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Twitter Marketing

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									                                      Table of Contents

Creating a Network of Business contacts and Friends…………………………… 6
Making A Twitter profile Which is Professional……………………………………………8
How and who to find as followers………………………………………………………………10
Put Tweeting on Autopilot!..............................................................11
How to Go About Marketing New Products and Services.………………………..12
Automated Tweet Tool…….………………………………………………………………………….16
Promotion via Twitter and Staying Informed..……………………………………………17
Add juice to your tweets Search presence using this Tactic …..………………..21
Getting more traffic to your Twitter Profile…..………………………….………………..24
The correct approach to conversions on Twitter……..………………………………….25
How to get other people to start word of mouth marketing for the Business
you have setup ………………………………………………………………………………………………29
Track your earning and followers…………………………………………………………………..31
How to use Ezinearticles as a source for Twitter profile Traffic….……………….33
Integrate your social Networks……….………………………………………………………….…34
A contest to get more Blog followers and Twitter followers ….…………………...34
Take a ride on Google’s Social Media Trust to start a viral
                 Twitter Market Mania
2006 was the year that twitter’s foundation was laid and leads all
the internet today as being one of the leading social networking
websites. In 2009 the number of members increased by 131% to
9.3 million in the United States alone! It’s usually used as a
portal for business and casual social networking and has been
given the name of “micro-blogging” service. The appeal of twitter
lies in the short and quick messages you can send out as status

Getting a major market share in the 21th century was easy since
people around the world live a fast live, complete with boss’s
with hair pin triggers and coworkers that are impatient. Twitter is
a great tool to get in touch with prospective clients with catchy
headlines and custom crafted pages. This is really a dreamland
for affiliate marketers.

Twitter is a great market research tool and you get to learn how
to unleash the power in this guide, you will learn how to get
niche product reviews to help boost your conversion. There is no
other website that is capable of bringing out the best in your
products; twitter puts giants such as wiki answers, and yahoo
answers to shame. You can’t get that quick second response
from others the way twitter can deliver.
This guide will teach you how to use twitter to maneuver yourself
for the top 4 spots:

  Business Marketing
  Looking for Breaking news
  Reputation management and establishment
  Customer service

Once you learn how the top four exploits work, Twitter Market
Mania will then give you a lesson in integrating a system wise
approach to marketing your web presence. Since Twitter is so
important as a social media entity, we have designed the tutorial
so that you understand the entire marketing process in depth.

Before I start here are a few tips that should help you avoid
getting your profile banned.

  Spamming your products is not allowed. You want to start
     a conversation; Your profile will be banned if they feel that
     you are not taking part in the conversation. Plus people
     hate spammers.

  Don’t boast about yourself. People tend not to like egoist
     people, you also should know what others are doing. You
     need to learn by listening to others than just yourself.

  You need to stay focused on your selected keywords, but
     don’t overuse them.

Before you make your twitter profile you need to think of a good
name. Your profile names should be easy and memorable; it
should also provide a hint as to what your website is about or
probably the URL of your website without the .com. If you still
cant find a good name you can visit a keyword research tool on
the internet like Google’s

It would also be a good idea if you signup for Gmail and put in
the same principle that you would use for Twitter to the latest
feature called Google profiles. A vanity URL is a term used for a
URL created at the location of a social networking site in order so
that you can brand your profile. Here is what you will probably
come up with for both Google and Twitter, so that you can get
more search results.

You need to think about search results and it should be
implemented along the way to try to get the most profitable
traffic with your actions online. Twitter is just one facet of your
marketing, but you can make it a centerpiece. It’s a great thing
for you to add to the top of your marketing efforts.

I have an idea of what you might be thinking about at the
moment especially regarding search engine marketing. This isn’t
a SEO guide, but what I’m telling you is imperative. This is
because Twitter is a website for which I have a secret to reveal
however for now you just need to know that its important for you
to direct your attention to Search engine optimization, later on in
the guide I will explain why SEO stuff is so imperative.

Creating a Network of Business contacts and Friends

The concept of creating a network of friends on Twitter is via
adding guys to your follow list. Twitter come equip with a capping
system so if you don’t have the same number of followers as the
number you have added it will limit your ability to add more
people until you have the same amount of followers on the
twitter profile.

You don’t need to worry much about this cap. Twitter has very
cleverly setup the system so that it forces people to add more
people in the fear that their ability to increase their following
might be disabled. If you still find yourself in trouble to you refer
to the chapter “Who & How To Find Followers”.

Don’t go overboard with adding followers to your profile. You can
add a hundred people a day and when you reach three hundred
people you can stop adding more people for a while. Once you
have 300 people you just need to wait a few weeks and you will
have people you adding you as a favor in return.
Twitter is a must have component of internet marketing. It also
works with many other CMS (Content Management Systems) and
with wordpress with its wordpress plug-in. A few clicks and you
will have your tweets posted on your wordpress blogs.

Twitter and blogging go hand in hand, the good news is that
Twitter can also be used on cell phones. Today cell phones and
blogging are one of the hottest things round especially with the
launch of “Google Launches Mobile blogging Capabilities for
Blogger”. You get to update your twitter profile along with
updating your blog as well as your twitter profile updates
automatically with new blog posts. This is a great way to keep
yourself logged in to the web 24/7 as you update your twitter
profile and blog with news, and marketing information.

Twitter is a micro blogging platform because you are limited to a
140 character long post. The short posts help you get your point
across as well as increases your presence and activity on search
engines since you will be posting more frequently as compared to
a regular blog. There might have been that your blog seldom got
updated because you just dread writing the long posts. Twitter is
the solution with endless short two sentence posts.

       Making A Twitter profile Which is Professional

Your first step should be to register a new free Twitter account
and login to begin customizing the look and feel of your profile. If
you are not very good at designing graphics or logs then you
should hire a professional designer which is pretty cheap
nowadays. I once shelled out just 27 bucks for a logo. All you
need to do is to perform a Google search for the term twitter
profile designers. Here is a peek at my great profile.

If you look you will see that I have a free offer running and its
surrounded with neon. This is a great way to get some attention.
In my opinion some profiles on twitter can be a bit too gaudy and
this is why I made my less intrusive. I have a good looking logo
that shows what services I offer and the free offer along with my
contact info. That is just about it because it doesn’t take much if
you have the right message.

You need to ensure that you setup your profile to public;
otherwise chances are that your twitter updates are not going to
get indexed by major search engines. Your task is to make sure
that almost every update is indexed so that you get every ounce
of organic traffic possible. You will know that you have reached
to this point when you get to the point where it says “Protect My

When you have a good looking profile its going to attract more
people and that will enhance your chances of people who will
visit your website that you are trying to promote. I recommend
that a link is placed to a blog that you have set up or one that is
existing. Blogs are a great place to send twitter traffic towards.

You can have people directed to your money sites from your
blog. It’s not necessary that you send people to blogs but it’s a
good way to increase your RSS subscribers. You can also setup
multiple twitter accounts, and then manage them with one single
application i.e. Ensure that a link is placed
to whatever site you want people to visit when they checkout
your blog. You also should write a short description of what your
website is about.

Now if you really need to make a killer impression and get a
truck load of more follows, I would suggest that you upload an
Animated Graphic Image in place of your Twitter profile image.
You can either do it yourself or you can hire a professional
designer to create a picture that moves. It could be as simple as
you waving your hand in front of the camera. A positive image
will get people to follow you.
                 How and who to find as followers

Jolt down ideas of what kind of people you want to follow. If you
are having a problem making a good list of people then this
website might be of help to you, because here you can look for
people sorted by categories for the niche you want to target. If you are on the lookout for local people
you can visit:

You can even find tweets in your area by searching via zip code,
you then filter people by a mile wide radius for a much accurate
selection. Once you have a good solid list of followers you can
then visit using your twitter
username and password.

Twubble is a tool that will scrap your existing Twitter profile and
list of followers and make a list of people you should follow. It’s a
great tool for enhancing you’re the list of followers in a
systematic way in a very fast way.

After a few weeks of playing around with your Twitter account
you might come across a problem that involves conversions. If
you want a way to stay informed about the conversation that
interests you just visit: This is a free
service that pieces together tweet conversations in one place.

                 Put Tweeting on Autopilot
Twitter feed: is my favorite application.
This is a tool that will allow you to integrate your profile on
twitter with the blog that you have, your posts to your blog will
update on your twitter profile. If you can signup to Wordpress,
and the WP blog then its recommended that you make use of this
secret that allows you to keep your Twitter profile updated
without you having to login.

You are probably already familiar with Wp-o-Matic. It’s the most
popular and best money making tools that comes with Wordpress
plug-in. If you don’t know what is Wp-o-Matic, then let me tell

Once you install this plugin (Wp-O-Matic) on any one of your
Wordpress blogs it will automatically transform your subscribed
RSS feeds into html static web pages. Here is a further
explanation. You can update your wordpress blogs automatically
by picking up the best blog feeds that the web has to offer and
put that on your blog.
Once you managed to put all your favorite RSS feeds into your
Wordpress blog, I now want to supercharge your profile on
Twitter with this small method.
I came across this small method by an accident. I was doing
some research into how to attract traffic to my site, and
wordpress blogs via Twitter and signed up for

A day later when I logged into Twitter I noticed a few posts that I
hadn’t made, but I figured that since I had integrated my profile
on Twitter with twitterfeed I had been getting auto tweets since
my blog was running Wp-o-matic plug-in installed and feeds
running. Hurray! Now go do this and make sure you socialize and
network with people since without that you can’t really get auto
pilot posts. Networking is imperative because it retains your
credibility, reputation and product feedback.

  How to Go About Marketing New Products and Services

If you have been reading up to this chapter, and also made an
effort to put into practice then you are on the right path to a
good number of followers. The big question is what needs to be
tweeted about to get the attention you need from your current
following. You need a small bit of research and a few posts to get
the job done.

Twitter is a wonderful tool to market new products. One of the
biggest reasons is that once you tweet and you don’t get a
response within minutes then there are chances are that the
tweet wasn’t attractive. You can use this negative and positive
approach to getting the word out about your product. You can
gauge exactly what your future customers will need just by the
response you get from your tweets to construct a good
marketing toolbox.

There was a report today “Majority Of Americans are Influenced By
Online Reviews ”, you need to find positive reviews regarding products
and services. Twitter needs to be taken advantage of to offer
customers an incentive for leaving you feedback regarding your
products that you have been announcing on Twitter. There was a
friend of mine who used to visit steak and shake daily, he used to
pickup a shake each time he went. Shakes where addicting to him.
I later found out that he steak habit want very expensive. Since
Steak & Shake offered a huge customer incentive for feedback.
He was offered shake absolutely free if he agreed to leave a
phone message of his feedback about the company’s survey.
I’m sure that everyone does not get this free but this was
something that was getting my friend to come back, I also think
about all those customers that were simply won over by Steak &
Shake because they had positive feedback that could be used for
advertising purposes and how great they were.
If you are not certain about how to phrase your lines so that they
spark attention, then you just need to pickup a marketing book,
preferably the latest one on the best selling list. Go there are
look for scratch phrases. Also the twitter search websites can
also be used as mentioned earlier.

If you still have not found a way of giving words to your business
for credibility then you should try and post a picture of yourself.
This will give followers a sort of sense of comfort and ease when
you are trying to sell them products. You will want people to
know that you are adding a name to your business and that you
honor your reputation.

By giving away things for free it’s one of the best way of getting
fast traffic and preferably to your blog as subscribers. You can
use your blogs to get a hold of long list of mails, to use when you
really need to sell your stuff. This can instantly translate to
having sales at the push of a button. This isn’t a joke super
affiliate around the world us this as the biggest money making

When promoting products and services via Twitter you need to
make sure that you have an edge over other websites and blogs.
You will build conversations by building relationships and
conversing with them in order to instill a feeling of trust.

This will bring some improvement to your sales if you are
persistent. It doesn’t matter what you discuss with other guys via
twitter, you just need to interact so that you get comfortable with
each other.

If you need to attracts more prospective clients, followers,
readers etc. then you need to offer something unique to promote
yourself. If you have a website, blog or product that nobody has
done before online then that will be on your tweet focus. Then
when you direct users to your sites ensure that you have some
uniqueness displayed in a detailed part of your marketing

Search engines use an algorithm to detect keywords as well as a
few types of phrases in particular those that are associated with
brands. So try to come up with something like a motto. If you
don’t have one then get one and if you don’t then ensure that it
includes your product, service etc. this is a good way to be found
over the web as people will get to know your motto.

Both recognition and branding are the key to increase your sales.
As the age old marketing saying goes if a person sees your ads,
and marketing material seven times your products will sell. So if
someone sees your business seven times during their casual
routine it will give them the impression that you are an expert in
your niche.

Prospects will begin to get interested in what you are selling. So
once you have a motto ensure that its included in your twitter
profile design and then place a link to your commercial website.

                     Automated Tweet Tool is a great free tool to instantly boost
your twitter profile / account. Here are a few things I like about
      Schedule your Tweets – You can plan your tweets for the
        entire month and then later schedule when you want them
      Track keywords in your Tweets
      Safe drafts of what you plan to tweet about or reuse.
      Respond automatically with a welcome message when
        someone follows you.
      Auto return follows when you are followed. ATTENTION –
        This is a good tool for new profiles since they don’t cap you
        if you do not have the same number of people following you
        to who you follow. So you need to keep your numbers even
        when using this tool.
      Automatically unfollow people, who unfollow you, you need to
        keep your numbers with this tool straight too.
      Personal feed status, it’s sort of like having a tweet engine of
        your own.
      This is a good place for you to hold on to unlimited twitter
        accounts so go ahead and tweet.

           Promotion via Twitter and Staying Informed

If you want to know what websites are being discussed on twitter
visit: you can use this tool to determine
how popular your website is. You don’t need to feel depressed if
you don’t show up.
You will be able to determine what your website stats are and it
will show you your referrer stats when people click though your
profile and get to your website. Aren’t you interested in which
URLs are most popular? Visit: it will
give you an update of what is being discussed on twitter in real
time and the website updates dynamically.

This means that you need not refresh your browser to view
updates when you are logged into the website. Do you see the
red color arrow just above this text? That is where the dynamic
updates appear. There are words that flow in and out all day, this
enables you to watch them as they appear. This is where the
exploit lies.

If you want popularity on twitter based on your niche then begin
making tweets on the keywords you want to create buzz for. This
is because twitscoop updates on what is popular on this website
so you can use it as a guide to see similar tweets to add a good
twist to your tweets.

At you will receive updates on popular
keywords that you choose on their website.

You might already be aware of Google’s service that is offered for
a lifetime free! Once you know what this service is all about you
just need to remember that it can also be free. However I guess
Tweetscan will give you different results, even though I haven’t
tested them yet. Use both and judge which one works best for

Here is a list of a few more sites that help you discover what is
hot on twitter:

This is how easy it is for you to find and get into conversations
on twitter in this example its “How to make money with twitter”.

If you are a social character, and enjoy multiple social
networking sites, then tweetdeck is the right choice. I can’t quite
imagine why anyone will use this. Since I can barely log into my
facebook account. I just downloaded tweetdeck and it I really like
it, it’s a great tool, it’s free and looks like the screenshot below
when you log in:
Twitter is probably the gateway for the latest information online.
Now that you have the information you need to use a few
techniques to effectively place your tweets on large search
engines. The next task here is what is known as deep linking.

Add juice to your tweets Search presence using this Tactic

You need to get into Twitter and start brainstorming keywords
that you feel search engines favor. If you aren’t able to figure it
out then just visit Google’s keyword tool at this URL:
Once you get to the links page, you should just type a keyword
relating to the niche of your tweets you are going to post.

Once you have done that just filter the results to find the one
with the highest search volume, and CPA. You need keywords
that generate money. Adsense publishers always use these
methods to find the best keywords in relation to the niche they
want to earn money for.

You should act as if you were marketing an Adsense campaign.
Since search engines act in the same way. You will want to do
this with precision so tat you can get more organic search
rankings using your website and blog along with your twitter

Once you find the juicy keywords you want. You then need to put
them in your tweets. After you create a post, you just need to
click the time stamp of that tweet and it will bring the tweet page
up. Here is a shot of how it should look:

For every tweet twitter gives you a different web page. Each of
those web pages gives you an opportunity for deep linking your
profile on twitter. So try to do it with every post.

You then copy that tweet URL to, and post it
there using the same juicy keywords you used in your post within
the title of the digg and reddit posts. I don’t want you to copy the
exact tweets to the title of your post or even the titles of the
social posts. When you post on dig make sure there is a link back
to your tweets also ensure that your posts are exactly what your
tweets are or your post might be removed for not following the
Your post shouldn’t look or take the shape of a story title called:
“Adsense Money Making SEO Generated Traffic and Backlinks: In my last post
How to Get Traffic”

Just make sure that your keywords are the same in your tweets.
Here is how it should look like:
Now because I didn’t put my URL to the title, it looks unique
enough and it should pass search engine’s robots that sniff. So
whatever you do should put in something different, a bit of a
twist to its title, make sure you add some uniqueness.

         Getting more traffic to your Twitter Profile

If you have not done it yet then post links to your profile on
twitter. You should use websites such as MySpace, squidoo,
facebook and your blogs and websites. You can even use Youtube
videos, and email signatures as an effective way to get more
follows. However you should not post links from bad parts of the
internet. Ensure that your profile has relevant links pointing to it.
You should think that your twitter profile is adding value. If your
profile does not add more value then don’t bother posting it.

Within a few days that I signed up for a Twitter account, I came
up with a good technique that I use to this very day. I first added
my competitors on twitter, I then watched who they were
following. Now depending on what your niche is you can add the
people they are following on your profile.

I then added the people my competition was following, and
within seven days I had only a few hundred followers targeted
who were dyeing for my products and I began grabbing a share
out of my completions’ profits. Now that was easy? It couldn’t be
easier to get a private list of followers who a person deals with to
used to make my own profits, I could might as well put that
competition out of business by giving his clients lower prices on
the exact same products. Now that is evil!

      The correct approach to conversions on Twitter

  Attract good quality leads – You need to attract the
     attention of the right people. Watch what your competitors
     are doing to attract clients. Then attract them uniquely.
  Get buyers to notice you with your one of a kind
     product, offer something no one else has.

  Visitor – When you have the lead on your profile page, you
     need to direct them to the correct website for a conversion
  so you need to post a link that the visitor can follow.
Target the desire of your visitors – you need to target
  their emotions, and leverage it to your advantage as a
  presale intro to your product and service.
You need to appear understanding – Explain your common
  problem in a way they can relate to. This is what will make
  them understand that they need the product. You don’t
  want unqualified buyers buying your products. Since many
  if not all unqualified buyers will end up returning the
  product. So use it to gain credibility.
Prove to them that your service or product works. Use
  screen shots, and if possible use video proof since they
  work as a great tool for instilling credibility and honesty.
  Entice them with a sap of your paypal account in a video, or
  a screen shot of y our clickbank account where earnings are

Testimonials – Use it as a tool to prove except you need to
  give it a more authentic look to make it effective. Many
  people who put up testimonials fail to make them look
  authentic. However don’t worry about this much but also
  don’t leave out testimonials. Advertisers on television have
  used testimonials to their advantage for years, they
  wouldn’t be doing it for no reason if it didn’t work.
  Television testimonials are a bit corny so don’t worry much
  about yours. Try your best and then leave the results to
Building links – This helps people a bit of a push to purchase
  your products or services. Building list of emails via
  subscribers on your website is a proven way to increase
  your percentage of sales. Don’t ask for them to subscribe in
  an intrusive manner.

All you need to do is to put in a nice spot and make it appeal
to the person reading as much as you can. Twitter has some
very nice option pages so explore that as well. Your list should
be use to follow up on a prospect. Here is an excellent
example of a opt-in page aka squeeze page:
Offering something for free is a great way to get readers to
put in their email address. The design is good, and focuses on
getting people to part with their email addresses so you can
keep them updated of all the latest and greatest new

Many times your subscribers are already aware of what your
products and services are all about, and just need a gentle
reminder to get them coming back to your site to increase
sales and conversions.

Rebuttals – You will have to brainstorm all possible reasons
  why people will not need your product, or what excuses
  they will use for not buying it. Then place those excuse in a
  point wise fashion on your pages. Make them each one
  sentence long and encourage them to read them. You also
  need to ensure that they are read because people are often
  lazy and don’t like to read. Keep it short and simple.

Guarantee – you need to make an offer of some type of
  grantee, Don’t worry what just make sure that you do as
  it’s a magical marketing tool you should not leave out.

Ask for sale – You need to ask for a sale during the whole
  process, in three separate situations. I will let you make the
     decision where you should do that. Generally I would
     recommend that you display the guarantee and then once
     after the guarantee has been displayed and then later after
     you make the first offer. I guess you might have to use trial
     and error to make it more effective.

How to get other people to start word of mouth marketing
               for the Business you have setup

Once you know who the prospective clients are and you are
following them its time to start the next phase of your campaign.
This phase is called ‘stimulation phase’ of world of mouth
marketing. If you have not read about wiki answers and yahoo
and how they are a great means of marketing then its time to
learn from this guide.

You need to begin to start looking at Yahoo answers, wiki
answers for questions that have already been posted. You then
need to make your own questions that your clients might ask. If
you run a search you will find that there are people on twitter
who are finding answers to questions regarding their products.

I suggest that you take a integrated approach to this. Use twitter
with Wiki Answers and Yahoo Answers to start a positive word of
mouth campaign. Yahoo Answers will enable you to receive the
answers required for services and products you are trying to sell.

If you want to get some answers and feedback about your new
product you should try using Yahoo Answers to help. See what
everyone has to say about it. Once you receive these people’s
feedback you should start using asking questions on Twitter and
you will have people coming to your website and every one will
talk about on search engines how good your product is.

Your online progress will improve dramatically when you get free
feedback. The reason is you want to sell what people desire, and
you need them to tell their friends about it. This is what you
should do. You will not be able to sell to people who don’t know
anything and then expect them to take a liking to it.

To find out what people want you should use twitter. You might
ask why don’t you use Yahoo Answers and Wiki Answers? I
discovered that Twitter is a touch and go forum.

There are times when I might get very fast responses and other
times I might not get any response. Both Wiki Answers and
Yahoo will give you faster answers because the people there are
looking to build their credibility and their rating is based on what
they answer in response to your question. So they care about
what they say in response.

Once you get a fair idea of what products you want to tweet
about you need to give them relevant content. You can tweet
regarding an update about your business. You need to engage
prospects by answering their queries.

When you are trying to engage your customers you need to use a
tweet conversation follower. It makes your conversations a bit
longer, and it also ensures that you don’t pass up excellent
chances to offer latest products and new services.

               Track your earning and followers

There are numerous ways to keep a track of your sites, but what
if you own a huge network of websites from which you earn
affiliate commission? A great place to have an account is at this is the place to track your links and to shorten
them down before posting them on your website so others cant
steal your commission.

With budurl you are able to track 250 urls for free, and its great
for twitter.

So place the URL to whatever money websites you want to
promote on twitter. After you have done that you will see the IPs
of people coming to your website and what hosting service
provider they are using. This service will help you see what
tweets are working for you the most. This will help you analyze
what works and what doesn’t.

You can also track down your affiliate links on budurl inside of
your account, it also allows you to create custom alias URLs to
hide your affiliate hop links from those who try to steal your

Within the budurl account you are able to jolt down notes of what
worked best for what URL so that you can improve management
of your landing pages both on twitter, and other websites. You
can use 301 and 307 to track and improve rankings. A 301 is a
permanent redirect to another website from the original one that
is getting all the visitors. A 307 is temporary this means that it
tells the search robots that you are redirecting the websites

How to use Ezinearticles as a source for Twitter profile Traffic

You first need to visit Once you
get there you need to click within the search box. Type a
keyword phrase for the niche you are trying to market via Twitter
and hit enter. Once you get the results click the very first link
under ‘most viewed article’ within ninety days.

You need to go through the article then go to the comments
section. Post something relevant and useful about the article and
enter a link to your twitter profile. Usually this comment is
moderated and approved within around an hour. Once your
comments are approved you will begin to see traffic to your
twitter profile within your free budurl account. This is a good way
to get lots of free traffic.

Now this isn’t the only place to visit and post your comments,
and links to your profile. Use a large spectrum of various
sources: top blogs within your niche, YouTube videos, that have
high traffic and other social websites such as and

                 Integrate your social Networks

Once your social networks have been setup for internet
marketing you will see that it’s a bit too time consuming to get
into each account to update it. A tool called
allows you to update your account within one panel. You just
make one post to a social site, once you ping it will post on all
the other places where you have created accounts and update

If you just want to update a few groups then you will need to
setup what is called “Triggers & Groups” you click on whatever
social media sites you want to update. Once your trigger is set
you will post a ping by selecting an option called “ping my”. You
can add blogs to this as well.
A contest to get more Blog followers and Twitter followers

I had mentioned this earlier in this guide but I want to give you a
detailed rundown. We first have to discuss which ideas are
effective in getting people involved. A nice place to begin is at: to check what others are running.

Below is a screen shot of a contest I found with
These people obviously have a larger budget, but you probably
have an uncle who is willing to make an investment. Take a look
at the picture to get your ideas flowing. Don’t overlook using a
contest I stole the idea from a large affiliate that used it all the
time, and its his largest tool for getting followers, and affiliate
Here is something more affordable if you don’t have much
I went ahead and included a blog post, you will use the same
type of approach just make a post and then post a refer to the
post link within your tweets, tweet ever few hours regarding the
contest. You will watch as your traffic opens up with new people!
This is an amazing thing if you can pool together the money for a

This is a very effective marketing trick that will stay alive for ever
since people love free things. A free t-shirt contest are also great
since they don’t cost much. However you need to find a popular
and trendy one.
 Take a ride on Google’s Social Media Trust to start a viral
In the beginning of this guide I hinted that you were going to
learn an SEO secret I have on twitter. By now you are probably a
pro Twitter, and if you still aren’t then probably you might after
you lean this secret. Its not really a secret. Its open public
information (Google’s Need for Freshness Sours Search Results)
however there is a twist I have incorporate so you don’t get
strapped with using black hat search engine optimization.

I would like to hand over both options of promoting your viral
traffic as well as search rankings that list you in the top ten
search results.

In the first method we are going to use a tool. This tool I have
used before and it works very well. Some would regard it as a
“black hat technique or tool”.

A number of people online that have the status of a guru might
argue with you. This is something that does not really violate any
guidelines of search engines. However it may be a violation if not
used correctly. I would advise that you use Autopligg with great

Autopligg – is a tool that is used to create possibly hundreds of
back links that would give you results that was mentioned earlier
in the article and brought someone’s links right to the top of
major search results of Google for very highly competitive Ford
company’s keywords. I’m not advocating that you should try and
do this. I gave you an example and a real world example just to
give you an idea of what this tool can do. It would probably be
easier to rink very high on search results with keywords that
were not so popular.

What does it do? :
- Making accounts on sites powered by Pligg
-Post comments and stories with accounts registered previously
- There are back links that you will get from these comments and
One step at a time
  Click the tab that says register and finish it
  Click the tab that reads ‘stories’ and fill in the title of the story,
     the body and the links you need the story to point to and
     click the start button
  You then click the tab that says comments and fill your
     comments and the links you are looking to promote and
     click the start button

You now have a method of getting viral traffic to your Twitter
profile, so let’s start another one.

If you asked me for a drawing of what it will take for search
engine markets to achieve what they dream of then this would
probably be the right thing and the traffic you generate is mostly
up to you. You need to scale this system if you need more traffic.
You will need to add more websites, blogs, sites, interaction,
social networking etc to get the credibility, reputation, and
feedback you need. You will only be able to create a brand when
you have these qualities.

Here is the visual of the system for you to take a look at and
discuss below:

  MONEY WEBSITES - products you sell, services you sell

The picture above is the model for a social money and marketing
campaign. If you don’t know about how it works then read the
previous chapters. This whole guide has been depicted in the
form of a picture, however if you want to make the process
better then read the previous chapters for what to do to make it

The above is the combination of popular social networks with the
top in blogging used, all this leads to conversions and follower
into clients. Not only will they be clients but also people that do
free word of mouth marketing for you.

Word of mouth marketing is invaluable and free. However you
need to earn it. This is how you become a business owner who is
successful, either online or offline.

In our system above twitter is the center and at the top. In terms
of social marketing this is where twitter stands today, and you
want to utilize it as your tool for getting prospects, customers
etc. However start tweeting before you start going to social sites.

You don’t need to login to all the social sites, just use the tool I
told you about ( that tool integrates with these
social sites, so you just need to login at Twitter and tweet as
usual and it will update the rest of your profiles. If you are
looking for enhancement then place a slightly different post from
your tweet on each of the sites this should help you get better
search rankings and improve your conversion.

So now that you have developed a greater understanding of how
to groom yourself a Twitter Empire. I would suggest getting
yourself over to these sites, and start making use of these
effective tools. The first one I suggest you get is a free tool, and
its actually the one I used today the most.

Its very effective. Overall the fact is, there are so many tools out
there on the web, but some people have already taken the time
to set aside the ones that work, and that’s why I am here today
for you. I made sure that these tools work.

I use these tools on a daily basis I love them. I am not making
money off promoting these tools, I am making money off using
these tools to promote whatever I want and gain top search
engine page results by the end of a week easily! So just take my
word for it, and give yourself a break.

Have tools like these ones I am about to show you, just for the
added help along with way. They will really save you time. Now
I hope you enjoy the adventure along your way to Twitter money
making success. Thanks for reading this guide!

First tool Wordpress AutoComments –, is free and it’s a great
one really this one is my favorite traffic & back links quick fix.
Wordpress auto commentor requires the 5 minutes of your time
to operate. It’s exactly what it says it is. An auto mated tool
that posts comments on thousands of blogs, based upon
keywords and footprints you select. WAC makes your twitter
success supercharged.

What I like to do is comment on blogs and send the backlinks
pointing to each of my important, or not so important tweets.
Really the important thing here is to just get the Tweets

For example here is what I would exactly after posting an article
on my blog.

That way you get more traffic to your Twitter profile, and
ultimately you will win more website visitors this way. Don’t
forget about winning peoples credibility. The best way is with

If you win people with your Twitter profile, then you can pretty
much bet on them going over to your blog or website, and being
a subscriber, or frequent return visitor. Just make sure you have
a snazzy looking sales page for them to arrive at, or a impressive
looking blog. First impressions are the last impressions if they
don’t turn out to be something professionally done.

On top of that, there is a little search engine loophole here that
makes it better to have backlinks going to your twitter profile, or
Search engines, and Google in particular don’t mind if you have a
bunch of backlinks going to your Twitter profile. The reason is,
because Google has programmed there robots to understand that
backlinks are created, and sent to twitter profiles on the most
aggressive scale avaliable today. The people at Google geared
there search engine robots to pay extra special attention to what
is happening on Twitter.

So for example lets say you have a new website, and it needs to
be indexed, or needs attention. That quickest way to get
attention is to post a tweet, and a link to your new website in
that Tweet. Then you take the Tweet’s link(which found by
clicking on the timestamp next to the Tweet you want to get a
URL address for).

Its going to be a funning looking URL, don’t worry about it. Just
make sure you place it in your new free wordpress auto
commentor tool. See the screen shot below to reference where
you would place your Twitter Url inside of the free wordpress
auto commentor tool.
I can’t stress the importance of using creativity with your
comments. Remember if you have something that looks
spammy, then chances are the webmasters that see your
comments before they approve them, will in most cases decline
approving your comments if they don’t seem genuine.

I had a hard time coming up with genuine sounding comments at
first, I know it sounds easy to come up with a thought provoking
comment that gets other blog readers to click on your link, but
really sometimes it can be difficult. Don’t waste your time using
this free wordpress commenter tool unless you actually site down
and come up with a few comment ideas before setting the auto
commenter to work. If you do have trouble coming up with
effective comments, you know ones that actually get approved
and have people visiting your websites that you use for backlinks
along with your comments.

Then go to some of your favorite blogs first, and see what other
commenter’s are saying. I look for the top commenter’s on the
blog, because you figure they aren’t top commenter’s for no
reason. For one thing, they know how to get posts approved,
and on top of that they have a reason for coming back to post
more comments.

The reason can only be because they figured out how to get
people to click there website backlinks for the comments they
articulated. I would take notes on these top commenter’s, and
do likewise.

That’s it, that one secret will get you so much of a viral presence,
and head start on Twitter, and on your new websites, or old
websites. So make sure you take advantage!

The next tool is Serpscraper Backlink Harvestor
A great autopilot tool that scans Google, Yahoo, and MSN search
engines for websites urls based upon what you enter for its
search query. The sole reason Serp Scraper was built was for
Pligg Sites, because AutoPligg tool was designed by the same
people. The users found that they needed an automated way to
find urls that they could target for posting backlinks to along with
there stories.

Well great news for you. Wordpress Autocommenter the free
tool I told you about earlier, was developed by the same crew
that made SerpScraper, and Autopligg. They made SerpScraper
compatible with the free tool.

Really Serpscaper can be used to search for a variety of different
content managed websites, really it can search for any unique
attribute a set of websites has, you just enter in the footprint,
which is the way to uniquely define what kind of website you are
wanting to gather URLS for, click start, and go to sleep.
That’s great isn’t it? I do this every night.

Here is some examples of what footprints to enter:
This is a footprint for a Wordpress Blog:
"Responses to" "Leave a Reply" "Name (required)"

These are footprints for Pligg sites:
   "Powered by Pligg"
   inurl:"Pligg beta"
   inurl:story.php inanchor:upcoming

But wait there is more to it then just setting the footprint. If you
have a list of keywords that a website you have is based on, and
you want backlinks specifically from website urls that have the
same keywords, then you can place that inside the search box
located inside Serpscaper called “Keywords”. Serpscraper comes
with a “Wordlist” which is a default variety list of random
keywords that you can use if you don’t have ones picked out.

I would highly highly suggest that you use your own, in addition
to this wordlist. But don’t mix it! I make that mistake
sometimes. The checkbox is automatically checked when you
open Serpscaper. Uncheck it before you enter your footprints,
and keywords.
Do you wish you sustained a smart path to creating backlinks
and traffic for your money seducing internet sites?

Capture admission to the instruments that Earl Grey
Has been using to build up his grey hat seo conglomerate.


Pligg is a widely utilized Digg knockoff which permits you post
stories and post remarks. It enables fellow members of the web
site to interact on the stories that are named on their sites. Very
much identical Digg. AutoPligg is fundamentally a Pligg Submitter

AutoPligg Pligg Submitter automates these tasks for you.
The greatest timewaster is search engine marketing.
Automate instantly!
Register limitless accounts, station as often storeys as you
require and still leave remarks on those internet sites. (The
comic function is you actually bring in high-level page rank
backlinks outgoing of these chores and if you carry a presentable
news report you can go viral in a snap!)
Learn what AutoPligg can practice!

  * High-ranking top-notch 1 way links to your internet site
  * Automatically register for accounts. Even breaks CAPTCHAs!!
  * Create UNLIMITED profiles and indentities
  * Subject reports and comment to 1000's of web sites
  * Automatized pinging after every last entry
  * Stats to record flourishing entries
  * Proxy backing
  * Increase your page ranking
  * Tag friendly
  * Adaptable features
  * FREE lifetime upgrades
  * Entree to the secluded assembly
  * Fetch indexed in less than 24 hours straight! (google)
  * Get indexed in fewer than 48 hr flat! (yahoo)

Govern this hyperfine slice of
Software Today and offset advertising your landing pages
gain your traffic and earn more customers!
AutoPligg has been released just a few days ago! Add Autopligg
now - utilise it Now and experience the business leader of this
first-rate tool around.

For just $189
Now that you are a little privy to what SerpScarper tool does,
and you know that it’s an effective tool. I am sure you are
confident that this tool will do the trick, and them some. What
Autopligg can do for you is astronomical in comparison to
whatever other tool you pick out there.

It has such a variety of methods to posting backlinks. It has
autocommenter for pligg directories, it auto posts to pligg
directories, it even has tags that you can submit to the pligg
directory posts that you make. It makes it so easy to promote a
new article that you just posted.

Especially if you use my secret method to obtaining a huge
backlink following. What I do is a systematic approach; I like to
look in several places for targets to post backlinks. Don’t forget
that we are looking for twitter profile backlinks, and tweet post
backlinks in addition to your blogs, and websites getting

Just remember that search engines, especially Google will not
work to log your backlinks for a website, as quickly as they would
for twitter profiles. So if you want backlinks and you want them
indexed quicker then piggy back them with your twitter accounts,
or, or or just all of them. It’s great.

Immortal Promoter - Last but certainly not least. Simply put
this backlink tool is for those people that are like me. If you are
absolutely lazy when it comes to promoting websites, products,
and services then this tool is just for you.

This is the level of promotion that you dream of. That fact of the
matter is this is my favorite tool, and the reason why you can
believe me on this one is, well they aren’t accepting new affiliates
for this tool and I am not making money off having this tools link
in the guide. I put it in here because I want you, the reader to
become what I have become.

I am a super affiliate. I have what it takes to bring any product
to the top of the search engines. I post links inside my Immortal
Promoter account, and with a push of a button, I except my
products url to be at the top of the Google search engine, or any
other by the end of the week and haven’t been proven otherwise.

This is the easiest tool, the most effective tool, the quickest way
to make money tool, and most of all it’s the most affordable tool
for the first month out of all of them. This tool is so worth it. In
fact I think the first month is only 20 bucks!

Yeah and best of all you get to have unlimited amount of
websites to send traffic to and backlinks get automatically posted
based upon what snippet of code you enter in that it gives you
when you log into your Immortal Promoter account. Its that

You find the keywords that you want to use for the product page.
Insert keywords into the textbox of your membership account
inside Immortal Promoter, and click create campaigns. For every
campaign you create, Immortal Promoter spits out a snippet of
code for you to insert into your websites pages just like Adsense
code snippets.

Single pages that you are interested in promoting are ideal for
use with this tool and Immortal Promoter gets you more traffic to
your site all while steadily increase your websites backlinks all on
autopilot! That’s it. You are done.
See the above screen shot, it shows stats for how many
backlinks Immortal Promoter has automatically brought in for
you on a daily basis, and comparison to the day before.

It’s as easy as placing Google Adsense Code into your website.
Just make sure you do some good keyword research, heck you
can even go to and check to see whats hot on
there, and start integrating your Twitter Profiles backlinks along
with it. Send traffic to your sites, send traffic to your Twitter
profile, and get paid big money doing what ever you want.

Use these keyword research tools they are all free except
I did mention Google’s Free Keyword Tool already, but just to
make sure you haven’t forgot about it, here it is again:

Google also has other free keyword research tools like:

Google Trends:
a personal favorite of mine, since its great for checking up on all
the latest keywords that are in need of unique fresh content.
This is great for people like me, who sometimes run out of ideas
for writing articles, or choosing niche markets for promoting.
You can even subscribe to Google Trends Feed Here:

Google’s Insight Search Tool:
This one is sort of new, and I personally have not used it much,
or heard of many others using it either. That doesn’t mean its
not a worthy option.

Yahoo’s Keyword Tool: Costs Money If You Want To Use it For
Spyfu –
Spyfu is hands down, the industry leader in finding the most
competitive keywords for ROI. I hear it costs some coinage
though so beware of that factor.

I like this page
because it tells you who is spending the most on pay per click

This page is cooler, I like it because I get a yard stick of how
much competition I have for any particular industry top
keywords. This is a great place to start brainstorming keywords
with a longer phrase then average, you may have heard
someone mention the phrase “longtail keywords”.

Long tail keywords are ones that have a few words per phrase
you are interested in ranking for on any particular web page,
website, blog, etc. I like to narrow these keyword search
phrases to longtail keywords to pickup the easy traffic when first
starting out in a niche I haven’t experience competiting with
I would suggest using affiliate marketing to your advantage here.
It’s very simple to setup a product that you decide to use in
whichever affiliate marketing campaign you have, and get the
keywords for it, get the code from Immortal Promoter. Start
making money! Have fun, and that’s all the tools you will ever
need really.
Twitter Resources = real time twitter keyword clouds = social media all in one desktop
platform. = twitter business directory = find yourself more followers = twitter search engine & tag cloud = track twitter URL traffic stats = a page fool of twitter
conversations to follow based upon what you query.

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