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New Products: HD camcorder sports futuristic shape

You can capture high-definition video with Samsung's capsule-shaped HMX-R10 digital camcorder. by Samsung

You can capture high-definition video with a capsule-shaped digital camcorder that looks like it's ready to blast off to Mars. Here on Earth, the HMX-R10 camcorder can record full HD video as well as 9-megapixel photos. Thanks to its compact shape and a lens that's angled at 25 degrees, the camcorder can be held in a relaxed position, reducing the stress on your wrist while shooting video. Available this summer, the camcorder also includes a 5X optical zoom and a swiveling 2.7-inch touch-screen LCD. It will cost about $550. www.samsungusa.com
Gizmo holds your high-flying gadgets

With the iFlyz suction cup, you can free your hands while keeping your Apple iPod or other gadgets in place on your next airplane flight. With its adjustable clamp, you can attach the suction cup that's holding your gadget to your seat tray when the tray is pulled out for use or placed in an upright position. Better yet, the iFlyz has a flexible gooseneck, so you can turn your attached gadget in almost any angle or direction. Measuring 5.5 inches long and 2.5 inches wide, the holder works with a variety of gadgets, including iPhones, Blackberrys and iPods. It costs about $30.

Photo frame display is at your fingertips

Want to see a photo? A touch of your finger can get the show started with Genius' new Touch Digital Photo Frames. Each frame has a touch-sensitive keypad that puts key commands, such as Right, Left and Home, at your fingertips. Using the frame's multipicture slide-show option, you can display four pictures at a time on one screen. The frame also can play video clips and MP3 tunes. Equipped with 128 megabytes of memory, the DPF-T805 Touch Digital Photo Frame has an 8.4-inch frame, a standard 4:3 aspect ratio and an 800-by-600 pixel screen resolution. It costs about $200. Another model, the DPF-T1000 Touch Digital Photo Frame, has a 10.2-inch frame, a wide-screen 16:9 aspect ratio and an 800-by-600 pixel screen. It costs about $250. www.geniusnet.com
Control your computer screen with a touch

A light touch is all you need to control Acer's new 23-inch computer display. Sporting a glossy black bezel, the Acer H233H bmid high-definition widescreen LCD monitor features illuminated controls that respond to your touch. It also has a speedy 5-millisecond response time, a 40,000:1 contrast ratio, 160degree horizontal and vertical viewing angles and two 1.5-watt speakers. It costs about $230. www.acer.com/us E-mail new product suggestions to deb.porterfield@verizon.net.

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