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                                      Personnel Support Activity Detachment, Pearl Harbor Newsletter
                                             WWW.PSDPH.NAVY.MIL                         April 2005

                                                                                 limit. There is no authority/waiver
                                                                                 to the provisions contained in JFTR
This newsletter update is designed           NAVPTO Department Head              U7205 for commands to fund any
to keep our customers informed of                  473-4484                      portion of the travel that exceeds the
news affecting pay and personnel                                                 cost limit.
policies and procedures. We hope           PROCESSING OFFICIAL NO-
you find it informative and useful.            FEE PASSPORT                                 LIMDU/TPU
                                               APPLICATIONS                                   473-0681

Questions regarding this newsletter       Reminder: NAVPTO Pearl Harbor            MILPERSMAN 1306-406
may be addressed at the next PLR          hours for processing official no-fee    RETURN TO SUBMARINE
meeting on Wednesday, 6 Apr 2005          passport applications are: Monday,     DUTY FOLLOWING LIMITED
at 1030 in the PSD Conference             Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 0730-                 DUTY
Room.                                     1400 and Wednesday 1000-1400.
                                                                                 Non-nuclear trained submarine
                                          Expedited   requests   will   be       designated members on Limited
                                          processed daily, by appointment        duty, found fit for full duty by a
INSIDE:                                   only.    Commands/activities are       Physical Evaluation Board, require
                                          asked to call the passport             further medical screening in
Transfers……………… 2                         acceptance agent at 473-2317 to        accordance with NAVMED P-117,
Separations ……………. 2                      make an appointment.                   article 18 to ensure the member is
Reenlistments ………….. 3                                                           qualified for submarine duty.
Receipts………………… 3                             E-TICKETS REMINDER
Service Records Maint…. 3                                                        Prior to submitting a class "YJ"
MOBEX/ADSW…………3/4                         When a change in reservations is       Availability Report, the member's
ESO…………………… 4                             necessary for a traveler who has       medical record must be screened by
Customer Service……… 4/5                   been issued an e-ticket, it is         an Undersea Medical Officer to
Travel………………… 6                           important to make the change with      verify physical qualification per
                                          the CTO or the Sato Travel Navy        MILPERSMAN 1306-1200.
                                          Help Desk at 1-800-359-9999
  PERSONNEL SUPPORT ACTIVITY              instead of the airlines.               The doctor's name and the statement
 DETACHMENT PEARL HARBOR, HI                                                     "found physically qualified for
                                             FUNDED EMERGENCY                    submarine duty" must appear in the
       HOURS OF OPERATION                         LEAVE                          remarks section of the "YJ
Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri    0730-1600
                                           REFERENCE (A) JFTR U7205              Availability Report. A class YJ
Wednesday                1000-1600
                                                                                 Availability     Report      submitted
   ID CARD ISSUANCE HOURS OF              Customer commands are advised          without this information will be
           OPERATION                      Government      transportation   is    cancelled. If an Undersea Medical
Mon-Fri                  0730-1530        furnished and paid to the nearest      Officer is not available, a submarine
                                          west coast international airport to    physical must be completed per
           PHONE:                         the emergency leave address in         NAVMED P-117, article 15
PSD OOD Cell:            306-8993         CONUS. This is the established         MILPERSMAN                   1300-801
                                          cost limit that will be used.          ASSIGNMENT SCREENING.
                                          Members and dependents are
                                          responsible for and must pay any       The assignment screening process
                                          additional costs exceeding the         and report will be completed within
                                          Honolulu to San Francisco cost         15 days of being found either
“Return to Duty” (RTD) or "Fit for            code(s),     prognosis       for         NAVADMIN 078/95
Continued Naval Service". The                 improvement, and specific            PERMISSIVE TEMPORARY
MTF      (Naval     Health Clinic             limitations.                          DUTY (PDTY) FOR FLEET
Makalapa) will either classify a        4.    CO's     recommendation       on      RESERVE/RETIREMENT
member as worldwide assignable or             member's performance and
assignment limited.                           possible administrative actions.   The intent of PTDY, as authorized
                                                                                 by NAVADMIN 078/95 is to ease
  FOR MEMBERS FOUND                                                              transition from Military-to-Civilian
 WORLDWIDE ASSIGNABLE                              TRANSFERS                     life     caused      by       reduced,
                                              Transfer Division Officer          congressionally      mandated      and
The parent command will forward                       Ext 251                    military strength levels. PTDY
the screening report to the servicing                                            allows pre-separation employment
Personnel      Support       Activity                                            search and residence hunting.
Detachment (PSD) upon receipt.                                                   PTDY may be granted for up to 20
                                               TRANSFER SECTION
                                                                                 days (if the member will be
Servicing PERSUPP DET will                                                       processed     for     separation     in
                                        It is highly encouraged for members
submit a Class YJ Availability                                                   CONUS) and up to 30 days if
                                        to turn in their Transfer Packages as
Report within 24 hours.                                                          separation processing occurs outside
                                        soon as they are able to complete it.
                                                                                 continental        United        States
                                        This will help with a smooth
     FOR ENLISTED MEMBERS                                                        (OCONUS). The intent of the
                                        transition. Recommend packages
       FOUND ASSIGNMENT                                                          additional 10 days for OCONUS
                                        be turned in no later than 60 days
           LIMITED:                                                              processing is to allow round trip
                                        from the day of transfer.         For
                                                                                 travel from overseas in addition to
                                        members who are transiting
The member's parent command will                                                 20 days in CONUS prior to
                                        overseas, recommend packages be
notify NAVPERSCOM (PERS-                                                         separation from an OCONUS
                                        turned in no later than 90 days from
40BB) using Assignment Limited                                                   location. PTDY is to be used for
                                        the day of transfer.
Report Message. For non-rated                                                    bona-fide employment            search/
enlisted members ensure Enlisted                                                 residence hunting and is not to be
                                        Upon PSD’s acceptance of a
Placement Management Center                                                      used for non-chargeable leave.
                                        complete and accurate Transfer
(EPMAC) (EP-47) is an information                                                Members who meet the criteria are
                                        package, the only changes to the
addressee.                                                                       eligible, not entitled to PTDY.
                                        transfer or transportation dates are
                                                                                 Commanding Officers should be
                                        those caused by order modifications
 Ensure assignment limited message                                               consistent        in       approving/
                                        or due to mission requirements. A
contains the following:                                                          disapproving based on members
                                        memorandum from the Command is
                                                                                 meeting the eligibility requirements
                                        required along with a new 4650/5
1.    Detailed reason(s) for the                                                 and demands of Command's
                                        (Passenger Reservation Request)
      finding to include ICD-9                                                   readiness and military mission.
                                        and/or DD884 (Application for
      code(s), prognosis for
                                        Transportation for Dependents) if
      improvement, and specific                                                  NAVADMIN 078/95 allows PTDY
                                        transportation changes are also
      limitations.                                                               and Separation leave to be
2.    Commanding officer's (CO's)                                                combined not to exceed 100 days.
      recommendation on member's                                                 PTDY may be authorized for up to
                                        When orders are issued (PCS,
      performance and possible                                                   20/30 days including weekends and
                                        retours,    cross-decking,     etc.).
      administrative actions.                                                    holidays and runs consecutively.
                                        processing is required to report the
                                                                                 PTDY may be taken in increments,
                                        member out of the current command
                                                                                 as long as the total number of days
                                        and into the new command. It is
      FOR OFFICERS FOUND                                                         does not exceed 20 days CONUS or
                                        imperative that the member, or
      ASSIGNMENT LIMITED                                                         30 days OCONUS. Liberty may not
                                        PLR, checks out with PSD Out
                                                                                 be authorized in conjunction with
                                        Division and pick up the Officer
1.    The member's parent command                                                PTDY to extend the total period of
                                        Transfer Package or the Enlisted
      will notify the respective                                                 PTDY      beyond      20/30   days.
                                        Service Record. This is also to
      officer     detailer       at                                              Approval and monitoring of PTDY
                                        confirm that the member did
      NAVPERSCOM             using                                               is the responsibility of the
                                        actually transfer from current
      Assignment Limited Report                                                  authorizing     command.      POC:
      Message.                                                                   Separation Section (808) 471-2405
2.    Ensure assignment limited                                                  ext. 210
      message     contains     the
      following:                                  SEPARATIONS
3.    Detailed reason(s) for the             Separations Division Officer
      finding to include ICD-9                         Ext 210
                                       Pay Account (MMPA) at DFAS                  SERVICE RECORD
      REENLISTMENTS                    Cleveland, OH.                                VAULT/MAINT
  Reenlistment Division Officer
            Ext 225                    Let us work together to minimize       Each command has an access list
                                       work hours lost for all of us          for Pass Liaison Representatives
                                       involved in resolving problems that    (PLR) to check out records and or
 FROM THE REENLISTMENT                 can be prevented.
 AND EXTENSION DIVISION                                                       view records. Each PLR is issued a
                                                                              badge code that only that person can
We are still experiencing numerous                                            use to check out records. No one
service members not paying                       RECEIPTS                     else at that command may check out
attention to the "REMARKS"                 Receipts Division Officer          records under someone else’s badge
section of their LES.         These                Ext 223                    code. Additionally, if a PLR comes
remarks are shown on member's                                                 to check out a record/s and they are
Leave and Earning Statement (LES)            DEPENDENCY                       overdue on returning any record/s,
two months prior to their Expiration    APPLICATION/RECORD OF                 they will not be permitted to check
of Active Obligated Service                EMERGENCY DATA                     out any additional records until
(EAOS).                                                                       either the overdue record/s are
                                       The      NAVPERS          1070/602R    returned or a memo from the
      "ALL PAY AND                     Dependency Application / Record        command explaining why the
  ALLOWANCES WILL BE                   of Emergency Data (Page 2) is the      command has an overdue record is
SUSPENDED UPON YOUR ETS                most important document that the       received at the vault. This will be
DATE OF (YOUR EAOS DATE).              military member has in his service     strictly enforced. Any command
 TO AVOID PAY PROBLEMS,                record. Newly reporting personnel      falling under a parent command
   MAKE YOUR CAREER                    must update this with the most         must forward their list of
     DECISION EARLY!                   current information upon reporting     representatives to the parent
                                       to his/her command. Changes in the     command for access to records. It
Direct Deposit System (DDS) and        page 2 consist of but not limited to   is also vitally important that you
allotment will be suspended on their   change in dependency status            limit the amount of people with the
EAOS date if there is no               (marriage, divorce, newly born         ability to check out records. Only
extension pending on that member.      child, adoption, BUPERS approved       use what you absolutely need and
And it takes approximately two pay     parent/guardian etc.), change of       ensure that all PLR’s with record
periods before Enlisted Master File    address and contact numbers. This      access clear all records from their
(EMF) and Master Military Pay          document provides BUPERS with a        badge code upon transfer or change
Account can be updated and DDS         current record of emergency data       in job status. There have been
can be re-started.                     for casualty assistance purposes.      several records that were check out
                                                                              of the vault to personnel that have
If there is an extension pending to    It is a record of:                     since transferred and we cannot
be made operative, watch your          1. Person to be notified in case of    clear the record/s, as they were not
guard mail for the NAVPERS                   emergency or death               returned to the vault.       Yearly,
1070/613      coming    from    our    2. Person to receive death             command lists should be reviewed
extension desk. One month prior to           gratuity payment if no primary   and updated to ensure commands
member's EAOS, command should                dependent survives the           continue to have access to records
receive extension package, which             member,                          as needed. Point of contact is
contains coversheet memorandum,        3. Person to receive unpaid pay        PN1(AW) Tschantre, LPO at 471-
lump sum leave page 13, and I.D.             and allowances if member dies,   2405 ext 221 or PN2 Divine, ALPO
card memorandum. For others, it        4. Person to receive an allotment      at 471-2405 x 222.
will be coversheet memorandum,               if member is missing or unable
lump sum leave page 13, and                  to transmit funds,                      MOBEX/ADSW
medical certification. I.D. card       5. Life insurance companies to be       Leading Petty Officer Ext. 316
memorandum will be issued to                 notified in case of death of
member upon receipt of completed             member.
                                            SERVICE RECORD                       THRIFT SAVINGS PLAN
These NAVPERS 1070/613s must                 MAINTENANCE
be returned (hand carried) to our        SRM Division Officer Ext. 245        Per DFAS Military Pay Advisory
Extension Division immediately to
                                                                              48/03. Reservists on Active Duty
avoid delay in updating Enlisted
                                                                              for Special Works (ADSW) and
Master File (EMF) at CNPC
                                                                              Mobilized Reservist who were
Millington, TN and Master Military
contributing to Thrift Savings Plan     5 March 2005. The last day to            ThriftLine or by submitting an
(TSP) while on the reserve pay          administer is 28 March 2005.             Investment Allocation form to the
system are required to fill out TSP                                              TSP.
enrollment form TSP-U-1 in order        CYCLE 187: On-line TIR is
to continue TSP contribution while      closed. The last day to order SUB        The ThriftLine is the automated
on active duty. Your TSP                EXAMS by naval message is 1              telephone service for the TSP,
contributions are not deducted          April 2005 and the day to                which is generally available 24
automatically from your active          administer is 19 April 2005.             hours a day, 7 days a week, from a
account when the period of active                                                touch-tone telephone. You can use
duty begins. Reservists are given a         CUSTOMER SERVICE                     the ThriftLine to find out plan news,
maximum of 60 days from                         Customer Service                 the monthly rates of return for the
accession date to apply for               Leading Petty Officer Ext. 212         TSP investment funds, the most
continued contribution. For more                                                 recent 12-month rates of return, the
information please contact the                                                   daily and historical share prices,
ACDUTRA/ADSW/MOBRES LPO                  ELIMINATION OF THE TSP                  current loan interest rate, and the
at phone number (808) 471-2405               OPEN SEASONS                        current annuity interest rate index.
x316.                                                                            If you have lost or forgotten your
                                                   1 JULY 2005                   PIN, you can use the ThriftLine to
                                                                                 request that a new one be mailed to
             ESO                        Public Law 108-469, which was
                                                                                 you. You can also request that
  Educational Service Division          signed into law on 21 Dec 2004,
                                                                                 certain TSP materials be mailed to
       Officer Ext. 250                 eliminates the Thrift Savings Plan
                                        open seasons and the restrictions on
SUBMISSION OF MARCH 2005                contribution elections which are tied    If you are a participant in the TSP,
   SUBSTITUTE EXAM                      to open seasons.                         you can use the ThriftLine to obtain
                                                                                 information about your account or
The Cycle 187 March 2005                The Federal Retirement Thrift            to execute certain transactions.
substitute examination will be          Investment Board will implement          (You will need your Social Security
administered on 19 April 2005. List     this law on July 1, 2005. After the
                                                                                 number and your TSP PIN.) You
of candidates eligible for substitute   close of the current TSP open
                                                                                 can find out your account balance
exam, time and place will be            season (31 Dec 2004), there will be
                                                                                 and the amount available for you to
published        via        separate    one more open season, 15 Apr 2005
                                                                                 borrow, change your existing PIN to
correspondence.                         through June 30, 2005. This means
                                                                                 a PIN of your choice, and request a
                                        that     participants    may      file
                                                                                 contribution allocation or an
EXAM ORDERING WEB SITE                  contribution elections with their
                                                                                 interfund transfer. You can also
     NOTIFICATION                       agencies or uniformed services at
                                                                                 find out the status of your loan or
                                        any time beginning 15 Apr 2005.
                                        Through 30 Jun 2005, these
The exam ordering web site will be      elections will be processed under
down for maintenance from 0600 on       the current rules. Beginning 1 Jul             PCS TRANSFER
25 Apr 2005 through 0600 on             2005, contribution elections will be       TRANSPORTING PETS TO
2 May 2005. This will be a total        processed under the new rules —                    JAPAN
system outage.                          that is, the elections must be made
                                        effective no later than the first full   The following requirements apply
Effective COB 21 Apr 2005, exams                                                 to those desiring to transport their
                                        pay period after they are filed.
can no longer be ordered (not even                                               pets to Japan.
via naval message), no profile          Participants must continue to file
sheets can be viewed, etc. Please       contribution elections with their        Pets must have two (2) rabies
plan accordingly for this outage.       agencies or services, and the            vaccinations.
                                        agencies and services must continue
                                        to implement the elections by            Microchip must be implanted prior
                                        deducting      contributions    from     to shipping pet.
CYCLE 076 CTN E4-6 SELRES:              participants' pay and reporting these
Order by end of March 2005 via          amounts to the Thrift Savings Plan       Microchip     number    must   be
naval message; administer by end        each pay period.                         annotated on the Rabies and Health
April 2005.                                                                      Certificates.
                                        The law does not affect the
CYCLE 076: On-line TIR is               contribution allocations or inter-       FAVN test (blood test) must be
closed; last day to order SUB           fund transfers, which can be made        completed and microchip number
EXAMS by naval message is               at any time by using the TSP Web         annotated on form.
                                        site at or the
If    the     animal  travels   via     leave. Requests for correction or        When you notice a large difference
Commercial Air, the pet owner           cancellation of leave require            in your pay from last payday and
must fax an advance notification        submission     on      Command           you are not due for a longevity
form         (downloaded      from      Letterhead.                              raise, promotion or annual pay raise,                                              there may be an error in your pay.
ion/vet/index.htm)       to     the             TRAVEL CLAIM
commercial port of entry (e.g.                  OVERPAYMENT                      Sailors who have not reported a
Narita,      Kansai,   Naha).     A                                              difference to their disbursing offices
notification approval will be           PLRs, please work closely with           have found themselves held liable
returned by the GOJ Animal              your Command's Comptroller to            for stealing. Even if you do notice
Quarantine Service. This approval is    monitor if there are any outstanding     and report a questionable payday
used when checking in with the          Travel                 Overpayments.     and nothing changes, you are still
airline when departing for Japan.       Overpayment letters should be            liable for the overpayment. Regular
The owner must also show this           received no later than five to seven     disbursing audits balance payments
approval to GOJ authorities upon        working days after initial PSD email     made with those amounts due.
arrival in Japan.                       is sent to command’s budget office.      Eventually, you'll have to reimburse
                                        If your command does not receive         that overpayment, so bank the
Age requirement: Japan discourages      an Official Serialized Overpayment       overage. Look at it this way: You
importing dogs/cats under the age of    Letter on a travel claim listed on the   would rush in to your disbursing
10 months: these pets must start out    initial overpayment email report,        office and insist on knowing why
with mandatory 180 day quarantine       please contact PSD Fiscal Section.       you were paid too little…right? So
period. Quarantine period for older                                              rush in if you are being paid too
animals are still being negotiated,       TRAVEL OVERPAYMENT                     much.
but will range from 1 to 180 days.              LETTERS
                                                                                 BANK OF AMERICA TRAVEL
Additionally, AMC/PE flights are        We      are    encountering     many           CARD SCAM
being phased out in FY06 and            situations where PSD needs to
FY07, starting 01 October 2005. It      contact command PLRs on overdue          The following information was
is strongly recommended that            overpayment letters to determine if      received from the Department of
personnel transferring overseas         the service member is deployed or        Defense Travel Card PMO Office:
should not transport pets that weigh    TAD. If deployed or TAD, PSD             United States. Air Force personnel
101 pounds (including the carrier)      will suspend collection action until     have received an email scam that
or more since commercial airlines       member returns.         PLRs, please     your personnel may also have
will only accept pets weighing up to    closely monitor these letters for they   received or soon get. The email
100 pounds (including the carrier)      are very time sensitive. Create a        appears as a letter from Bank of
for shipment as excess accompanied      tickler file where follow-up action is   America asking individuals to log
baggage. Pets that weight 101           needed. Contact PSD to keep us           on to a website and enter customer
pounds (including the carrier) or       updated with the member's status or      data in order for the Bank to
more must be shipped as cargo           intentions.                              proceed with a software upgrade.
using a local commercial shipping                                                This is a scam. Any request from
company. The cost for an average         FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT                    anyone that suggests an individual
size dog starts at $3,000.00 dollars.       SERVICE MEMBERS                      has to provide data that the
                                             RESPONSIBILITY                      institution should already have
    PAY ENTITLEMENT                                                              should be viewed suspiciously and
  DOCUMENT SUBMISSION                   Service     Members      are     not     reported. Please let you APCs know
                                        responsible for calculating their        so they can pass the word to
All requests for Pay Entitlement        own pay, but they are responsible        cardholders and commanders. The
start, stop, credit or change are       for questioning anything that is not     following web site is available for
required to be submitted on             normal. If you do not question           further information www.don-
Command         Letterhead    with      something that is not normal with
supporting documents to the Officer     your pay, you could be at risk for
In Charge PSD Pearl Harbor.             being charged with larceny.              If you receive any email similar to
Please adhere to this policy, we        Computerized systems, equal pay          the above contact your IT staff and
have been receiving too many            periods and Leave and Earnings           email Mr. James Knox at
requests using memo format              Statements (LES) have made     
dropped off in a Customer Service       budgeting your pay easy. You
section in-basket.       The only       should be receiving the same
exception to this rule is leave         amount every payday. Computers
documents        submitted       on     are only as smart as their operators
NAVCOMPT form 3065 to credit            and the electricity they run on.
      TRAVEL SECTION                       NAVPTO         Pearl    Harbor      in
   Leading Chief Petty Officer            conjunction with the Commercial
            Ext. 708                      Travel Office (CTO) during normal
                                          business hours. When emergent
 AIRFARE REIMBURSEMENT                    travel requirements arise after
   REQUIRED STATEMENT                     normal business hours, customer
                                          commands must contact the PSD
In the past, tickets purchased via        Pearl Harbor Junior Officer of the
Government Charge Card contained          Deck for transportation support and
the entire sequence of credit card        assistance. Travelers should not be
numbers, which gave airline               procuring their own transportation
personnel access     to     charge        and airline tickets unless it has been
unauthorized fees, such as excess         certified     that    no     servicing
baggage on government accounts            PSD/NAVPTO is available to
To prevent this, airline personnel        provide the official transportation.
and travelers are given access to
only the last four numbers of the         When      the    services    of   a
Government Credit Card.                   NAVPTO/CTO are available and
                                          the traveler purchases travel
Accordingly, now that the account         services from a CTO not under
number is no longer on tickets or         contract, reimbursement is not
travel itineraries, it is difficult for   allowed unless proper certification
travel voucher examiners to               is provided from the Transportation
determine the type of payment used        Officer, NAVPTO Pearl Harbor that
to pay for a ticket, which has            the traveler was authorized and
resulted     in     travelers    being    approved      to    purchase    the
reimbursed for tickets purchased by       transportation directly from a
the Government.                           common carrier or a CTO not under
                                          government contract.
Effective immediately, to avoid
duplicate payments of airfare
claimed on block 22 of the Travel
Voucher or Subvoucher (DD Form
1351-2). The travel claim should           CORRECTION TO MARCH
contain the following remarks:            NEWSPAYPERS ARTICLE ON
                                          BAH FOR PAYGRADE E4 ON
"I certify that the airfare claimed              SEA DUTY
under reimbursable expenses was
purchased using personal funds."          It is still Navy policy that
                                          servicemembers on paygrade E4,
If this statement is not present on       without dependents, may be
the DD Form 1351-2, the cost of the       authorized Basic Allowance for
airfare will not be reimbursed. It is     housing (BAH) if they have four or
the responsibility of the PLR to          more years of service.
obtain the GTR cost to ensure travel
claim is processed in a timely


Customer commands are reminded
that Navy Department of Defense
policy      states all    official
transportation      requirements,
including funded Emergency Leave
Travel will be arranged through


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