subject line to their email
user needs to   e.g. Updating MyAthens details
 contact us?

Library STAFF   Please put your Library name or 3 letter code in the subject
   Need to      line of the email. (This enables us to action Library queries
 contact us?    more quickly.)

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