Needle-free Injection System by tkh19408


									Suitable Injection Sites                                                Cleaning, Disinfecting,
      WARNING: Do not position the Syringe directly over                     and Storage
      a blood vessel. Although injection into the vessel is
      highly unlikely, injection over a vessel may produce                         CAUTION: Do not autoclave.
      an adverse reaction including, but not limited to         CLEANING
      perforation, bruising, swelling, or tenderness.
                                                                Injector and Reset Station may be cleaned by wiping excess
                                                                debris from exterior with a damp cloth and immersing or holding
                                                                under clean, running water. If the interior is subjected to water,
Needle-free jet injection sites are identical to those used
for conventional needle and syringe. Select a site that is
                                                                shake out excess water and allow to dry.
                                                                                                                                             Injection System
free from irritation, with a low likelihood of infection, and   The Injector and Reset Station can be immersed in disinfecting                            0.5ml volume
where the skin is intact and free from abrasions, bruises,      solution according to manufacturer’s directions. Rinse thoroughly
Just as when using a syringe and needle, the caregiver
                                                                with clean water and allow to dry.
                                                                                                                                       INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE
must assess the age and weight of the patient when              To store Injector in Reset Station, insert Injector and lift upward
                                                                on the two sliding arms while closing the lid. This action allows
choosing which injector to use. In general the deltoid or
                                                                Injector to be stored with the spring uncompressed.
                                                                                                                                                   System Components
triceps muscles are most often used as the delivery site for
vaccines. Other injectable medicines may have specific
sites for injection. Always follow package directions from
                                                                           Reorder Information
                                                                                                                                              Sterile single-
the manufacturer of the substance to be injected. Please        Item                                               Catalogue #                                                         (light)
                                                                                                                                              use Needle-
                                refer to the diagram for        Injector - Purple (Light)                              101
                                                                                                                                              free Syringe
                                suitable injection sites for    Injector - Blue (Heavy)                                107
                                children and adults.                                                                                                                                   Injector
                                                                Reset Station                                          301
                                                                Sterile Single-Use Filling Adapter                     205
                                                                (box of 100)
                                                                Sterile Single-Use Needle-free Syringe                 201                    Sterile single-
                                                                (box of 100)                                                                  use Filling                              Reset
                               INFANTS UP TO 2 YEARS            Sterile Single-Use Needle-free Syringe                 202                    Adapter                                  Station
                               Injection site for               with Filling Adapter (box of 100)
                               Subcutaneous and
                               Intramuscular injections                   Warranty Information                                               CAUTION: Federal law restricts the use of these
                                                                The Injector and Reset Station carry an express warranty against             devices to sale on the order of a physician.
                                                                defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the date
                                                                of purchase.                                                          Indications for Use
                                                                            Contact Information                                       The PharmaJet Needle-free Injection System is
                                                                                                                                      intended to deliver various medications and vaccines
                               ADULTS AND CHILDREN              Customer Support 1 888 901 0009     
                               2 YEARS AND OLDER                                                                                      either intramuscularly or subcutaneously by means of
                                                                   Sales Inquiries 1 888 900 4321     
                                                                              Fax 1 888 501 3111                                      a narrow, high velocity fluid jet, which penetrates the
                               Injection sites for                                                                                    skin and delivers the medicine or vaccine to the body.
                               Subcutaneous and                          US Office:      221 Corporate Circle - Suite D               Healthcare providers who routinely administer
                               Intramuscular injections                                  Golden, Colorado 80401, USA
                                                                                                                                      injections may use the PharmaJet Needle-free
                                                                                 Tel +1 303 526 4278 FAX +1 303 526 4052
                                                                                                                                      Injection System. It may be used for adults and
                                                                European Office:         ul. Kazimierzowka 3                          children. It can also be used by patients authorized by
                                                                                         05-510 Konstancin, Poland                    their physicians to self-inject, or have other individuals
Self-injection sites should be easily accessible and visible                     Tel +48 227 172 500 FAX +48 224 853 011              administer injections of prescribed medication.
to allow proper injection technique.                                              Label #50-10007-001 Rev C
1a. Select the Proper Injector                                                    Fig 3
                                                                                                   d. Rotate assembly upside down. Pull down
                                                                                                      on the Plunger to partially fill syringe with
                                                                                                                                                            4. To Give an Injection
Depth of penetration is determined by IM or SC technique, age                                         medicine. Remove air bubbles by tapping                     WARNING: Improper injection site location or
of patient, adipose thickness, and injector selection.                                                on the Syringe and expel air back into vial.                technique may result in injury.
                                                                                                      After air has been expelled, fill Syringe by
                               The Purple injector is suitable for
                               infants up to two years old, geriatric                                 aligning red rubber ring with fill line.                    CAUTION: If the Injector fails to cock, or if the Injector
                                                   adults, or locations                            e. Snap off end of the Plunger handle (Fig 3).                 inner housing does not move freely, DO NOT USE.
                                                   with thin skin and                                 Note “ears” for step 3a below.                              Continued use may result in an incomplete injection or
  0.5ml Needle-free Injector   - Light             minimal adipose                                                                                                failure to inject.
                                                   tissue.                                           NOTES:
                                                                                                     The Filling Adapter may be used to fill several         a. Place the face of the Syringe against the skin,
                                                                                                     Syringes from a multi-dose vial. If Syringes are
                                The Blue injector is suitable for adults
                                                                           Fill                                                                                perpendicular to the prepared injection site.
                                                                           Line                      not to be continuously filled from the
                                and children two years and older, or
                                                                                                     same vial, remove the Filling Adapter
                                                                                                                                                            b. Remove thumb from “3”. Apply gentle pressure and
                                                    locations with
                                                                                                     and dispose of in accordance with local                   push Injector against the injection site until the inner
                                                    thicker skin and
                                                                                                     requirements.                                             housing of the Injector stops moving backward. This
 0.5ml Needle-free Injector    - Heavy              more adipose
                                                                                                                                                               action allows the trigger to be released.
                                                    tissue.                                          If the filled Syringe will not be used
                                                                            Draw          “Ears”     immediately, remove from Filling Adapter               c. To inject press down on “4”. You will hear a “click”
                                                                            to fill                  and replace protective yellow Cap.                        upon injection.
1b. Prepare the Injector                                                                                                                                    d. Verify Syringe contents were delivered by inspecting
                                                                                                             CAUTION: DO NOT reuse Filling                     that the blue Syringe plunger has advanced completely
      CAUTION: Repeated dry-firing will damage Injector.                                                     Adaptor in another vial. Doing so may             to the Syringe tip.
                                                                                                             contaminate contents of new vial.              e. Recap Syringe and remove from the Injector.
a. Place the Injector into the Reset Station, as                                                                                                            f. Dispose of Syringe and Filling Adapter in accordance
   indicated by the number “1” inside the                                                 Snap off Plunger
                                                                                                                                                               with local regulations.
   Reset Station.
b. Close the lid completely as indicated by the                             3. Load Injector                                                                Subcutaneous Injection:            Intramuscular Injection:
   number “2” (Fig 1). This action prepares                                                                                                                 Pinching skin over the             Injecting straight into the
   the Injector. Lid may partially reopen but                                              CAUTION: Partial insertion of Syringe into Injector              injection site limits depth        tissue achieves a deeper
   Injector is ready to use.                                                               may damage Syringe.                                              of penetration.                    delivery.
   NOTE: The Reset Station is best used from
                                                                            a. Place thumb on “3” marked on                                       Fig 4
   a standing position.
                                                                               Injector and slide up until tip of
2. Fill a Syringe
                                                         Fig 1
                                                                               thumb rests against rear of
                                                                               trigger. Align Syringe ears with
      CAUTION: Tip of Filling Adaptor is sharp. Take care                      Injector notches and firmly insert
      when handling. Do not attempt to use a partially filled                   Syringe into Injector (Fig 4). Rotate
      Syringe – damage may occur.                                              Syringe clockwise 90˚ until a positive
                                                                               stop is felt. Any excess fluid drawn up                             Place
a. Remove protective cap from                        Insert                    in step 2d will be purged back into                                 thumb
   primary vial packaging and prepare                Adapter                   primary container, assuring dose                                    on “3”
   top following aseptic techniques.                                                                                                                          NOTE: Proper placement of Injector is perpendicular to skin.
                                                                               accuracy and minimizing waste.
b. Aspetically remove the Filling Adapter                                   b. Turn assembly right side up and slide
   from packaging and remove the                                               Syringe out of Filling Adapter.
   protective sleeve from the end. Insert
   sterile Filling Adapter into the vial by                                           Rotate                                                                    CAUTION: DO NOT
   pushing the pointed tip into the rubber septum Engage                               90o                              NOTE: To confirm the Syringe            deliver injection with
                                                         Syringe                                                        is properly installed, verify the       the Injector at a slanted
   with twisting motions until it is fully engaged.
                                                          Fig 2                                V-notch                  arrow position indicator on             angle to the patient.
c. Aspetically remove a Syringe from packaging.
                                                                                                                        Syringe is aligned with “V”
   Remove protective yellow cap. Slide Syringe into the                                                                 notch on the Injector.
   Filling Adapter and verify it is fully engaged (Fig 2).
                                                                                                   Fig 5

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