MRCH Student Nurse Orientation by jhh76664


									                    MRCH Student Nurse Orientation
                         Forms to Review Check-off Sheet

      The only documents from the Forms to Review link that you need to print and
       bring with you on the day of your in-hospital orientation are the first two titled
       “Day One Checklist” and “Tour/ Scavenger Hunt”. You will complete these
       during your orientation to your hospital unit.

      Please review all other forms contained in the Forms to Review link. After
       reviewing, initial below next to the appropriate form. Bring this sign-off sheet (as
       well as the two forms mentioned above) with you to your in-hospital orientation.

       Name of Form                 Initials (indicating you have                Date
                                        reviewed the contained
Day One Checklist - Print and
bring to in-hospital orientation                  n/a                              n/a

Tour/ Scavenger Hunt- Print
and bring to in-hospital                          n/a                              n/a

Confidentiality Agreement
Organ Donation
Corporate Compliance
SBAR Process
Patient Rights &
Abuse Reporting
Age Specific Competencies

I have reviewed and understand the content of the above forms, and will comply with
these standards of MRCH hospital

    Name: _________________________________________

    College: ___________________________

    Date: _______________

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