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                                                   Phone Business VoIP PABX
Phone Business VoIP PABX is an exciting new hosted voice solution developed specifically for the small to medium office.
You no longer need expensive hardware on site as your phone system is provided by our highly reliable core system that
has almost 400 features and is managed and monitored 24 hours a day 7 days a week

Using a single IP Platform, Phone Business VoIP PABX makes use of the Internet to deliver flexible communications, It’s a
platform that supports growth by catering from 2 to 200 users, Phone Business VoIP PABX is fully featured and delivers
enhanced features typically found only within large corporate offices. Imagine a system like this working for your business

Features and Benefits                                                           Technical Specifications
Automated Attendant                                                            Core System
Spend less time transferring calls to other departments and more time             Multiple servers running the latest processors
talking to the right people                                                       Mirrored systems ready and active in the event of care system outage
                                                                                  ISDN and SIP connections to multiple carriers
Direct Inward Dialling                                                         Voip Specifications
Allow customers and partners to contact extensions or departments                 SIP Protocol ( worldwide standard for Voip )
directly, speeding up your customer service                                       G.711a codec. ISDN type high quality codec
                                                                                  Support GSM codec for laptops and 3G users
                                                                                  Support for Fax, Modem and Eftpos
Remote Office                                                                  Handset Specifications
Call your office departments from home just as if you were in the office for      SIP Protocol
FREE, See who is on the phone before calling them                                 Multiple SIP accounts on 1 handset
Pickup calls from another external office during unexpected high call             QoS Ready
volumes, Have a softphone on your laptop and plug in anywhere in the              Web interface for easy configuration
world and be connected to your office phone system as if you were there           Quality finish from leading brand
                                                                                  2 x 100M/10M ethernet jacks + headset port
                                                                                  Pass through Ethernet ( to connect to PC)
Call Forward External                                                             PoE ( Power over ethernet ) support
Forward or transfer calls to your mobile, and stay connected with your            Upgradeable firmware ( get new features easily )
customers more often

Conference Calls                                                               Analogue Adaptor Specifications
Join callers together to resolve problems quicker or set a professional           Standard PSTN Output
conference meeting with pin codes and administration                              SIP Protocol + supports two SIP accounts
                                                                                  G.711a Codec
                                                                                  Supports Fax and Eftpos
Voicemail to Email
                                                                                  Supports Cordless Phone Handsets
Don’t waste time listening to voicemail when you can get messages sent
straight to your email box
Ring Groups and Call Queuing                                                   Number Porting
Manage incoming calls to ring on the right extensions or departments, even        Numbers can be ported Australia wide
queue calls during peak times                                                     Keep the same number if you move suburb or city
Your business will respond to customers quicker                                   Have a Melbourne office with a Sydney Number
                                                              VoIP PABX Plans
Bronze System                                                Pricing             Features
Install ( per user )                                                             • Direct Inward Dialling
                Executive Handset SNOM 360:                  $450.00             • FREE calls within Phone Business VoIP Network
                Advanced Handset SNOM 320:                   $380.00             • Custom handset configuration
                 Analogue converter SPA2100:                 $250.00             • Call Waiting / Caller line ID
                       Activation per handset:               $150.00             • Conference calling / Standard Music on hold
   Monthly Recurring: SIP Account (per user)                 $15.00              • Maintenance Free
                                                                                 • Latest technology / Fully Redundant
Silver System                                                Pricing             Features ( includes Bronze Plan)
Install ( per user )                                                             • Voicemail to E-mail
                Executive Handset SNOM 360:                  $450.00             • Multiple Ring Groups ( Internal only)
                Advanced Handset SNOM 320:                   $380.00             • Automated Attendant ( Three options )
                 Analogue converter SPA2100:                 $250.00             • Custom Outgoing CLI Presentation
                       Activation per handset:               $200.00             • Multiple Extension numbers on one Handset
   Monthly Recurring: SIP Account (per user)                 $30.00              • Custom Incoming Routes

Gold System                                                  Pricing             Features ( includes Silver Plan )
Install ( per user )                                                             • Automated Attendant ( Unlimited Options )
                Executive Handset SNOM 360:                  $450.00             • Call Queuing ( with custom Music On Hold )
                Advanced Handset SNOM 320:                   $380.00             • Network Conference Bridging
                 Analogue converter SPA2100:                 $250.00             • Ring Groups Unlimited ( Inc external numbers )
                       Activation per handset:               $250.00             • Follow Me ( calls to mobiles )
   Monthly Recurring: SIP Account (per user)                 $50.00              • Call Recording ( all calls )

Standard Call Charges                                        Pricing             Additional Features                         Pricing
Voip on Phone Business Network                               $FREE               100 number range
                                                                                 Install                                     $100.00
                                                                                 Monthly Recurring                           $50.00
Local ( flat rate )                                          $0.14               Dedicated Incoming Number
                                                                                 Install                                     $20.00
                                                                                 Monthly Recurring                           $30.00
National ( per minute ) + $0.10c flagfall                    $0.12               Automatic Fail Over of directory number
                                                                                 (to mobile / external no)
                                                                                 Install                                     $250.00
                                                                                 Monthly Recurring                           $30.00
Mobile ( per minute ) + $0.10 flagfall                       $0.28               Onsite Installation Fees: Callout           $90.00
International Rates                                from      $0.10               Cost per hour ( min 2 hours )               $90.00
                                                                                 Remote programming ( cost perhour )         $90.00
                                                                                 ( min 1 hour)

All prices are exclusive of GST . This price list is not intended to be binding and prices may change at anytime.

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