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Hello, I wanted to create a quick guide that will
show you how to create longevity in your ebay
career. This method is what I use to create a
majority of my ebay income.


Once you have made several hundred dollars
utilizing the methods that I cover in the initial
ebook, you may want to consider this route.

So how does this work?

This is a outline:

Determine which type of product you want to
have manufactured -> Find either a
manufacturer of a similar product on alibaba
Ask them about either making your own custom
version or rebranding it for you utilizing your
logo     Buy from them Sell on ebay and
make money!
Determine what you want to have manufactured.
There are a TON of things that you can have
done. You can go into just about any of the
categories see what sells, and as long as your not
copying a branded exactly to the T you will be
fine. (Variations of branded items are Okay, but
you can’t sell them as the branded item)

OR you can contact a Chinese manufacturer who
develops their own item and ask them if you can
re-brand it for your company.

Hint: There are several sellers on ebay right now
that have a Chinese weight loss pills re-branded
to their own company and you would never

Hint 2: Look for “generic” type of things that
sell often , small and easy to ship. Example:
Aluminum Widget. Then contact a supplier who
works with aluminum and ask them if they can
make the widget.
Often times (99.9%) they will require a mold of
the product you wish to make if they don’t
already have one similar. So this will require
you to get a item that you want designed and
send to the manufacturer.

Step 2: Negotiate Terms!

If you are “rebranding” an item, depending on
what it is the supplier may ask for a MOQ
(minimum order quantity) of at least 100-1000
and sometimes many more. You can always try
to negotiate down to a comfortable level,
however If they don’t budge then you have to
move on.

If you are having an item MADE to your liking,
tell them that you will buy X amount (at least
50-100) to make sure it is right. They won’t
only make 1 item for you so don’t ask… unless
that 1 item is worth $10,000 or more.

Make sure the item is how you want it, I
accidentally confirmed an item from a
manufacturer even after they sent me a detailed
image of how it would come out. Well, their
was an error in the spelling! This caused me to
have to sell the item for 10x less then what it’s

Step 3: Buying the item

On most occasions, it will take roughly a month
to have your item custom made. Sometimes
more, sometimes less depending on how busy
the factory is. And unless you have a well
established relationship with them (years) they
won’t give you a credit, like you can’t order
$5000 worth of stuff and pay 2500 upfront.
That won’t work unless 1) you are ordering
$100k worth of stuff, or 2) if you have a long
established credit.

One of my suppliers I’ve been working with for
almost 2 years, he will send out the items as
soon as I tell him what I need. Shipping costs
vary that’s why I don’t send him payment
immediately. But once he gets my order he
sends out the shipment and sends me the
invoice..then I make the payment. That’s about
as closest to a credit as I’ve gotten.


My Flagship Item costs me $18 to have made
and shipped over here and I sell it to OTHER
retailers who sell them on ebay or locally for
$100 (minimum of 5) , if I put it on ebay I can
sell it for between $150-$200

Am I going to tell you what this is? Heck no! I
am telling you this so you can see what’s

Tip 2!

USA does not have Metal workers that can do
older sort of crafts. If you can find a generic
antique that people are looking to buy but rare.
You can find a manufacturer in China that may
be able to make this for you. But keep in mind,
you can’t sell it as a Antique, you can only put
the style. Some people won’t buy it because
they are looking for the original, however some
people who are looking to have that “retro” style
in their homes don’t really mind.

You can put your own twist into this! Have fun!

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