Darfur, Sudan by dsi19647


									    Darfur, Sudan:
    the first genocide of the 21st century

    Conflict Snapshot:
                                                                 Where we are:
                                                                For five years, the Government of Sudan and its allies the Janjaweed militia have
                                                                waged a campaign to wipe out the Fur, Massalit, and Zaghawa people.

                                                                For five years, the Sudanese Army and the Janjaweed have moved from village to
                                                                village, following the same brutal pattern: carpet bomb the village in the morning,
            SUDAN                                               ride in on horseback, kill the men, rape the women, burn every last hut, and drive
                                                     B lu
                                     W h ite N ile

                                                      e N

                                                                the survivors into the harsh desert.

               DARFUR                                           After five years, over 400,000 innocent Darfuris have been killed, over 2.5 million
               REGION                                           driven from their homes, and thousands of villages lie burnt and abandoned.

                                                                 How we got here:
  • The genocide in Darfur began in
  February, 2003. The US Government called
  it “genocide” in 2004.
                                                                Darfur is an underdeveloped and marginalized region in the west of Sudan, which is
                                                                the largest country in Africa. The region is home to many diverse ethnic groups, all
  • The government of Sudan and                                 of whom are Muslim and all of whom suffer from a lack of development in Darfur
  Janjaweed militias have been targeting
  ethnic minority populations in the region                     In 2003, a group of rebels from Darfur attacked a government base in attempt to
                                                                gain representation, development, and rights for Darfur. In order to wipe out the
  • Their primary targets are members of                        rebels, the government of Sudan set out to eliminate the entirety of the ethnic
  the Fur, Zaghawa, and Massalit tribes                         populations to which they were linked, namely the Fur, Massalit, and Zaghawa tribes
                                                                of Darfur.
  • More than 400,000 have been killed,
  and 2.5 million displaced                                     The government of Sudan recruited and armed militia from rival tribes, known as the
  • An international peacekeeping force has
                                                                Janjaweed to assist in waging the genocidal campaign that continues to this day.
  been authorized and partially deployed,
  but is under-equipped, under-funded,
  and short-staffed                                              Why we care:
  • A peace agreement signed in 2006 has                        Darfur is the first genocide of the 21st century – it is our mission to ensure it is the
  been consistently violated since just after                   last.
  its signing                                                   STAND: a Student Anti-Genocide Coalition, is uniting students around the world to
                                                                form a permanent anti-genocide constituency.
  • The rebel groups first involved in the
  conflict have now split into dozens of
                                                                We are working towards a world in which the international community protects
  different factions
                                                                civilian from genocidal violence and elected officials are held accountable for their
  • Humanitarian aid workers are often                          action, or inaction, in the face of genocide.
  targets of violence, prompting many
  organizations to cease their operations                       It is up to students to take the concrete steps to make this genocide-free world a
                                                                reality. Join the anti-genocide generation. Log onto www.standnow.org
  • Violence has been increasing in recent
  months as efforts toward

Donations made through STANDFast go directly to Genocide Intervention Network’s Civilian Protection Program. Donations can be made online
 at www.standnow.org. Learn more about STANDFast and GI-NET’s Civilian Protection Program by visiting STAND’s website, www.standnow.org.

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