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					** 2009, the Communist Youth League in the first half and second half of the work of summing up
the work of elements

 2009 first half, ** League insist hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese
characteristics, Deng Xiaoping Theory and "Three Represents" as a guide, further implement the
scientific concept of development, highlight the "Strengthening integration, voluntary public
service, entrepreneurial talent and build innovation" focus, transforming the Olympic
achievements of succession, firm belief, reinforce the foundation, innovative mechanisms,
scientific development, to unite and lead the whole region Communist Youth League, a regional
scientific development and harmonious development, has made positive efforts.
 1, in-depth study and practice of conduct solid scientific concept of development activities, and
continuously strengthen and improve ideological and political education of young people
 solidly carry out the study and practice of scientific concept of development activities. First half
of 2009, Mission District do a solid job learning research, analysis of inspection phase of work.
Mission District take the lead in upholding the leadership cadres, cadres of the main group, the
region's principle of extensive participation of youth members, through presentations, visit to visit,
research seminars and other methods, in-depth systematic study scientific outlook of development.
Start "** CYL research on" activities, to determine "on the strengthening of the Communist Youth
League" hub "organization Exploration and thinking" the direction of the 8 topics to focus on
interviews, case tracking, call Yue Fang, questionnaires, etc., in the region , belonged to the unit
mission organizations and the Federation's committee, volunteers and other kinds of groups for
comments and suggestions. Research and conduct in-depth study on the basis of criticism and
self-criticism, combing various opinions and suggestions more than 30 articles, carefully written
analysis of inspection reports, and efforts to clear the future direction of rectification. Mobilization
of Communist Youth League to participate actively in "** I build a word of scientific
development," Essay Contest, writing more than 100 papers received for the sound and fast
economic and social development of the region offer advice and suggestions. This article from
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 new situation for young people to strengthen ideological and political work. To mark the 90
anniversary of 54 sports events as an opportunity to carry out a broad "interpretation of the spirit
of Heritage 54 Nightlife Youth" series of theme activities held "54" awards ceremony, on the 155
advanced collectives and 426 advanced individuals were commended at the same time, through
special performance, style show, the history group exhibitions, visits, quizzes, discussions and
other forms of communication, and further strengthen young people's socialist beliefs and
commitment to following the party forever. 30 anniversary of the launch of re form and opening up,
watch "Road to Revival," a documentary on China's national conditions and development of
enhanced understanding of the situation, improve the political and ideological consciousness. Start
"humanistic Beijing Culture **" on Campus series, inviting famous experts and scholars at Peking
University, diplomacy language, Jiaotong University and other Colleges and Universities ** 8
history and culture lectures, so that the real depth of traditional Chinese culture of young minds
and nurture Youth Action. Hold "a new culture to learn to modern sentiment," the theme activities,
enhanced sense of responsibility in the contemporary middle school students. To carry out
"innocent Cantabile blessing of the motherland" theme activities, recognition of "Top Ten Young
 2, the outcome of succession conversion Olympic volunteer, volunteer services in our region to
promote the cause of science and long-term development
 sound basis for regional volunteer work. Guide the establishment of volunteer service center area,
the completion of their organizational structure, functions and personnel to establish recruitment.
Careful preparation for the inaugural meeting of Federation of District volunteers do a good job
thoroughly investigation, Garrison units will absorb nearly a hundred volunteers, volunteer
organizations and the district members of the Association. League organizations in the streets and
the system to carry out research work for the Federation of the rationalization of organizational
settings, standardized basis. Primary and secondary students strengthen guidance and management
of volunteer services, volunteer services, primary and secondary schools to develop
implementation plans. The strengthening of regional volunteer service information platform, will
be recruiting, training, management, motivation and other workflow standards, and procedures,
digital. And the Guangzhou Municipal Group, Asian Games Organizing Committee Volunteer
Department, Shanghai Pudong New Area groups organize volunteer exchanges.
 efforts to promote volunteer service system. Regional economic and social development around
the needs of volunteer service needs to carry out extensive research. Comb, "I'll guide you to **"
and 70 voluntary welfare practice project to produce the first "public good practice ** District
Voluntary Service Project" series of bookmarks 120,000 grant to the community, to expand the
scope of volunteer recruitment, and enhance the social impact . Encourage group cadres,
volunteers the backbone of development of the poor students spoken English training, "with love
light hope" escort base growth of young people, children's English club, "voluntary warm
innocence", a highlight of the project, to play a leading role model, and actively explore vol unteer
run project of the law.
 variety of volunteer activities carried out. Continued focus on public practice of the city
volunteers and volunteer resources to gradually introduce the Olympic community, and nursing
home, warm homes and other public institutions to carry out student, the poverty alleviation,
helping the elderly, the handicapped, environmental protection activities such as volunteering.
Take the "Chinese Young Volunteers Service Day 3.5", "line up to promote the day 3.11",
"Mother's Day," "World No Tobacco Day" and the opportunity to "build a harmonious volunteer
service development Smile" as the theme, launching the "Youth Health Messenger Operation
Torch, "" paper-cut gift civilized passengers "," invite you to line up, "" voluntary deepen
Thanksgiving education "," 100 Youth Clean Environment Action "," smoking publicity has me a,
"" heart to heart with the love of fellow "and a variety of volunteer activities, volunteer services to
create a strong atmosphere.
 3, and actively assist the government management of youth affairs and youth work to promote
the service to achieve new development
 human resources to strengthen youth development and training. Focus on regional development
needs, there are steps that focus to rally the financial, cultural creativity, technological innovation,
social work, voluntary service, etc. young people. Youth members of the intellectual advantages of
play, the creation of "** Youth Forum", inviting the Federation's committee for "** Development
Strategy," "classical music" and other special reports, activate young people thinking, updated
youth concept. To cultivate the innovative spirit of youth, guiding the core concept of youth
entrepreneurship, for me, the Beijing Youth League District Youth Evening provide a platform for
young entrepreneurs. Carry out the "capital of students training base", and for the five units and
more than 30 college students matchmaking. The creation of "entrepreneurial youth evening **
League", from the information, training, and practice multi-position start for the employment of
young entrepreneurs to provide guidance and assistance. Continue to create "community learning
centers" brand, in the first half for a total of about 300 to Beijing to provide computer training for
youth workers.
 further advance the protection of minors. Higher demand for the joint development of
community youth survey, identify the entry point for young people to serve the community.
Further promote implementation of the "one case of the two laws" to promote the excellent
"protecting rights of young people" create. Authority is not held annual meetings to strengthen the
integration of primary and secondary school Principals and moral cohesion, strengthen the work of
primary and secondary legal principals. Wide range of young people to carry out self-help
self-care activities, and community "self-care young star school" winter break training camp, to
promote pilot schools Stars. The "5.12" Wenchuan earthquake anniversary commemoration as an
opportunity to spread in the primary and secondary students in disaster prevention and mitigation
of knowledge and self knowledge for disaster prevention. Constantly improve the school, family,
the "Trinity" working mechanism, good case study of juvenile delinquency return visit.
 greater attention to poor students to grow up healthy. Relying on Hope and District ** District
workstations integrated rescue platform, do a good job, "Star of Hope (1 +1) Scholarship,"
"Sunshine scholarship students," "Love Fund", "comprehensive relief fund" and other student
projects, a total of 225 poor students donor funds 110,000 yuan. In-depth implementation of the
"Youth Action Committee public love", to carry out "Happy Harmony tour the vast growth of the
universe" theme event, 90 Youth members and their children work more than 60 destitute students,
participate in activities to promote the healthy growth of young people together. Continue to
enrich the "Colorful Dream" meaning young talent funded work projects, joint development of the
unit art, science, spiritual growth, and various training to help poor students all-round
 4, the spirit of reform and innovation to strengthen the organizational development group, the
best area in the service building of the Communist Youth League to achieve new development
 focus on promoting the Mission Innovation. Strengthen Tuanneiminzhu construction, in-depth
advance delegation from permanent system, standardize the working system, early separation
from the representative group of 44, added to the group on behalf of 40. The eighth congress held
its second plenary meeting, the representative to report the results of all groups, through the new
year work plan. Group Work Committee of the pool to play street liaison functions, and
continuously push forward on behalf of its role as a group to the Forum, sharing, friendship,
community and other forms of public practice, to carry out a variety of sub-group activities.
Adhere to the "fusion pool" concept, to meet the needs of the regional youth to carry out the first
"Cup 54" area of youth culture and sports festival, "Meet the future of youth in hand," regional
youth recreational activities, "colorful youthful charm **" regional youth writing and
photographic competitions, more than 60 units and more than 5,000 area youth to participate, to
promote regional communication and integration of youth purpose. League Construction,
strengthen and improve various forms of "two new
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