10th Meeting of Eastern Provisional District Board (EPDB) by tkh19408


									                    The Nineteenth Meeting of the Eastern District Council

Date    : 3 May 2007 (Thursday)
Time : 2:30 p.m.
Venue : Eastern District Council Conference Room
        11/F., Eastern Law Courts Building,
        29 Tai On Street,
        Sai Wan Ho,
        Hong Kong.

                                   AGENDA                                       Estimated
                                                                             Discussion time

I.      I
        Confirmation of minutes of the Eighteenth Eastern District             2:30 - 2:35
        Council Meeting                                                        (5 minutes)

II.     Director of Drainage Services to meet Eastern District Council         2:35 - 4:05
        Members                                                               (90 minutes)
        (EDC Paper No. 37/07)

III.    2007/2008 Work Plan, Regional Office (Hong Kong East)                  4:05 - 4:50
        Community Relations Department, ICAC                                  (45 minutes)
        (EDC Paper No. 20/07)

                             Break for 10 minutes                              4:50 - 5:00
                                                                              (10 minutes)

IV.     Review on Built Heritage Conservation Policy
                                                                               5:00 - 7:00
V.      Strongly request for listing Sai Wan Fort as a Grade I Historic      (120 minutes)
        (EDC Paper No. 21/07)

VI.     Information items                                                      7:00 - 7:05
                                                                               (5 minutes)

VII.    Eastern District Office 2007/08 Work Plan                              7:05 - 7:25
        (EDC Paper No. 22 /07)                                                (20 minutes)

VIII.   2007 Eastern District Dragon Boat Race – Departmental and              7:25 - 7:30
        Guest Invitation Competition                                           (5 minutes)
        (EDC Paper No. 23/07)
                                             -   2 -

IX.     Discussion of the appropriation of the Eastern District Council    7:30 - 7:40
        funds for 2007/2008                                               (10 minutes)
        (EDC Paper No. 24/07)

X.      Report on the Special meeting of Works and Development
        (EDC Paper No. 36/07)

XI.     Report on the Eighth meeting of Traffic and Transport Committee
        (EDC Paper No. 25/07)

XII.    Report on the Eighth meeting of Community Building and
        Services Committee                                                 7:40 - 8:00
        (EDC Paper No. 26/07)                                             (20 minutes)

XIII.   Report on the Eighth meeting of Housing Committee
        (EDC Paper No. 27/07)

XIV.    Report on the Eighth meeting of Leisure and Culture Committee
        (EDC Paper No. 28/07)

XV.     Report on the Eighth meeting of Economic and Labour Affairs
        (EDC Paper No. 29/07)

XVI.    Report on the Sixth meeting of Festival Celebrations Committee
        (EDC Paper No. 30/07)

XVII. Report on the Special meeting of Vetting Committee
      (EDC Paper No. 31/07)

XVIII. Report on the Eighth meeting of Environment and Hygiene
       (EDC Paper No. 32/07)

XIX.    Report on the Sixteenth meeting of the Working Group on
        Publicity about the Work of Eastern District Council
        (EDC Paper No. 33/07)

XX.     Report on the 171st meeting of the Eastern District Management
        (EDC Paper No. 34/07)

XXI.    Report on the 33rd meeting of the Urban Minor Works Programme
        Eastern District Working Group
        (EDC Paper No. 35/07)

XXII. Any Other Business

XXIII. Date of Next Meeting

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