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									 TransVault: Technology Upgrade Scenarios

 Customer Proffiille
 Customer Pro e              The Challllenge
                             The Cha enge                                       TransVaullt™ Beneffiits
                                                                                TransVau t™ Bene ts

 Multinational Networking    Consolidation of Distributed Email servers         Archive First Strategy Cuts Costs & Downtime
 Technology Provider         onto a New Central Service
                                                                                 The organization archived its email servers first and
 1,500 mailboxes             This multi-national organisation wanted to          used TransVault to convert and migrate archived data.
 18 email servers            consolidate a highly distributed legacy email       No downtime for end users.
 Varied network speeds       environment onto a new, centralized email           No network problems.
                             service. WAN speeds as low as 2MB meant a           Migrated items accessible from shortcuts in the new
                             conventional mailbox migration would be             email service.
                             difficult.                                          Significantly reduced costs and time involved in
                                                                                 migrating 18 sites.

 Large Media Company         Move to a New E-Discovery Platform                 Super-Fast & Reliable Extraction

 950+ staff                  The company decided to switch to a new email        Over 22 million messages were migrated in just over
 US HQ                       archive solution with included e-discovery. As      a week.
                             part of the switch it had to ensure its existing    Full audit logging and checking ensured chain-of-
                             journal archives could be securely, reliably and    custody.
                             quickly moved across.                               Only 11 messages failed due to a corruption that
                                                                                 meant they were not even visible in the legacy

 Microchip Research Firm     Data Locked in an End-of-life Archive              Future-proofed Data

 1,100 mailboxes             Email archives belonging 1,100 users were           TransVault migrated the archived emails – it also
 Europe                      stored on an optical storage device for which       updated the legacy shortcuts in users’ mailboxes so
                             maintenance was being withdrawn.                    they pointed to items in the new archive.
                             The company wanted to move its data to new          Any unreferenced (orphaned) data was moved and
                             storage and a second generation archive             made available via an archive search service.

 Motion Picture Production   A New, Centralised Email Service                   Fast, Zero Down-Time Migration
 & Distribution Company
                             The contents of several extremely large legacy      The TransVault ‘archive first’ approach offered data
 8,000 staff worldwide       email servers had to be migrated, converted and     migration and conversion speeds in excess of 10x
 High volumes of emails      consolidated onto a new email platform. The         that of a conventional ‘foreground’ migration.
 Email sizes up to 30 GB     company had concerns that it’s extremely large      End users were not disrupted whilst their emails
                             emails would be too difficult and slow to           were being converted and moved into the new
                             convert.                                            archive.
                                                                                 The new email servers were not populated with TBs
                                                                                 of legacy emails.

 Large US Utilities          Upgrade to the latest version of an archive        Improved Storage Utilization
 Company                     platform
                                                                                 TransVault was easily configured and data transition
 8,000 employees staff       Email belonging to 2,700 was migrated into the      was fast.
 1TB Data                    latest version of the same email archiving          A two-pass approach enabled the majority of data to
                             platform to take advantage of improved single       be migrated first, and then any recently archived
                             instance storage and performance.                   data to be identified later.

 Large Realty Group          Migration to a hosted email SAAS platform          Fast Extraction to Hosted System

 0.5TB                       A strategic switch from an onsite archive           Ability to do a fast, seamless migration into PST files
 1,000+ users                platform to a hosted SAAS platform required         for ingestion into the hosted platform.
                             that all legacy data had to be exported and
                             made available via the new hosted Exchange

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