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Gas Detector

The red sensor detects liquid gases (pro-
pane, butane) and natural gas (metha-
ne). The sensor detects the following
Propane 0,5%
Butane 0,4%
Methane 0,8%.

Mounting hints:
Liquid gas is heavier than air and sinks to
the ground. It will spread similarly to wa-
ter and always move to the deepest
point. When used to detect liquid gases,
the sensor should always be mounted close to the ground (max. 20cm above the floor) and close to the
gas consumer.

When used to detect natural gas, the sensor should always be mounted to the highest point of the room.
Methane is lighter than air and will always rise.

Caution: these gases together with air may form an explosive mixture!

The sensor has a connecting cable of approx. 5m length. The white wire of the cable can be connected
directly to the terminals of inputs „e1-“ to „e3-“. Because of its high power consumption, the sensor
cannot be connected to the „Vout“ terminal of the SMS-GUARD. Connect the red wire to the terminal
„Akku+“ and the black once to the terminal „Akku-“.

The contact works as an opener, the input should be programmed for trigger an alarm:


Please refer to the included mounting and operating manual! The contacts are not potential free. If you
like to connect another detector, please contact us to prevent damaging the circuits! .

 Power supply:                     12V DC ±20%
 Power consumption:                Quiescent state approx. 200mA, 2,4Watt
 Power consumption:                Gas detected state approx. 250mA, 3,0Watt
 Ambient temperature:              -15°C to 40°C
 Dimensions:                       Diameter 54mm, Height over all 40mm
 Weight:                           ca. 50g
 Protection:                       IP-20
 Kennzeichen:                      das Gerät ist CE- konform

                        Subject to change without notice. Errors and ommisions excepted.
Original Accessories

                       Subject to change without notice. Errors and ommisions excepted.

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