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CURRICULUM VITAE computer phone system0


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  TEL : (418) 671-1882 (CELLULAR)
                                                                                  DANIEL PEARSON

                                   DANIEL PEARSON
                                      Biographical summary

M. Pearson is a senior analyst specialized in e-commerce and web technology. He has 25 year of
experience in the computer world. Programming, analyzing, customer support are familiar subject to him.
He held position as project manager and department direction in small organisations or companies. He
was involved in different environment like automobile retail, bottling, cable caster for 15 years, publicity
agency for 5 years and consultation for different small client during the same time.

He is specialized in design, development and managing e-commerce solutions using web technologies
and EDI on different OS, including UNIX, Windows NT and Universe/Pick.

He has been acting as senior consultant in different fields of expertise: Manager project in e-commerce;
Analyst in EDI solutions; Architect in VPN communication network project, Analyst in
telework/telecommuting solutions for different type of industries; Analyst-programmer on transactional
web site project; Analyst-programmer on VB, MS Access, SQL Server, multi-values BD (Pick/Universe);

You can download different versions of this resume using those links:

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(Francais) http://www.dol-mis.com/cv-dan-complet.doc

(English) http://www.dol-mis.com/cv-dan-complet-english.doc

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(Francais) http://www.dol-mis.com/cv-dan-complet.pdf

(English) http://www.dol-mis.com/cv-dan-complet-english.pdf
                                                                                         Daniel Pearson
                                                     PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY

# Contract                      Project title / Post Title     Year            Type of          Reference       Work
                                                                             intervention                        load
Cyber Café Chez Pirosky
   10                     Owner                                2001    Consultant                                11
Grive Société Conseil Inc
    9                     Consultant associated, IT Manager    1995    Consultant             Dissolved          61
                                                               2000                           company
Groupe KTS
    8                     E-commerce research manager          1992    Project Manager        Dissolved          30
                                                               1995                           company
Les Systèmes Proxima Ltée
    7                     Support, development, installation   1991    Consultant, Analyst-   Jacques            17
                          and formation, Universe/Pick         1992    Programmer             Lalonde
Vidéotron Ltée
    6                     Consultant, IT Manager               1989    Consultant             Jacques Perron     30
Dolbeau-TV Inc.
    5                     Consultant                           1984    Consultant                                58
Commission scolaire régionale Louis-Hémon
    4                     Building formation structure and     1983    Consultant, teacher    Michel             9
                          syllabus, Formation                  1984                           Tremblay
Dolbeau Automobiles Ltée
    3                     Sales and accounting software        1983-   Analyst Programmer     Michel Noel        20
                          support and management               1984
Phillipe Simard et Fils
    2                     Sales and accounting software        1980    Analyst Programmer     Phillibert         27
                          support and management               1982                           Simard
Consultant independent
    1                     Consultant                           1979    Consultant
                                                              Daniel Pearson

                             PROFESSIONNEL CONTRACT

                                                                     March 2002 to this day

Contract 10

Cyber Café Chez Pirosky                                   June 2001 to May 2002 (11 month)

 As the owner, M. Pearson has design the coffee network and has done the set-up of
  each computer. He has given a formation to the technical staff enrolled for support
  and repair department. He has offered consultation to the local industries and all


Contract 9

Grive Société conseil Inc                                April 1995 to May 2002 (61 month)

 As consultant associated, M. Pearson has managed the IT department, support all
  parts of the team. He has implanted a communication network for the use in
  telecommuting and teleworking, using Windows NT as VPN server and station.

 In all different contract, M Pearson has answered to the clients demand in these
  manners :

        Analyzed and programmed in environment using multi-value Data Bases like
         Universe / Pick / jBase and MS Access / SQL server (Real Estate, Cablecaster,
         Transport, Book Store)

        Analyzed and installed EDI, UN-EDIFAC and XML solutions with many
         different translators (Banking, Real Estate)

        Produced report on the used and installation of telecommuting solutions
         (Legal, Marketing)

        Design and installed transactional web site, in windows, Unix and Linux
         environment (Real Estate, Retail)

        Support and help desk (Cablecaster)

        Ad Hoc IT consultant for different municipalities

        System Architect for a book store chain. Installation of a VPN network
         between all stores and implantation of an EDI solution with different vendors.
                                                                 Daniel Pearson
Contract no 8

Groupe KTS                                              October 1992 to April 1995 (30 month)

 As e-commerce department manager, M. Pearson has manage research project on e-
  commerce and EDI solution in the world of marketing agencies, media like radio, TV
  and newspaper.

        Project management of software development with a small team of
         programmer and technical staff.

        Programming the main interface in VB and MS Access

        Analysis et integration of EDI module in ADTRAQ et ADSERVE

        Adaptation of AGAT software (EDI) to many different client computer OS
         like UNIX, Universe, VMS, AS-400, Windows all version.

        Creating an industry standard for the EDI document dictionary in the publicity
         and media industry. This has been in a team effort with Ralph Notto creator of
         EDI standard.

        Support on all ADTRAQ modules


Contract no 7

Les Systèmes Proxima Ltée                            April 1991 to September 1992 (17 month)

 As a consultant and programmer analyst, M. Pearson has joined a development team
  working on the new version of the main program of the company. This software is
  designed to manage cable and telephone subscribers and interface with hardware
  controllers. He has developed a windows GUI interface in different terminal type and

        Programming, testing and installing multilingual windows input interface.

        Installation of HP and HP-UX server on client sites

        Installation of Universe / Pick / Ultimate / AP OS at client site and internally

        Installation of Pro-Cable (the main company software)

        Conversion and data integration from legacy system

        Users formation
                                                               Daniel Pearson
       Support and help desk to international client

       Writing user manuals for the use and support of new modules. Writing
        installation manual for technical staff.

       Physical installation of mini computer on client site and Ethernet network

       Emulation terminals programming, like vt-100, Wyse adm etc.


Contract no 6

Vidéotron                                        March 1989 to September 1991 (30 month)

 As consultant IT manager, M. Pearson has done these tasks:

       Prepared all data for conversion between a FORTRAN base system on a
        PDP11-65 and on a CPM small computer to a Ultimate (Pick OS) system

       Design and implant a telecommunication link between all offices of the
        regional division (Chicoutimi, Dolbeau, St-Félicien et Chibougameau)

       Help desk and user support on all software and hardware.

       Design and implantation of a complete new network in a new building.
        Installation of HP-UX (UNIX) server. This system was for serving 100 users

       Network and security management at the regional head office and for all sub

       Programming of VB interface between Windows, Dos and Pick OS

       Programming of controller interface in C for the broadcasting equipment

       UNIX administrator;

       Interconnexion of all OS;

       Support and formation of the technical design department on the use of
        AutoCAD, auto sketch

       Analysis and programming of a quality control interface to the Nortel
        telephone system en accordance to CRTC regulations. This was done in C and
                                                                Daniel Pearson
          link to a pick dbase for consultation and analysis. We could link all help desk
          personnel to client directly and monitor this information live.

   M. Pearson had 3 persons under his management and was serving 90 users during 3


Contract no 5

Dolbeau TV inc.                                           May 1984 to Mach 1989 (58 month)

 As consultant, M. Pearson has been programming accounting and subscriber system.

 He has prepared and execute a data transfer from PDP-11 subscriber data to a Pick

 He has given formation to accounting department on the use of different system.
   Environment: WINDOWS, DOS, PDP11

Contract no 4

Commission scolaire Louis-Hémon                       September 1982 to may 1983 (9 month)

 As consultant, M. Pearson has work on the creation of the structure of new computer
  course for adult

 He has been assign to teach during 2 years, courses entitle “Introduction to computer
  science” and “Programming” to adult classes. Lotus, Word Processing, dBase, Basic.

   Environment: DOS, NOVELL

Contract no 3

Dolbeau Automobiles Ltée                             September 1982 to may 1984 (20 month)

 As computer department manager, M. Pearson has managed all hardware, software
  and programming.

        User support

        Management and support of the inventory system.

        Programming a new inventory system for new and used vehicles in dBase IV
                                                              Daniel Pearson
        Creating a data transfer interface between the server PDP-11 and all PC, using
         ProComm and scripting.

        In house programming in dBase

        Installing and programming terminal emulation software.

        Installation of different hardware and software

        Formation of the accounting staff on the use of PC, Terminal emulation
         software, worksheet and word processing.

        Programming an interface between a EDI system with GM and a local BD on
         Dec PDP and on a PC with DBase

   Environment: PDP11, DOS, EDI

Contract no 2

Phillipe Simard et Fils                              June1980 to September 1982 (27 month)

 As analyst programmer, M. Pearson has done programming and support on
  accounting system in dibol on PDP-11. He has created module for managing delivery
  staff and distribution of products over the territory.

    Management and support of server, terminals and PC.

    Creation of a pay module.

    Modification of the inventory module to support new products and taxes and link
     to delivery system and pay system.

    In-house programming in GW-Basic

    Staff formation on general computer use and accounting software. Writing manual
     for all modules

   Environment: PDP11, DIBOL, DOS

Contract no 1

Independent consultant                                        September 1979 to May 2000)

 As consultant, M. Pearson has done these tasks :

        Analyst programmer at the computer research department at university of
         Chicoutimi. Analysis and programming of terminal emulation software on
         Apple II and 8086. (Assembler, Fortran)
                                                         Daniel Pearson
    Programming an input and a processing interface in a relational DB on
     Honeywell CP-VI. SGDB

    Development and management of an experimental program to optimized glass
     cutting in the Thermal Windows industry. This has been in collaboration with
     the University of Quebec in Chicoutimi and Adolf Diegel teacher. The
     program was linked to an automation machine. FORTRAN.

    Programming and support on PDP11 using Dibol; in the cable caster industry.

    Teaching word processing, dbase and worksheet.

Environment: WINDOWS, RT-11, RSTSE, DOS
                                          Daniel Pearson

            ---- SCOLARSHIP ----

          First cycle in administration
major in computer science, minor in Marketing
     University of Québec in Chicoutimi

          First cycle in general art
             Ottawa University

      Formation EDI Harbinger - Texas

        ---- WORKING LANGUAGE ----

          Spoken:    French and English
          Written:   French and English
          Basics:    Italian, Spanish, and German
                                                   Daniel Pearson
                      PARTICULAR KNOWLEDGE

    Equipment           OS/software                  Utilities / Hardware

• PC            •   WINDOWS 2000 SERVER      •   FIREWALL (SOFT)
• MODEMS        •   UNIX / LINUX             •   PIM (MSN, ICQ, ODIGO)
• TARGA         •   DOS                      •   PC ANYWHERE
  IMAGING       •   IIS / APPACHE            •   FAX BROADCASTER
• HUB           •   OFFICE XP (2002)
                •   VISIO 2002               • HARBINGER (EDI)
                •   MSPROJECT                • AGAT (EDI)
                •   SOURCE SAFE              • GE DESKTOP (EDI)

                •   MS ACCESS 2002           •   ADOBE PREMIERE (VIDEO)
                •   SQL SERVER               •   PHOTOSHOP (IMAGING)
                •   UNIVERSE                 •   COOL EDIT 2000 (SOUND)
                •   PICK / MENTOR            •   CAKEWALK (MUSIC)
                •   JBASE                    •   QUARK XPRES (PUBLISHING)
                                             •   PAGE MAKER (PUBLISHING)
                •   VB 6                     •   VENTURA PUBLISHER
                •   VBA                      •   MACROMEDIA FLASH (WEB)
                •   C / C++                  •   GPS FUGAWI (GPS)
                •   ASP                      •   TOURATECH (GPS)
                •   XML                      •   BACKOFFICE
                •   JAVASCRIPT
                •   VBSCRIPT
                •   PICK BASIC
                •   FORTRAN

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