Canadian International School Scholarships by dsi19647


School                                            Candidates must:
                                                  •	 Be	aged	between	15	and	17

                                                  •	 Have	completed	Grade	10,	or	its	
                                                     equivalent,	by	July	2010
                                                  •	 Comply	with	the	Ministry	of	Education	
                                                     (MOE)	requirements	for	students	
                                                     attending a Foreign System School in
                                                  •	 Apply	before	April	30,	2010
Canadian International School announces           Full details of the scholarship and application
IB Diploma Programme Scholarship to               forms can be found on the school website.
                                                  Successful candidates will join the Diploma
commemorate their 20th anniversary                Programme	 and	 the	 Grade	 11	 cohort	 in	
                                                  August	2010.	
The Canadian International School, Singapore
(CIS), an IB World School, is launching its IB    As	 an	 IB	 World	 School,	 the	 Canadian	
Diploma Scholarship programme. Designed           International School offers the International
to attract students of both outstanding           Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme,
personal and academic potential, who will         Middle	 Years	 Programme	 and	 Diploma	
enrich the school community, the Canadian         Programmes	to	students	from	3	to	18	years	
International School “IB Diploma Scholarship      of age. CIS is also accredited by the Ontario
programme” will commemorate the schools           Ministry	of	Education,	Canada.	CIS	graduates	
landmark 20th anniversary.                        go on to study at universities worldwide.

Head of the Canadian International School,        The Canadian International School currently
Dr. Glenn Odland said “We wanted to               has 4 campuses around Singapore and is
celebrate this important milestone by             in its 20th year of operation. CIS has long
launching an IB Diploma Programme                 enjoyed an excellent academic reputation
Scholarship. We are excited to offer this         and has a global community of approximately
opportunity to deserving candidates to join       2,000	students	from	over	50	countries.
our High School community for a world
class education”.

The Canadian International School “IB
Diploma Scholarship programme” will be
awarded to a limited number of students
on the basis of their academic ability and
personal potential. The scholarships are
open for application to both existing CIS
students and external students. Each                    Canadian International School
scholarship will cover all tuition and building                  Singapore
and facility fees for a duration of 2 years.                 Phone:	6323	0208
Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed                     Fax:	6232	0209
by the CIS selection panel.                                 URL:

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