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					    The Second International                intercultural dialogue and critique in         PRESENTATION FORMAT
         Conference on                      discourse/language/communication
                                            scholarship, the study of discourses of           parallel paper sessions;
 Multicultural Discourses                   marginalized cultures and research into           panel discussions;
                                            new discourses helpful to cultural                keynote speeches;
                                            solidarity and prosperity.                        forum with invited speakers
   April 13-15, 2007 Hangzhou                                                              Choice of keynote speeches will be
                                            CONFERENCE TOPICS                              based on the quality, relevance and
Institute of Discourse & Cultural Studies                                                  international  balance  of   abstract
           Zhejiang University                 concepts        and      theories     of   submissions     subject  to   further
             Hangzhou, China                    language/communication/discourse           investigation.
                                                outside the dominant paradigms as
                                                well as the related research and           (English interpretation will be provided
INTRODUCTION                                    teaching traditions;                       for papers in Chinese)
                                               intercultural dialogue, critique and       中文稿將配有英文口譯.
The first International Conference on           cross-fertilization                   in
Multicultural Discourses (Oct. 2004,            discourse/language/communication
Hangzhou), organized by the Institute of        studies;                                   SUBMISSION OF ABSTRACTS
Discourse     and    Cultural  Studies,        globalization       of     non-western
Zhejiang University, has turned out to          intellectual traditions;                   The deadline for abstracts (one page
be an international academic success. It       discourses that reflect the realities,     per author(s)) and panel proposals
represents a new and much needed                issues, concerns and aspirations of        (complete with individual half-page
direction in social science in general          marginalized or otherwise troubled         abstracts) is Nov. 1st 2006.
and discourse studies in particular. For        groups and communities;
this reason, we are making the                 new or alternative discourses of
                                                                                           Please send your abstracts and panel
Multicultural Discourses Conference a           cultural cohesion and progress;
                                                                                           proposals together with the following
tri-annual event: the next one will be         needs and norms for conducting
                                                                                           information     by     e-mail       to
held in Hangzhou (again) between April          intercultural      and     international
13-15, 2007 (the weekend following the          communication;
Easter).                                       localization      of     English     as
                                                international language
                                                                                                  Author’s name
The Second International Conference
                                                                                                  Affiliation
on Multicultural Discourses remains
                                                                                                  Full address including phone and
committed to the original aims, namely,
                                                                                                   fax numbers
the promotion of cultural diversity and
                                                                                                  E-mail address
CONFERENCE FEE (payable on                    Wendy Zhao
                                              Institute of Discourse & Cultural Studies
site, students: 50% discount)
                                              Zhejiang University,
Conference fees are set according to          Hangzhou China 310058
your country tier (the country of             e-mail:,
residence --not the country of origin).
Please visit our conference website to
find out what tier you qualify for.
                                              Note: For accommodation and travel
   Tier A: £120/$200/E170                    information, please visit our website:
   Tier B: £90/$150/E130           
   Tier C: £60/$100/E85                      conference
   For domestic participants: RMB600

The rate covers a half-day tour, folk          Institute of Discourse & Cultural
performance, tea/coffee, three lunches,                      Studies
two dinners and one banquet.                   Zhejiang University, Hangzhou,
                                                         China, 310058
Presenters are encouraged to submit
                                                    Conference Website:
final versions of high-quality and cultural
innovative papers to Journal of                          conference
Multicultural Discourses. In addition, a
selection of the papers will be published
in an edited volume.

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