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					                         CANDIDATES’ PERSONAL STATEMENTS
          2008 Election for the Board of Directors of the Legal Writing Institute

Below is the complete text of the personal statements submitted by candidates (or
statements by nominators) for election to the LWI Board of Directors.


Cynthia M. Adams
Clinical Associate Professor of Law (This title will officially change this spring to
    Clinical Professor of Law)
Indiana University School of Law – Indianapolis
735 West New York Street
Indianapolis, Indiana 46202
(317) 274-4909
(317) 274-8565 (fax)

Throughout my twenty years as a legal writing professor I have steadfastly supported
LWI and its goals. I stand ready to take my commitment to the next level as an LWI
Board Director. I offer my extensive knowledge in teaching domestic and international
law students and my wide-ranging experience in teaching-related programs to help LWI
meet the new challenges of legal skills education in the 21st century. For instance, the
globalization of law practice is creating opportunities for LWI and its members to engage
in respectful discourse with colleagues beyond our borders and to help develop skilled
lawyers around the world. These opportunities also enhance our teaching at home. To
support these endeavors I created and chair the LWI global legal skills committee, which
has developed a list of resources for teaching legal skills to international students and
promotes exchange programs and study abroad opportunities. I also manage a listserv
devoted to teaching legal skills to international students and subscribed by law
professionals all over the globe. Given my expertise in teaching international students
and my participation in international exchange programs, I can help LWI deepen their
cross-border relationships and its development of outreach programs around the world.


Robin A. Boyle
Professor of Legal Writing
Coordinator of Academic Support
Assistant Director of the Writing Center
St. John’s University School of Law
8000 Utopia Parkway
Queens, NY 11439
(718) 990-6609
(718) 591-1855 (fax)

I have been teaching Legal Research and Writing to first-year students for fourteen years.
I additionally teach an upper-level course, covering contract drafting and litigation
documents, and Contracts to Summer Institute students. As Chair of the LWI
Scholarship Outreach Committee during 2007-08, I gained an understanding of the
workings of the LWI Board.

My primary areas of interest are legal writing, learning styles, pedagogy, academic
support, contract drafting, and contracts. My articles and essays appear in several legal
periodicals, including the Journal of Legal Writing; Perspectives: Teaching Legal
Research and Writing; Second Draft; Gonzaga Law Review, and the Journal of Legal
Education. My conference presentations include the 2004 and 2006 LWI biennial
conferences, 2005 ALWD conference, 2005 Teaching Contract Drafting conference and
for three years at the Annual Leadership Certification Institute for Learning Styles

In 2005, I was awarded the Faculty Outstanding Achievement Award by the President of
my university. I serve as Board Member for the AALS Section on Academic Support
and as Co-Chair for the program committee for 2009 annual meeting.

I would like to serve on the LWI Board of Directors because it has been such a great
resource to those teaching legal writing.


Candace Mueller Centeno
Assistant Professor of Legal Writing
Villanova University School of Law
299 N. Spring Mill Road
Villanova, PA 19085
(610) 519-6414
(610) 519-5672 (fax)

I joined the legal writing faculty at Villanova in the Fall 2006, bringing with me thirteen
years of litigation experience and enthusiasm for the importance of legal writing in
practice. In Winter 2007, I spoke at the Rocky Mountain Legal Writing Conference
about my use of connected legal writing assignments to get my students thinking beyond
the isolated issue in a memorandum and about the relationship between legal writing
assignments and practice. I also discussed my use of connected assignments in my
related article published in the Fall 2007 issue of Perspectives. I attended the 2006 LWI
Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, and will present a poster at the 2008 LWI Conference.
In the past two years, I have also implemented the use of time sheets as both a teaching
and learning tool, and I created a series of citation competitions to instruct students using
fun and interactive activities. I am excited about the opportunity to be a part of the
leadership of the LWI. Among other things, I would like to explore additional ways legal
writing programs can provide further instruction on legal professionalism and other
practical tools needed when students transition from school to the practice of law.


Leah M. Christensen
Assistant Professor of Law
University of St. Thomas School of Law
1000 LaSalle Avenue, MSL 400
Minneapolis, MN 55403
(651) 962-4869
(651) 962-4996 (fax)

5704 Knox Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55419
(612) 345-7109

Over the past six years (since beginning to teach legal writing), I have benefited from the
advice and support of my colleagues and mentors from LWI. I would be honored to
serve as a LWI board member and work towards the continued growth of our discipline.
I have concentrated my scholarship in the areas of teaching and learning. I have studied

how experts and novices read the law, and whether the way in which they read impacts
their law school success. The results of these studies suggest that what we do in the
classroom directly impacts our students’ success.

In the last several years, I have become an active member of the legal writing
community. I have published articles in the Second Draft, Perspectives, and other law
journals. I have enjoyed presenting at legal writing conferences and I hope to continue to
challenge myself to actively engage within this dynamic community. Although the legal
writing discipline has prospered, more work needs to be done. We need to continue our
efforts to achieve job security, pay equity and professional status within the legal
academy. And we need to continue to be the leaders in teaching innovation.


Rachel Croskery-Roberts
Clinical Assistant Professor of Law
Michigan Law School
625 South State Street
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109
(734) 764-9336
(734) 763-9375 (fax)

4145 Inglewood Drive
Ypsilanti, Michigan 48197
(734) 572-3659

LWI plays a key role in supporting us as teachers and academics by facilitating the
continued growth and development of a community willing to go the extra mile for all
colleagues. I am incredibly lucky to be a part of that community, and I welcome the
opportunity to play a greater role in LWI’s day-to-day efforts and to help craft a blueprint
for LWI’s future focus.

I have been moved by the work of so many LWI members, and I realized early in my
teaching career that I wanted to take a more active role in the national community of
academics to which I belong. Thus, I am currently Chair-Elect of the AALS Section on
Legal Writing, Reasoning, and Research; Treasurer of the AALS Section on Teaching
Methods; and an Assistant Editor for the LWI Journal. I also serve on various LWI and
AALS committees, and I have presented or moderated panels at numerous conferences,
including the 2006 LWI conference in Atlanta, the Applied Legal Storytelling conference
in London, and the 2007 AALS Annual Meeting.

I work hard, and I am a strong advocate for the advancement of those in our profession. I
hope you will give me your vote.


George D. Gopen
Professor of the Practice of Rhetoric (Duke University)
Senior Lecturing Fellow (School of Law, Duke University)
Senior Lecturing Fellow (Department of English, Duke University)
(919) 384-7175 (fax)

3415 Stoneybrook Drive
Durham, NC, 27705
(919) 384-7175
(919) 641-1122 (cell)

I was active in the earlier days of the LWI, having been a Board member for several
terms in the 1980s and 1990s. I have spoken 9 times at LWI conventions (including two
keynote addresses) and published 4 times in the LWI Journal. I have published 3 books
on writing and 30 articles in a number of journals, including the Chicago Law Review,
the Michigan Law Review, and JLE. I have taught legal writing for 5 years at Harvard
and for 14 years now at Duke, where I lecture and work with students individually.

I have also been a writing consultant for 30 years for over 130 clients, including law
firms, corporations, and governmental agencies. I have lectured on writing in Canada,
Argentina, Turkey, and Japan. The federal laws of Canada are now written in accordance
with my Reader Expectation Approach to controlling prose.

I have a renewed interest in how writing might be taught at law school. At the moment I
am serving as expert witness in a major trial that might have significant impact on the
way Plain English is evaluated by the courts. It makes me wish once again to be a
member of the LWI Board.


Sanford N. Greenberg
Associate Professor of Legal Writing
Chicago-Kent College of Law
Illinois Institute of Technology
565 West Adams Street
Chicago, IL 60661-3691
(312) 906-5284 (voice/fax)
(312) 906-5280 (fax only)

I would be honored to serve on the LWI Board. I can bring to the Board enthusiasm and
insights based on years of delivering skills training, researching and writing about such

training, and running an upper-division skills program. The increased professionalization
and status of skills teachers have benefitted many of us, and I would strive to help the
Board promote continued progress in this area.

I have over a decade of experience teaching first-year legal writing or upper-division
appellate advocacy as well as various doctrinal courses. I have attended various LWI
conferences since 1994, first presenting in Seattle (1996). The tremendous morale and
exciting ideas of the 2006 Atlanta LWI conference particularly inspire me to seek this
Board position.

In 2005 and 2007, I conducted surveys on legal research trends and presented the results
at Chicago-Kent’s Future of Legal Research symposia. My article on these surveys,
“Legal Research Training: Preparing Students for a Rapidly Changing Research
Environment,” is being published in Volume 13 of Legal Writing. At Chicago-Kent, I
have actively participated in planning curricular changes, and I served for six years as
Director of Appellate Advocacy.


Michael J. Higdon
Legal Writing Professor
William S. Boyd School of Law/UNLV
4505 Maryland Parkway
Box 451003
Las Vegas, Nevada 89154-1003
(702) 895-2334
(702) 895-2482 (fax)

I have been teaching legal writing for five years, and throughout that time, I have greatly
admired the Legal Writing Institute and all the services and opportunities it provides.
 Additionally, this past year I was able to become better acquainted with the organization
by serving on the LWI’s 2008 Conference Planning Committee. Although a rewarding
experience in and of itself, this opportunity made it quite clear to me how much more
involved in the organization I would like to become. Accordingly, I would be honored to
serve on the LWI Board of Directors. During my years of teaching, I have accumulated a
number of experiences that I hope might be helpful to the Board. Specifically, I have
been so lucky as to not only be a part of the legal writing program at UNLV but also to
have the opportunity serve as a visiting professor in Seattle University’s highly-ranked
legal writing program; I have presented, both at regional and national legal writing
conferences, on a number of topics relating to legal writing education; I have authored
several pieces for legal writing newsletters like Perspectives and The Second Draft; and I
have written scholarly articles. I thank you for your consideration.


Jeffrey D. Jackson
Associate Professor of Law
Washburn University School of Law
1700 SW College
Topeka, KS 66621
(785) 670-1833
(785) 670-3249 (fax)

Nominator’s Statement (by Lyn Goering): My colleague, Jeff Jackson, has given me
permission to nominate him for the LWI Board of Directors. Jeff is an outstanding
professor who will devote his tireless energy, creativity, and talent to advancing the
Institute’s goals. He has my personal endorsement and highest recommendation.

Statement by Candidate: I believe that Legal Writing is the most important class in the
first-year law school curriculum. The Legal Writing Institute has done a wonderful job
of promoting the interests of legal writing professors everywhere through its compilation
of teaching resources, its legal education programs, its forums for new ideas, and its
tireless advocacy on behalf of its members. I have been teaching Legal Writing for the
past four years, and the LWI’s resources were instrumental in helping me to become an
effective professor.

The past few years have been an exciting time, as more and more schools have
recognized the importance of Legal Writing. This trend will only continue, and it is
incumbent on the LWI to be on the cutting-edge of innovation for the profession. As I
prospective Board member, I hope to help the LWI continue its support of its members,
and to find new avenues through which we can all become better professors.


Dr. Boon Kin Lau
AGS Management Consultants Sdn Bhd
498-3-2 Wisma Indah
Jalan Tun Razak
50400 Kuala Lumpur
603-92815516 (fax)

21 Lingkungan Desa
Taman Desa
58100 Kuala Lumpur

Served in the rank of Captain as Education Officer in the Royal Malaysian Air Force.
Became interested in law after undergoing an intensive course on military law.
Graduated from the University of Malaya in 1968 with a B.Sc. Later, attended post-
graduate diploma program in personnel management in the early 70’s. Obtained
subsequently a Ph.D. in Business Administration in 1985. majoring in industrial relations.
Joined a public corporation in 1972 as its Group Personnel Manager until 1977.
Thereafter, I started my own management consultancy firm providing various advsory
services on human resource management and industrial relations. As a management
trainer, I regularly conduct public programs on Malaysian Labour Law, general
management and industrial relations. Trained more than 35,000 executives at all levels
ast 30 years. and helped resolve numerous trade disputes for companies at conciliatory
and arbitrational levels. Besides, I often lecture labour law at local universities and
professional institutions. An active Rotarian and Toastmaster, I have authored a book on
Dismissal on Trial – refer to my website for details. Intend to write more books on
Malaysian Labour Law and practices on retirement.


Jonathan A. Marcantel
Legal Writing Professor
Charleston School of Law
81 Mary Street
Charleston, South Carolina 29403
(843) 377-2449
(843) 579-2206 (fax)

For those of you who do not know me, my name is Jon Marcantel, and I am a Legal
Writing Professor at the Charleston School of Law. After two years of only “lurking” on
the Listserv, I am eager to get involved and work hard for all of our interests. I hope you
will vote for me because I am full of ideas and I am excited to share them.


Ellie Margolis
Associate Professor of Law
Temple University Law School
1719 North Broad Street, Philadelphia PA 19122
(215) 204-8964
(215) 204-1185 (fax)

Nominator’s Statement (by Kathy Stanchi): Ellie Margolis has been a leader in the LRW
community for many years. Ellie has had a varied career in LRW, serving as both a
professor and assistant director at Vermont Law School, and then as a professor at
Temple Law School. Her experience serving as a teacher and a director has given her a
balanced and objective view of the different LRW staffing models. As a veteran legal
writing teacher of 14 years, she is deeply invested in using her experience to help the
LWI grow and improve as the national voice of the LRW community. She would
especially like to participate in LWI’s efforts to be a strong resource for LRW professors
seeking to develop their professional status and scholarship. Ellie’s own scholarship in
the areas of brief- writing, pedagogy and legal research has pushed the boundaries of the
discipline and offered fresh insights into the teaching of legal writing. She has served the
LRW community in many ways, most recently as a member of the welcoming committee
at the AALS. She would bring her substantial energy, experience, intellect and
formidable common sense to her role as LWI board member.


Tracy L. McGaugh (incumbent)
Associate Professor of Legal Process
Touro Law Center
225 Eastview Dr.
Central Islip, NY 11722
(631) 761-7184
(631) 761-7179 (fax) (web page) (blog)

This is less personal statement than public service announcement. Nothing I write in 200
words is going to sway you much one way or the other. Having been in the profession
for 10 1/2 years and on the board for the past 4, I've probably already left some kind of
impression on you that will lead you to vote for me or not. So I’m using the rest of my
statement to encourage you to vote your own self-interest. Vote for people who will
bring creative, new initiatives to LWI -- initiatives that make *your* heart sing and make
you want to get involved. Vote for people who will go to bat for you. Vote for people
who will push the envelope and take you with them. And for the sake of all returning
board members, vote for people who can do all of this in their allotted time at the


Kathryn (Katy) L. Mercer, J.D., Ph.D., M.S.S.A.
Associate Professor of Lawyering Skills
Case Western Reserve University School of Law
11075 East Blvd.
Cleveland, Ohio 44106
(216) 368-2173
(216) 368-2086 (fax)

The LWI has been for me a source of inspiration, guidance, support, and teaching
resources for 24 years since I have been a member of the LRW faculty at CWRU Law
School. It is the most important community we have as LRW professionals. I was a
LWI Board member from 1994 to 2004. I also served the LWI as Editor in Chief of the
Journal of the Legal Writing Institute, July 1998 to July 2001, May 2002 to September
2004; Co-Editor in Chief of the Journal, July 2001 to May 2004; and Associate Editor of
the Journal, July 1994 to July 1998, September 2004 to September 2007. I am ready to
again serve the Institute’s constituents.

If elected to the Board, I will direct my efforts toward enhancing the status of LWI
professionals in the legal academy; ensuring that conferences continue to provide an
informal exchange of ideas on teaching and research; promoting scholarship derived from
presentations at these conferences, from teaching, and from topics explored by the LWI

listserve; maintaining a variety of forums where we can publish that scholarship (the
Journal, The Second Draft, the new Monograph series); and further building an esprit de
corps among our members.


Karin Mika
Professor of Legal Writing and Research
Cleveland-Marshall College of Law
2121 Euclid Ave.
Cleveland, Ohio 44115
(216) 687-5278
(216) 687-6881 (fax)

My name is Karin Mika and I have been teaching Legal Writing at Cleveland-Marshall
for eighteen years. I served as Assistant Director for the program while we employed
adjuncts and was responsible for curriculum development, hiring, and a whole lot of
miscellanea. I have served as Advisor to the school’s Moot Court team and am nationally
active in judging moot court competitions and grading briefs. Currently, our school has
an upper level skills type requirement in addition to an upper level scholarly requirement
and I teach upper level writing courses in addition to supervising numerous law review
notes. I have also received teaching grants for implementing technology in the classroom
and have also published extensively on numerous topics. Nationally, I am currently a
member of the Scholarship Committee, the Survey Committee, the Teaching Methods
Poster Committee, and am an Assistant Editor for the LWI Journal. I am very interested
in helping to improve and ensure the security, status, and respect of all Legal Writing
professionals and believe that my participation on the LWI board will enable me to
achieve that goal. I believe my extensive experience in the field makes me an appropriate
choice for a position on the Board.


John R. Mollenkamp
Associate Clinical Professor, Lawyering Program
Cornell Law School
Myron Taylor Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853-4901
(607) 255-0146
(607) 255-7193 (fax)

The LWI should support teachers of legal writing in many ways. The listserv connects us
to each other so that nobody must struggle alone. No LRW office is so isolated that its
occupant cannot gain help and inspiration from generous colleagues and the Idea Bank.

Regional and national conferences let us meet and learn from colleagues who have tried
new ideas or improved old ones. None of this support could be possible without some of
us serving on the LWI board.

My own qualifications to serve on the board are so few that I can list them all here. I
have taught legal writing at three schools and in three different capacities: student,
adjunct, and voting faculty member. I have begun sharing my experience by presenting
at a few regional conferences and at LWI. I have also begun serving on the teaching
resources committee, the Idea Bank 2.0 committee, and the LWI/ALWD survey
committee. I hope my efforts have improved our profession. Most importantly, I am
willing to support legal writing in every way I know how. I will be an advocate, a
colleague, a mentor, and a friend. I would appreciate your vote.


Nancy Oliver
Associate Professor of Legal Research and Writing
University of Cincinnati College of Law
P.O. Box 210040
Cincinnati, Ohio 45221-0040
(513) 556-4361
(513) 556-1236 (fax)

I am a devoted fan of the Legal Writing Institute and its dedicated and supportive
members. I owe so much to this organization and these great people. As a new teacher,
LWI was instrumental in helping me grow. As a maturing professional, I obtained much
needed support from the seasoned and savvy members of this group as I worked with
others at my institution to obtain the recognition as a full and valued member of the
faculty. I would be honored to serve LWI as a Director-at-Large.

I experience my greatest professional satisfaction from finding new ways to partner with
students to help them achieve their potential as writers and scholars. I am in my fifth
year of full-time teaching at the University of Cincinnati. I have taught in our Lawyering
I program and coordinated the Academic Success Program. Previously I taught as an
adjunct in legal writing and lawyering at Southern Methodist University School of Law.
I also serve the community by being on a legislative committee for the State of Ohio
studying hospital-acquired infections and by volunteering for a food pantry.


Julie Oseid
Assistant Professor of Law
University of St. Thomas School of Law
MSL 400, 1000 LaSalle Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55403
(651) 962-4948
(651) 962-4996 (fax)

During my very first LWI conference I found a perfect professional fit. I suspect this is
because if I was a doctor I would be a pediatrician. Like pediatricians, we are underpaid
and overworked, but absolutely committed to excellence and vital to those we serve.
Like pediatricians, we are approachable professionals who also have fun! We have the
privilege of teaching future lawyers the most important skills they will ever learn – how
to research, analyze, and write.

I think the LWI Board should have at least one “new” member. I am a new, but
enthusiastic and active LWI member. My LWI experience includes: serving on a
national committee, receiving an ALWD/LWI research grant, and presenting at the 2008
and upcoming 2010 national conferences. I have published several articles, including a
mentoring article (winner of the 2007 Warren E. Burger prize) and an article published in
the Legal Writing Journal. At UST, I have served on the admissions committee, the
curriculum committee, and the graduate curriculum committee.

I support the current mission of LWI to improve legal writing, to promote legal writing
instruction, and to educate others about legal writing. I would be delighted to represent
you on the LWI Board.


Carol McCrehan Parker (incumbent)
Associate Professor & Director of Legal Writing
University of Tennessee College of Law
1505 W. Cumberland Ave.
Knoxville, TN 37996-1810
(865) 974-6700
(865) 974-0681 (fax)

During my twenty-two years of teaching legal writing and directing legal writing
programs, the Legal Writing Institute has been the driving force in the development of
both our discipline and our community, as well as a constant source of information,
support, and inspiration. I am more grateful than I can say for all that I have learned from
its members and for the opportunities I’ve had to participate in LWI’s many activities,

including attending and presenting at LWI conferences (including one at our law school),
serving on various committees, and serving as a member of its Board of Directors and as
Treasurer. I seek a second term on LWI’s Board of Directors because I deeply appreciate
LWI’s contributions to legal education and its continuing, unflagging vitality; it’s a
privilege to serve this organization.


Norm Plate
Associate Professor of Law
Thomas M. Cooley Law School
300 South Capitol Ave.
P.O. Box 13038
Lansing, MI 48901
(517) 371-5140 (x-2607)
(517) 334-5781 (fax)

1373 Northern Ridge Dr.
Brighton, MI 48116
(810) 229-5513

Hi! I’m Norm Plate, and I’d like your vote for the Board of Directors.

Having worked for fifteen years in the legal profession before entering academia, I bring
a high level of practice experience to teaching; my experience includes a federal district-
court clerkship and two state appellate-court clerkships. And serving on the boards of
two theatre companies has given me the requisite organizational, budgetary, and long-
term planning skills for this position.

I began teaching Research & Writing part-time at Capital University Law School in
Columbus, Ohio, in August 2004, and shortly thereafter, I discovered that I had found my
passion in life – teaching Research & Writing!

In May 2005, I left Capital for a full-time position as a visiting professor at the Thomas
M. Cooley Law School, in Lansing, Michigan, and in January 2006, I was promoted to a
tenure-track Associate Professor position.

Having enjoyed the benefits of LWI membership since June 2004, I think that now it’s
time for me to start giving back. I’m hard-working, enthusiastic, and creative, and if
elected, I’ll work tirelessly to promote LWI’s goal of improving legal writing, not only in
the law schools, but across the legal profession as well.


David Spratt
Legal Rhetoric Instructor
American University, Washington College of Law
4801 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20016
(202) 274-4059
(202) 274-4587 (fax)

A position on the LWI Board would allow me to help shape the activities of LWI and
work with other legal writing scholars to maintain the quality and professionalism for
which LWI is deservedly recognized. I am currently a full-time Legal Rhetoric instructor
at the American University, Washington College of Law, where I also teach Family Law
Practice and Drafting. Prior to teaching Legal Rhetoric, I taught Legal Writing and
Research at the George Washington University School of Law, Legal Analysis and
Writing at Concord School of Law, and Legal Methods at the Washington College of
Law. I am an active participant in state, local, and national bar associations and
organizations. Currently, I am most heavily involved in the Virginia Bar Association,
where I am a Past Chair of the Domestic Relations Section and the Founding Chair of the
Northern Virginia Regional Advisory Committee. This spring, I will launch a regular
column (called “Writer’s Block”) in the Virginia Bar Association News Journal. I
recently was accepted as an Assistant Editor for the Journal of the Legal Writing
Institute, and I look forward to working with other LWI members in that capacity.


David Thomson
LP Professor
Sturm College of Law
University of Denver
2255 E. Evans Avenue
Denver, CO 80208
(303) 871-6467

The LWI has a dual mission: to support learning and scholarship among its membership,
and to educate the academy about the importance of what we do. The first goes to
making us all better teachers of this critical course in the professional development of our
students, and the second goes to the proper recognition of LRW teachers in the academy
– our own professional development. Success in both requires effective communication,
and in this era of ubiquitous and ever-changing electronic media, I would like to help the
LWI to harness new technologies in the service of its dual mission.

Indeed, I have already been trying to help in these areas. I have served as an Assistant
Editor of the LWI Journal for four years. I also served as a member of the Website
Committee for two years, the Bylaws revision Committee last year, and recently chaired

the “Idea Bank 2.0” Committee, which examined the myriad ways the LWI
communicates in the context of new “Web 2.0” technologies. As part of my work for the
Website Committee, look for a newly redesigned LWI website in June, most of which
will be updatable by committee chairs. For more information about me, visit:


Melissa H. Weresh
Professor of Law
Drake University Law School
Des Moines, Iowa 50311-4545
(515) 271-3926
(515) 271-2530 (fax)

Let me start by saying how much I love working in this field. I have been teaching legal
writing for eleven years and have been proudly involved in LWI during that entire time.
Although I am active in other professional activities, including speaking on ethics and
professionalism and service in legal professional associations, I always consider myself
an ambassador of the legal writing field. I feel this way about my work with the AALS
sections on Teaching Methods and LWRR. LWI is a tremendous organization filled with
devoted, creative individuals. I hope that my efforts co-chairing the upcoming
conference demonstrate my support of our colleagues as they showcase their work.
Moreover, I hope that my scholarship on 405(c) status has been beneficial to our
community. Being a board member involves a significant amount of time and dedication.
My participation in this community, evidenced by my work on the past three biennial
conferences, work on various regional conferences, service on the LWI Journal, and
dedication to legal writing scholarship, reveals that I am capable of such a commitment.
If elected as your board representative, I would strive to pursue opportunities that ensure
that the LRW community continues to thrive and grow.


Mark E. Wojcik
Professor of Law
The John Marshall Law School—Chicago
315 S. Plymouth Court
Chicago, IL 60604
(312) 987-2391
(312) 987-2391 (fax)

929 W. Ainslie Street, Apt. 2E
Chicago, IL 60640
(773) 506-0249

I have taught legal writing and been a member of the Legal Writing Institute for 15
years. I previously served on the LWI Board of Directors, from 1997 to 2001. I served
(for almost 10 years) on the LWI Outreach Committee (now “the Golden Pen
Committee”), which hosts the Golden Pen Award Ceremony at each AALS annual
meeting. I have presented at many of the LWI conferences and contributed articles on
legal writing issues to the Second Draft, the Journal of the Legal Writing Institute, The
Law Teacher, and the Student Lawyer. I contribute to the Legal Writing Prof Blog. I am
an author of a legal research text and a coursebook on Legal English for students who
speak English as a second language, I created the Global Legal Skills Conference. I am
active in the ABA, AALS, ISBA, ASIL, and other professional associations. I am a
member of Scribes and Clarity. I direct the Legal English Program at the International
Law Institute in Washington, D.C., but I am not the director of my school’s writing
program. I feel it is important for the LWI board to include some non-directors. I’m a
member of the LWI Pink Ink Caucus.