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Brownsville Independent
    School District

     Payroll Procedures
    Classified Personnel

             I. General Guidelines

Hours of Work

The District has adopted an eight-hour workday and a five-
day workweek of forty (40) hours. The workweek is from
Saturday at 12:00 a.m. through Friday midnight.


Employees are paid monthly, on the 25th, or bi-weekly
depending upon their positions.

Flex Time

Flextime allows for an Administrator to adjust the
employee’s schedule to meet the forty hours in the
workweek. It must be approved in advance by the
Administrator. Flextime is only allowed within the same
workweek and to reduce overtime.
Unauthorized Work

The Administrator is responsible for ensuring that classified
employees adhere to their assigned work schedule and do
not work excess hours without authorization.

The reason for the work is immaterial; as long as the
employer “suffers or permits” employees to work on its
behalf, proper compensation must be paid. ( 29 CFR Sec.

Extended Calendar Days

Classified employees are not permitted to work before or
after their calendar year without prior written approval from
the Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources, the
Superintendent or his designee and the Board of Trustees.

Administrators cannot change work calendars without
authorization from the Assistant Superintendent for Human
Direct Deposit

BISD has 100% electronic process. Employees must submit
a signed Authorization Agreement for Direct Deposit Form
and return it to the Payroll Department. A personal check
marked “VOID”, or a preprinted deposit slip with the account
number or a savings account card must be submitted in
order to verify transit routing number and account number.

The Direct Deposit Authorization Form is effective

 If more than one account is requested, the employee must
designate the amount or percentage to be placed in each

The employee must notify the Payroll Department before
closing any accounts at least ten (10) business days before
payday. If funds are rejected for an invalid or closed
account, replacement checks will not be processed until
seven (7) banking days after payday.
Form W-4

All employees are required to prepare and submit a Form
W-4 when hired. A new W-4 is required whenever the
employee has a change in status.

When requesting a name change the employee must show
a new Social Security card with the new name. Employees
who fail to submit a new or revised Social Security Card
can not report to work until a new card is submitted for

The filing of a false W-4 may be seen as tax evasion. [U.S.
v. Williams (5th Cir., 1991) No. 90-5569]

Earned Income Credits (EIC)

The EIC is a credit given to certain workers which may
reduce the tax you owe or give you a refund even if you
do not owe any tax.

            II. Overtime Procedures

Overtime Defined

Overtime includes any hours worked in excess of forty (40)
hours in the same workweek. All overtime must be reflected
on the employee’s timesheet/timecard. Overtime cannot be
waived. Classified employees cannot “donate” overtime or
agree to reduced rates of pay or other types of payment for
their time worked. Administrators allowing employees to
work overtime without appropriate pay will be subject to
disciplinary action. All overtime requires Superintendent’s

Overtime Budget

It is the Campus/Department Administrator’s responsibility to
work within the allocated amounts and verify available
balances. Questions regarding their budget should be
addressed to the Budget Department.
Compensatory Time

The Brownsville Independent School District has made the
determination that employees will be paid overtime. There
will be no approved compensatory time accruals.

Additional Work Approval Form

Effective July 1, 2000, the District adopted the Additional
Work Approval Form. (This form replaced the Overtime
Approval Form.) The Additional Work Approval Form is
required for any additional work performed but paid for
under a separate funding source. The Additional Work
Approval Form must have all required signatures, dates and
hours worked must correspond to the timesheet, and the
original must be submitted to the Payroll Department along
with the timesheet.

The Administrator requesting the time worked must first
verify the additional funding source and receive advanced
approval by the funding administrator prior to having the
employee work this time.

If the employee is working overtime but it will be charged to
the campus/department’s regular account then the Additional
Work Approval Form is not necessary.

                     III. Records


The timesheet/timecard is the only document to be
maintained at the department/campus indicating employee
work time. It must accurately reflect the actual time worked
by the employee. The Administrator/Principal will be notified
if there is a concern regarding actual time worked.

PLEASE NOTE: Employees are not authorized to sign,
punch or swipe in and out for other employees.
Employees authorizing or asking others to do so will
be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including,

Employees must sign in and out on the timesheet/timecard.
All timesheets must be turned in by the campus/department
designee on the required due dates. Please note that
individual employees are not authorized to submit
their own timesheets directly to the Payroll
Department outside of the regular procedures.

Failure to submit timesheets/timecards by the due date may
result in employees not receiving a paycheck.

Copies must be kept at the department/campus for three

Continued failure to submit timesheets/timecards and the
necessary backup documentation in a timely manner will be
reported to the Assistant Superintendent for that

Timesheets must be legible or the employee may not
receive payment in the correct amounts. Timesheets must
be completed in ink. No pencil or “white-out” is acceptable
in the in/out columns of the timesheet. The employee
should initial corrections.

Monthly/Hourly Employees

Monthly/Hourly employees are provided with timesheets for
the period from July through June. Each timesheet contains
the workdays, due dates and payroll dates.

When copying timesheets for employees, it is imperative
that both sides of the timesheet are copied.           The
instructions and conversion chart are necessary for proper
completion of the timesheet.
Terminated employees

A partial timesheet must be submitted five (5) days prior to
payday for those employees who have terminated
employment with the district. This requirement applies to
all 220, 227 and 245 day employees only. Failure of the
campus/department to notify the Payroll Department will
result in an overpayment to the employee.


Random audits will be performed annually by the Internal
Audit Department or by the Superintendent’s designee to
certify that the District is adhering to district, federal and
state policies and procedures.

            IV. Leaves and Absences

Recording Leaves and Absences

All leaves reported on the timesheet must coincide with
the amount of leave indicated on the Absence From Duty
Report. All state, sick and personal, as well as local sick
leave must be recorded in full hours only. As per District
Policy DEC (LOCAL) if no designation is made, local leave
shall be used first.     Leaves are earned in ½ day
increments for every 18 days worked.

When recording the absences on the Absence from Duty
Report the number of hours taken each day must be
specified as well as the total to be taken from either local
or state leave. (i.e. 7/07/03=2 hours, 7/08/03=8 hours) All
appropriate leaves must be exhausted before an
employee’s pay is reduced.

Non-Working Days

Non-working days for all qualified employees must be
taken by June 30 of each year. Non-working days not
taken will not be carried over.                                13
Jury Duty

An employee may serve on a jury with pay and without loss
of accumulated leave. The employee shall be required to
present documentation of the service and shall be allowed
to keep any compensation for this service. All employees
are encouraged to serve on jury duty, if called.

Military Leave

All employees of the District who are members of the United
States Reserved and Armed Forces shall be granted a leave
of absence from their duties without loss of salary, time and
other entitled benefits during authorized training or duty
ordered by Proper Authority. In order to be entitled to
certain reemployment rights and benefits under the
Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights
Act of 1994 the employee must have given advanced
written or verbal notice to the District. The leave must not
exceed fifteen days in a federal fiscal year. (July 1 – June
30) District Policy DEC

                  V. Break Periods
Meal Periods

Bona fide meal periods are not work time. An employee who
does not have a duty-free lunch will be compensated for time
worked. In order to qualify as duty-free, a meal must be
twenty minutes or longer. The employee must be entirely
free from work responsibilities such as answering the phone,
making copies or performing any work.

Some teacher aides may eat lunch with the students. When
they are required to be with their students this is part of the
actual workday and requires compensation.

Breaks/Rest Periods

According to the FLSA, a break time of less than twenty (20)
minutes may not be deducted in computing hours worked.

Currently, there are no State Laws concerning breaks and rest
periods. The option to allow an employee a break or rest
period is left to the discretion of the Administrator.        15
Breaks cannot be substituted for early dismissal.
Brownsville Independent School District break periods are to
be no more than fifteen (15) minutes.

Teacher aides generally are not given breaks or rest

                      VI. Travel

Travel as Work Time

The employee, driver only, counts his/her hours worked for
the time spent driving the vehicle. If the travel time goes
into overtime, only the driver of the vehicle will receive
overtime pay not the passengers.         When an exempt
employee and a non-exempt employee are traveling the
district encourages the exempt employee to be held
responsible for driving the vehicle.
                     VII. Violations

Classified employees working overtime, except as directed
by their Administrator, are subject to disciplinary action up
to and including termination.

Administrators violating any of the provisions as stated by
the Fair Labor Standards Act or in violation of District Policy
(DK) Regulation will be subject to disciplinary action up to
and including termination.

Continued failure to submit timesheets/timecards and the
necessary backup documentation in a timely manner will
result in this being reported to the Assistant Superintendent
for that campus/department.

Employees clocking/signing in and out for one another will
be subject to disciplinary action up to and including

Administrators permitting compensatory time will be subject
to disciplinary action.

Falsification of records regarding time worked, including
overtime, is cause for immediate termination. Actual time
worked must be recorded.

                         VIII. Forms

All forms are located in the Payroll Department Web site:

Bi-Weekly Packet (2007-2008)           MH Packet (2007-2008)
BW Due Dates 2007-2008                 MH Payroll Due Dates 2007-2008
BW Computer Time Sheet 2007-2008       MH Computer Timesheet 2007-2008
BW Timesheet 2007-2008                 MH Timesheet 2007-2008
Weekly Computerized Time calculation   Weekly Computerized Time calculation