Cover Letter Resume' Assignment by pyj86964


									                      Cover Letter & Resume’ Assignment

Points: 25, Cover Letter; 25 Resume’
Purpose: to demonstrate an understanding of the formatting and content of both
a cover letter and a resume’
   1. COVER LETTER: Create a cover letter that contains the 3 paragraphs
      targeting the specific information covered in class. Use the example
      handed out in class as a guideline or check out the internet, which has
      hundreds of sites with cover letter information and examples.

   2. RESUME’: Create a resume’ using the appropriate formatting and content
      for your skills and experience. Be sure and take into consideration what an
      employer will look for in a ‘strong resume’. Attach a copy of the job posting
      with your resume’. You can find examples of resumes in your text and on
      the internet in multiple sites.

   3. Proof both documents to make sure there are no typos: misspelled words,
      grammatical errors, or formatting mistakes. I suggest having at least one
      other person proofread your documents to give you a fresh set of eyes for
      this important process.

   4. Remember, there are two grades for these assignments: 25 points or 0

         a. If there are any errors on your cover letter or resume’ you will forfeit
            all points for the assignments.
         b. If there are no errors and the formatting and information is
            appropriate you will earn full credit for the assignment.
         c. Even if you do not have much experience, if you present yourself
            competently with what you have within a cover letter and resume’,
            you automatically increase your chances for getting the job.

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