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					                               LANGUAGE OBJECTIVES

       Like content objectives, language objectives should be stated clearly and simply in
student friendly language. Students should be informed of them in both writing and orally.
When developing a language objective for a lesson, ask yourself what are my students
doing today to develop their language skills in reading, writing, listening, speaking and
thinking? Below are some ideas to help you get started.

Read and answer in complete sentences
Read and discuss…
Read and summarize the main ideas
Read and record predictions about….
Read and outline

Write a paragraph using strong verbs, adjectives, etc.
Write a sentence using one or more vocabulary words.
Write a paper showing the cause and effect relationship between…
Using the _______________ note-taking method, take notes during the class discussion
Write the steps you followed to solve the equation.

Listen to the video and complete the outline
Listen to the story and make predictions
Listen to the lecture and discuss with a partner
Listen to the arguments presented and decide…..

Predict what will happen next in the story.
Based on what you already know about….predict what will happen when …
After looking at the pictures and reading the captions, predict what this chapter is about.
What inference can you make about….

You can also be specific about strategies students will engage in. Examples include:

With your learning partner you will explain how you ..
You will do a think-pair-share and with your partner, identify.
During numbered heads together your group will predict…
During the carousel activity, your group will list as many….
Using paired-verbal-fluency, you will list everything you remember about….
With a partner, edit your papers for correct conventions focusing specifically on
capitalization and spelling.

Some other language objective verbs:
discuss ….                                 paraphrase                  define
explain…                                   classify                    name
describe with strong adjectives..          restate                     spell
present your point of view….               edit                        label
interview ….                               rewrite                     state
compose                                    justify                     match

*This is just a quickly brainstormed list. There are many other ways students develop their
language skills in your room.

A mastery objective is what students should know and be able to do in terms
of the academic curriculum.

The language of a mastery objective…

     A. is kid friendly
     B. is specific in terms of curricular knowledge
     C. names active performance (observable behavior)
     D. avoids using the following words
        understand                   know            see that
        recognize that               learn           be familiar with
        have a grasp of                     review
     E. begins with students will be able to…
     F. includes strong clues about assessment
     G. may include the level of performance
     H. is liked to agreed upon curricular standards
     I. is worth knowing
     J. is matched to the students: challenging and attainable
     K. is able to be assessed and measured

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