The Connection Between the Russian Revolution And Animal Farm by tkh19408


									The Connection Between
the Russian Revolution
   And Animal Farm

   By: Quintin Woodbury
     January 25, 2008
  Mr. Jones        Czar Nicholas II

Was his animals   Was a poor leader
      starve.        he was cruel
He whips them for  sometimes with
     no reason.     his opponents.
   He still did     Was nice at
  something good    sometimes he
 like mix milk in    hired spies to
the animals mash.   make money.
   Old Major           Karl Marx

Taught Animalism         communism
 the workers do the     workers of the
 work rich keep the     world unite to
      money              take over the

                      He died before the
He died before             Russian
the revolution
Animalism               Communism

  No owners, no        same all people
  rich, at no poor.        equal
  Workers get a
 better life and all    Gov’t owned
  animals equal.         people own
Everyone owns the
   Leon             Snowball
                 Young smart good
 Other leader of
     “October     Wants to make
   Revolution”     life better for all
Pure communist,  One of the leaders
 Followed Marx    in the revolution
Napoleon           Joseph
 Not a good         Stalin
speaker not as Not a good speaker
    clever as   not educated like
    snowball         Trotsky
 Cruel brutal    Did not follow
selfish devious   Marx's ideas
     killed     Killed all that
   opponents      Opposed him
Squealer          Propaganda
                    of lenin’s
big mouth talks       govt
       a lot
   Convinces     worked for stalin
   animals to      to support his
   believe and      image used
 follow napoleon   many lies to
                    convince people
The dogs            Kgb secret
A private army        police
that used fear to   Not really police
force animals to       but forced to
      work              support for
  Killed an         Often killed whole
  opponent of            families
 Moses the        Religion
   Raven        Made people not
 Tells animals
  about sugar
     Candy       Religion was
   Mountain         tolerated
Animals can go   because people
  there if they
                  would work
   work hard
  Mollie         Vain selfish
                    people in
Was vain loved        Russia
  her beauty       Some people
 Didn’t think    didn’t care about
                  the revolution
   about the
                  Went to other
 animal farm         countries
   Boxer               Dedicated but
   Strong hard             communist
   working horse          supporters
 believes in animal   People beloved stalin
         farm            because he was
Napoleon is always         communist
  right must work     Many people stayed
        harder                 loyal
                      Betrayed by stalin
   Gives his all        who ignored and
                           killed them.
Benjamin              Skeptical
                       people in
Old wise donkey
                     Russia as and
who is suspicious
                     outside Russia
  of revolution
                       Weren't sure if
                       revolution would
Thinks nothing        change anything
  ever changes
                    Knew the communism
                      wouldn't work with

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