Geometry City Project-Parallel Lines by cna67568


									Name ______________________________ Period_____________***DUE DATE: Monday,
                                                           October 5th!!!!!
                           City Project-Parallel Lines

You are to design your own city. Your city will have a name and population which must be
placed at the top of your project. Your city must have the following characteristics, be neatly
constructed, and correct to receive full credit.
1.) 6 Streets Parallel to each other, named
2.) 2 Transversal Streets, named
The following buildings must be placed as directed in project.
3.) The gas station and restaurant (alternate exterior angles)
4.) Your house and school (consecutive interior angles)
5.) Courthouse and Bank (vertical angles)
6.) Store and Movie Theater (corresponding angles)
7.) Red Light at two intersections (use symbol Ŧ)

Each building must be labeled or a picture of the building should be used. Your final project
will be turned in on construction paper or a HALF poster and must be drawn with colors or
markers. You must turn this paper in with your project (attach it to the back)!!!!

Rubric for Grading: Possible      Points
Streets and          Points       Earned
City Population      2
City Name            2
Construction paper 1
Parallel Streets (6) 5
Transversals (2)     5
Gas Station and      5
Restaurant (alt.
Your House and       5
School (same side
Courthouse and       5
Bank (vertical ang.)
Store and Movie      5
ding Angles)
Red lights at        5
Buildings labeled    3
Creativity and color 7

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