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Name                     :   M. SOET
First Name               :   Margje
Date of Birth            :   11 September 1967
Nationality              :   Dutch
Main Disciplines         :   Agro-Hydrology, Soil Physics, Hydrology, Climate Change
Address                  :   521 River Garden
                             Hou Sha Yu, Shun Yi district
                             Beijing 101300
                             PR China
                             Tel: +86 136 1102 3310

Key Qualifications
Margje Soet has some 10 years experience in agro-hydrology, soil physics and climate change,
focusing on the impact of land surface-atmosphere interactions on forecasting large scale, long term
hydrological and atmospheric processes. After obtaining her M Sc in 1991, she became a research associate at
Wageningen Agricultural University. She was active in a series of international multi-disciplinary projects,
conducting extensive research in Niger, Spain and Slovakia from 1992 to 1995. After a year in Poland, working on
water purification, she moved on to Alterra research institute, Wageningen in 1997. There she developed and
implemented conceptual improvements for the hydrological component of regional scale climate models.
In 2002, Margje and her family moved to Beijing, PR China. There she has been involved in various
cultural and charity programs. She is active for Future Water projects in China since 2007.

Educational background
1985-1991            M Sc. Wageningen Agricultural University, The Netherlands.
                     Subjects: Agrohydrology, Soil Physics, Soil- and Water conservation.

Professional Experience
2007-                Future Water, The Netherlands.
                     Assistant for China related projects.
2003-2004            Eyes on China, Beijing, PR China/Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
                     Representative. Promotion of Sino-Dutch cultural and educational exchange.
1997-2002            Alterra research Institute, Wageningen, The Netherlands.
                     Research Associate.
1996                 Polytechnical University, Gdansk, Poland.
                     Research Associate.
1992 - 1995          Wageningen Agricultural University, Dept. Water Resources, The Netherlands.
                     Research Associate.
1990                 Projet Lutte Anti-Erosive dans la zone Mali-Sud, Koutiala, Mali.
                     Research Trainee.

Overseas Professional Experience
        Netherlands, Mali (6 months), Poland (1 year), China
Non-resident assignments:
        Spain, Niger, Slovakia

Costerweg 1G                              Tel:   +31 (0)317 460050       E-mail:
6702 AA Wageningen                        Fax:   +31 (0)317 423716       Website:
The Netherlands                                       1/3
Selection of Projects
1997-2002            Principal investigator in a joint project of the Royal Dutch Meteorological Institute
                     (KNMI), Alterra research Institute, Wageningen, and Wageningen Agricultural
                     University. Research on development and implementation of conceptual
                     improvements for the hydrological cycle and land-atmosphere interactions in
                     vertical models.
                     Analysis of model structures, using large scale data sets from previous work.
                     Adjustments in land surface module for hydrological model components and
                     underlying large scale input data for European continent.
                     Hydrological modeling at scales between 1 to 1000 km.
1996                 Participant in a study about the use of helofytes filters for water purification in
                     Gdansk, Poland.
1995                 Project leader and principle investigator of the project “Evaporation estimation
                     comparison”, in cooperation with Water Research Institute, Bratislava, Slovakia.
                     Field experiments in Slovakia, including hydrological processes, ET and soil
                     properties; data analysis and modeling.
                     Supervision of Slovakian and Dutch M Sc. Students.
1992 - 1994          Research associate in a series of international multi-disciplinary projects on the
                     processes of the role of water in land surface schemes. Large-scale field
                     experiments were performed on various soils and in various climatic zones (Spain,
                     Niger). Collected data were used to develop, improve and verify existing
                     simulation models. Research was performed in close collaboration between
                     experts in the area of hydrology, soil science, meteorology and remote sensing
                     from European countries and the United States.
1990                 Research trainee in Koutiala, Mali. Project focus on soil and water conservation in
                     sub-Sahel region with extensive cotton production.

Computer Skills
Standard software           Microsoft Office, SigmaPlot, Scientific Workplace, Matlab
Programming                 C++, Fortran
Simulation models           SWAPS, SWAP
GIS                         ArcView

Language Skills
Dutch: mother tongue; English: fluent; German: good; French, Chinese: fair.


Additional courses

2003 – to date       Chinese language, HLCC, Beijing.
1995                 Communication skills, Quintrix, Wageningen.
1992                 French language, Centre for language education, Wageningen.

Costerweg 1G                             Tel:   +31 (0)317 460050       E-mail:
6702 AA Wageningen                       Fax:   +31 (0)317 423716       Website:
The Netherlands                                      2/3

Peer reviewed publications, books, book chapters
Cuenca, R.H., J. Brouwer, A. Chanzy, P. Droogers, S. Galle, S.R. Gaze, M. Sicot, H. Stricker, R. Angulo-Jaramillo, S.A.
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         HAPEX-Sahel intensive observation period. J. of Hydrol. 188-189: 224-266.
Soet, M., R.J. Ronda, J.N.M. Stricker and A.J. Dolman. 2000. Land surface scheme conceptualization and parameter
          values for three sites with contrasting soils and climate. Hydrol. Earth System Sci. 4 (2): 283-294.
Soet, M. and J.N.M. Stricker. 2003. Functional behaviour of pedotransfer functions in soil water flow simulations.
         Hydrol. Proc. 17 (8): 1659-1670.

Technical Reports

Droogers, P., G.D. van de Abeele, J. Cobbaert, C.P. Kim, R. Rösslerová, M. Soet, and J.N.M. Stricker. 1993. Basic
         data sets description and preliminary results of EFEDA-Spain. Dept. of Water Resources, Wageningen
         Agricultural University. Report no. 37.
Stricker, J.N.M., P. Droogers, and M. Soet. 1993. Soil moisture. p. 45-60 In P. Kabat and J.P. Goutorbe (ed.) HAPEX
           II - SAHEL Final Report. Commission of the European Communities.
Soet, M., P. Droogers, M.N. Jaarsma, C.P. Kim, J.F. Monincx, and J.N.M. Stricker. 1993. HAPEX-Sahel, basic descrip-
          tion of methods and datasets. Dept. of Water Resources, Wageningen Agricultural University. Report no.
Boiten, W., M. Soet and A. Dommerholt. 1994. Handboek debietmeten in open waterlopen (Handbook for flow rate
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Soet, M., J.N.M. Stricker and J. Esenbrink, 1995. Scaling soil hydraulic properties for the HAPEX-Sahel region. Dept.
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Soet, M., P. Petrovic, J.N.M. Stricker, W. Meijninger, K. van Schaik and T. Lapsansky. 1996. Water budget of maize
          on heavy clay in a continental climate: field experiment and simulation. Dept. of Water Resources,
          Wageningen Agricultural University. Report no. 67.
Soet, M., J.N.M. Stricker, P. Droogers, and J. Esenbrink. 1998. EFEDA-Spain and HAPEX-Sahel, A further analysis of
          data. Dept. of Environmental Sciences, sub-dept. Water Resources, Wageningen Agricultural University.
          Report no. 79.

Costerweg 1G                                  Tel:    +31 (0)317 460050              E-mail:
6702 AA Wageningen                            Fax:    +31 (0)317 423716              Website:
The Netherlands                                            3/3

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