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									ALBANY ATHLETICS CLUB (INC)                    DATE            EVENT                                                              DIRECTIONS
       in conjunction with                            th                                                                               Athletics track on the corner of
                                               May 9           Clubhouse - REGISTRATION & BBQ (Sausages Provided)                 S    North and Sanford Roads.
    Albany Little Athletics Centre
                                               May 16th        Lake Seppings                                                      N
                                               May 23rd        Lake Seppings                           (Bunbury Marathon)         N    Bird walk car park, Golf Links Rd
                                               May 30th        Lake Seppings                                                      H
                                               June 6th        Elleker Half Marathon & 10km (Entry form required)                 S    Hassell Rd, Elleker
                                               June 13th       Rotary Park                                                        N
                                                                                                                                       Frenchman Bay Rd, 3km past
                                               June 20th       Rotary Park                                (Perth Marathon)        N    Little Grove on the left
                                               June 27th       Rotary Park                                                        H
                                                                                                                                       Old bridge near Rivermouth Caravan
                                               July 4th        Denmark (2km, 5km & 10km)                                          S    Park
                                               July 11th       Mt Clarence                                                        N
                                               July 18th       Mt Clarence                                                             Gravel carpark on the corner of Forts
                                                                                                                                  N Rd & Apex Drive
                                                               + 4 Peaks, Seniors only, starting at 8:00am
                                               July 25th       Mt Clarence                                                        H
                                               Aug 1st         Voss Farm                                                          N
                                                               Voss Farm                                                               Approx 4km along Gull Rock Rd
                                               Aug 8th                                                                            N on the left
                                                               + Mountain Goat, Seniors only, starting at 9:55am
                                               Aug15th         Voss Farm                                                          H
                                                                                                                                       Ski Club, East Bank Rd (1st left just
                                               Aug 22nd        Kalgan – Luke Penn Walk                                            S
 CROSS-COUNTRY                                 Aug 29th        Terry Rd                                                           N
                                                                                                                                       after Lower Kalgan Bridge)

                                                                                                                                    Chester Pass Rd, 1st right after
                                               Sept 5th
             2010                              Sept 12th
                                                               Terry Rd
                                                               Terry Rd
                                                                                               (Perth City to Surf)               N Mercer Rd
                                                                                                                                       Athletics track on the corner of
                                               Sept 19th       Clubhouse – WINDUP & PRESENTATIONS                                 S    North and Sanford Roads.

                                               N=Normal (2, 4 & 6 Km)             H =Handicap/Championship (2, 4 & 6km)            S =Special/One off event
                                               The events shown in italics are not conducted by the Albany Athletics Club, but may be of interest. The Albany Athletics Club
                                               has no responsibility for the organization or safety of these events. Information was correct at time of printing.

                                               Start Times:             10:00am 2km
                                                                        10:30am 4km & 6km (Please note different start times for special events)
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1. CONDUCT OF EVENTS                                2. REGISTRATION FEES                                                 4. OFFICE HOLDERS
                                                     Please register as soon as possible!
1.1 Course Distances                                •  Visitor’s fees are for GENUINE visitors                           4.1 Albany Athletics Club (Inc)
 A nominal 2km, 4km and 6km course is                  only (people from out of town) and
 provided at all normal cross-country events.          should not extend beyond 3 events.                                       PO BOX 1356
 Because tracks and terrain can dictate the exact   • We deliberately keep fees as low as                                       ALBANY WA 6331
 length of the course the true distance may vary       possible because we want you as a
 a little from these standard distances. Courses
 are designed for both walkers and runners.
                                                    2.1 Little Athletes (U7 to U17)
1.2 Venues                                              Currently Registered Members
 Many of the course venues are either private           (from Track Season)          $ Nil
 property, National Parks or Reserves. All              Unregistered         TO BE ADVISED
 runners are asked to respect the environment            (Full details and Little Athletics Registration Forms will be
 and private property.                                  available at cross-country)
                                                                                                                            Mark Weaver       9845 1215
                                                    2.2 Seniors (6yrs +)                                                    Secretary:
1.3 Dogs                                                Currently Registered Members
                                                                                                                            Simon Fretton     9844 3107
 Dogs may not take part in events. If brought           (from Track Season)                        $ Nil
 to the venue dogs must be kept under control           Unregistered                               $25.00
                                                                                                                            Carey Dickason    9844 8801
 and on a leash at all times. Please refer to 1.2       Family Membership                          $80.00
 when deciding whether the venue is                     Visitors (per event)                       $ 3.00
 appropriate for the exercising of pets.                Membership of the Albany Little Athletics
                                                        Centre entitles you to compete in W.A.L.A                        4.2 Albany Little Athletics Centre
1.4 Age Groups                                          State cross-country competitions.
 Little Athletes:                                       Membership of the Albany Athletics Club                                 PO BOX 439
 Little Athletes may compete in only one                entitles you only to compete in the local club                          ALBANY WA 6331
 event per day.                                         events listed in this programme.
 U7; U8; U9; U10; U11; U12 may compete                                                                                      President:
 only in 2km event                                  3. BASIC RUNNING RULES                                                  Owen Ebert:       9844 6076
 U13; U14; U15; U16; U17 may compete in             OBEY all road traffic laws and directions given by
 2km or 4km events                                  the Police or race officials.
 Seniors:                                           ALWAYS RUN ON THE RIGHT HAND SIDE
 May compete in 2km, 4km or 6km events.             OF THE ROAD unless directed otherwise.
 This season the Senior Club will be using an       Runners do not have right of way so run with
 age-based handicap scoring system. There will      caution and commonsense.
 be 2 club champions, one for the 2km and           DON’T push, shove, or cut off other runners
 another for the 4km/6km events combined.           LOOK AFTER YOUNG RUNNERS
 The champions will be decided from their           Very young runners must be under parental
 performances in the 5 handicap events. You         supervision at all times.
 must compete in 2 events before you will be        PLEASE DON’T PACE
 eligible for a handicap. The club champions        Parents of children competing in handicap events
 could come from any age group.                     are asked not to pace or otherwise assist their child.

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